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Welcome to The Kingston Legacy! This legacy is my first one and I’m proud to say it is still going strong; I am currently at Generation 3, with Cherry Kingston. Check out the latest instalment in her story, chapter 3.19: inferno. My aim for this generation is to make it realistic with good pictures and writing. I’m always open to hearing new thoughts!

The Kingston Legacy begins with founder Fern, a runaway from the shadowed town of Moonlight Falls. She is a less than perfect Sim, with traits ofΒ Snob, Couch Potato, Hopeless Romantic, Bookworm and Hates the Outdoors. To top it all off, she is homeless as well!


The first two generations were written as fun gameplay-inspired stories, so the writing and pictures are just… bad haha. I apologise in advance for any cringing that may occur. My main goal with the legacy is to keep on improving, so I will appreciate criticism as long as it is constructive. Also, please read my About page before starting!


I hope you enjoy reading,



68 thoughts on “00 / Home

  1. Hi! Just found your blog and looked through it a bit, and I have to say generation 3 is shaping up to be awesome! Also your sims are just beautiful ❀ I wish I could get cc from the places you do but I just have no idea how to use tumblr, I get so confused every time I try :/ Still, your writing is wonderful and I just thought I'd drop by and say hi. So hi πŸ™‚
    btw, I'm from Australia over here. You're not so far from everyone πŸ˜›

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    • Oh, hi there!
      Thank you so much for coming along to read! I am glad you like what you have seen so far.
      Yes, Tumblr can be quite confusing to use. I think it would be easier if you look through sites like My Sims 3 Blog or Sims 3 CC Caboodle. They basically share cc from small blogs or Tumblrs and often they will have a direct link to the original post. It’s easy to find good stuff that way.
      And wow, finally another person from the Southern Hemisphere! Nice to meet you! (^-^)

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  2. I just stopped by after seeing your blog mentioned on another blog. Just wanted to say don’t be so hard on yourself regarding your writing! It’s amazing that you managed to post a story, with pictures, at all (I have yet to be able to do so!). That is an accomplishment in itself! That you feel you have improved or are trying to improve your writing style is admirable!

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  3. I see here that quite a few of my friends have stopped by after I posted a recommendation on FB about your story. Don’t worry about your first generation, as most people struggle getting the feel of a story when they start writing. That is why author’s have editors! My first 8 chapters are a complete embarrassment to me as well. I started my blog on the sim 3 site blog which is very small, just as a record of what I had done and proof I was following the rules. With memory postings, friends caught on and wanted more story. I then became brave and moved to blogspot. I recently moved over to my own site: http://www.storiesbybee.com You can read my first 8 and see you are not alone in how you feel about those first chapters. I have been going back and adding detail to them to make them better when I have time. I think as you get a feel for your characters and the story, everyone’s writing just improves I have many friends writing stories, so I am behind catching up, but I will get there I promise. I do love me a good story!

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    • Thank you for your wise words, bmitjessesue! I guess that everyone has to start from somewhere, it will be cool in the long run and see how much you have improved. I will definitely check your story out, I’ll go look right now! And thank you for recommending my story too, that is really nice of you 😊 I did wonder why I had a sudden bunch of new followers, haha.

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  4. Hey Lila, what sliders do you use? I’ve been searching all over the place for good ones and it’s all a bit bewildering, but I’d love to know how you get your sims so gorgeous!

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  5. Your photos are so cool! If we could see Sim Magazines I think the photos there would look like your photos. If you don’t mind me asking, how are you making them look like that with those textures?

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    • I’m just going to assume that you mean textures as in the more realistic look. I have all my Graphics sliders in Game Options up to the highest (e.g lighting, sim detail, etc). I also use an HQ mod which enhances my graphics further but I only recommend this if your computer is good (http://simsl3gacies.com/downloads/). I also use a lot of build/buy custom content that have realistic textures, which I generally download from The Sims Resource or Tumblr. In terms of my sims I make them wear plenty of cc like high quality skins, hairstyles, clothes and makeup. Lastly I edit my pictures in Photoshop to make them sharper and add lighting effects in, but it’s mostly custom content that contributes to my textures. I hope this is helpful, feel free to ask any more questions! If you want any site/cc recommendations I will be happy to help πŸ™‚Β 

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  6. Hi there, Lila, just stopping by because I wanted to ask you something that I was wondering about for quite some time.
    You have only left this one comment that said good start on my blog and now it’s been more than a year and you just keep liking while you leave your thoughts elsewhere. It is not that I’m desperate for feedback from you, I just can’t stop wondering whether there is something wrong with either me or my story. Please don’t bother yourself with reading if this doesn’t suit you. I know it was kind of you to have checked out my story as one of the first as I started out, now I just don’t know what to think about it.

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    • Hi! I’m very sorry I made you worry, I assure that there’s nothing wrong with you! I don’t leave comments on all the blogs I follow, probably about half on a guess, and I think this is what most people do? It could be just me though… I just tend to not leave comments on everyone’s which is pretty bad of me actually 😦 I’ll be honest and say that I *usually* just comment on the blogger’s that I have talked the most to, or have a storyline I’m particularly invested in, and again that’s a little rude of me if you value feedback a lot, so I apologise. I am pretty picky with my stories, so if I follow you and like your posts, there’s nothing to worry about! πŸ™‚ And it seems a lot of other people are reading and commenting, which is a really good sign! Please don’t feel bad about it, I just have way too high standards for everything (and I mean in real life too) that I myself can’t seem to meet haha. I didn’t realise that it might be worrying to you, so again, deepest apologies for that.

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      • No, no, don’t worry, you were just the only person that have left one comment in the eternity of my blog’s existence, so I.. um.. thought that maybe there was something that I needed to work on, you know. Because when people never say anything, I start wondering what they meant by not saying anything. You are very picky and I am myself very distrustful. That’s a bad trait, I realize, but I tend to do things like that. Don’t you worry, don’t feel obligated to do anything, I just needed to know whether you had something to me or not, lol.

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        • Haha that’s okay! I have a lot of people who just like and don’t comment as well (I guess they are like me lol), but that’s totally okay because there are already people who comment whom I am grateful for πŸ™‚

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          • I always comment so I guess that is why I expect from other people things I expect from myself. And being a creative writer, you have to expect a lot from yourself, just so you can get better. And being someone, whose mother tongue isn’t English, that’s quite a mix for me. I think most of us here have quite high standards, because otherwise, we wouldn’t be that crazy to make actual stories of a game and that can be almost like a job to some of out there with all of the struggle put into the works.

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              • Thank you so much, that’s very kind of you. I mess up words at times and I can tell it makes me really mad at myself. Please don’t feel like you have to start commenting now, it was just my personal interest in what was behind it.

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