Chapter 1.23: Impatience is a Virtue (Sometimes)

And… hello, what little readers I have (not that I don’t appreciate you guys; thanks so much for following 😛)! Today I am glad to announce that this chapter will be the epilogue to Generation One! Fern’s story has been a long haul -enjoyable to play, yes, but long- and the last five chapters have been a lot more about Ash. So I have decided, due to my impatient nature, that I am going to be a big fat cheater and simply age Briar and Ash up into young adults. They aren’t due for their birthdays for quite a while, but since Isla was supposed to age up a day ago, and it wouldn’t make sense for the twins to celebrate their 18th birthdays after Isla celebrates her 13th, I’ve finished Fern’s generation a little early. That means that the next chapter will be 2.1 and will bring Briar into the spotlight 🙂 Now lets get on with the story!

“ASH ASH ASH ASH WAKE UP YOU LAZY LUMP WAKE UP!” A loud voice breaks violently into Ash’s fitful sleep. Ash groans and turns over, faintly surprised to find himself on top of the sheets. Oh, thats right; he had been up till midnight yesterday to complete his homework, as most of the afternoon had been spent at the Landgraab Industries Science Laboratory.


Ash gives an enormous yawn and half-opens his eyes, glaring blearily at Briar.

“Can’t you see I’m trying to sleep here?” He mumbles, and covers his face in an attempt to block out Briar’s excited chatter.


“But today’s a very important day!” Briar explains, hopping around. “Guess what it is, guess!”

Ash, who is very sleepy, has no patience to deal with his twin sister (who is, for some reason, wearing her togs). “I don’t care, okay, just let me go back to sleep.”

Briar continues jumping up and down, plainly not listening to a word Ash is saying. “IT’S OUR 18TH BIRTHDAYS TODAY!” She squeals. “WE’RE OFFICIALLY GOING TO BE ADULTS!”

She waits for a response and gets a snore instead. “Alright, alright.” Briar says irritably, annoyed at her brother’s lack of interest at her news. “I came up here to tell you that the school bus is about to leave. I won’t bother holding it for you, shall I?” And with that, Briar marches out of the room.

That wakes Ash up.

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Chapter 1.22: Parties and Kidnappings

It is another warm summer’s day at the Kingston Legacy -golden as an apple, rainless and breezy, perfection as usual. A new house, painted sea-blue, perches high above bustling Sunset Valley downtown, which is full of Sims going about their typical holiday pursuits. The cheerful drumbeats of a beach song welcome party guests into the home. Among the chatter and laughter of the guests, Krissy Numbers dances unnoticed (luckily) on the gleaming white counter of the new kitchen. How rude.


No one notices as they are either exclaiming over the spectacular view from the second storey, or talking and eating around the buffet table. “Max, do you know where Ash is?” Fern shouts a little over the music. Max shakes his head, tapping his feet contentedly to the beat. “Last I saw of him was when he left my house earlier this afternoon. He said he was going to do some research. Dunno why… we didn’t get any homework for the holidays…”

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Chapter 1.21: Painting a New Picture

Isla pauses, dipping her brush into the paint palette. Another clear, perfect day in Sunset Valley. A problem of sorts for Isla. The vista of gentle green hills, violet water and the iconic lighthouse behind her house is spectacular as always, but as an artist, it is becoming a little boring.

Maybe today she will paint another layer of unseen reality. Setting a blank canvas on her easel -a precious seventh birthday present- Isla begins painting a new picture. A dandelion instead of oak. Invisible giant birds and cats.

Something different from what she always sees.


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Chapter 1.20: A Note on Friendship

“Well, we are so screwed.”


Ash leans against the railings of the playground, tracing his finger along the cold metal floor. He stares at the fireman’s pole, watching the sunlight gleam on the silver surface. Max sighs next to him and taps his feet anxiously. “Dude, what are we going to do? We’re going to have to do some explaining sooner or later.”

Both boys think for a moment, listening to the sleepy melody of the evening. All seems quiet and peaceful, but the same cannot be said for the dilemma inside Ash’s mind.

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Chapter 1.19: A Lovely Confusion of Sorts

Ash looks down at his mobile phone, his fingers slippery from sweat. The pixels blink on the screen, forming a message that sends dread coursing through him. It takes him five minutes to send his reply.



He hates doing this, but it’s for the best. At least he’ll have Max with him. Shakily tucking the phone back into his pocket, he walks out of the bedroom with a brave face on.

“Dad, I’m going out.” Ash is tempted to turn around and stay home. The yummy smell of cheesy carbonara cooking on the stove beckons to his growling belly, but he forces himself to ignore it. Remember Briar. “Come back by ten!” Christopher replies.

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Chapter 1.18: And the Years Fade Away

For a couple of hours, Briar glares at the calm silver surface of the spring, trying to drown her thoughts in there. The sky turns pink to violet, the night lights of downtown Sunset Valley begin to glow, yet she doesn’t move. She simply listens to the piping chorus of frogs and the splish splash of leaping fish.


Stupid girls. Stupid brothers. Briar fumes, crushing a poor blue daisy under her shoe. A pebble arcs into the water, shattering the painting of stars on the surface. She’s not surprised Mom has not come looking for her yet. This little island is where Briar has spent many hours sulking since the Kingstons have moved here.

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Chapter 1.17: High School Troubles

The best thing about Sunset Valley, Fern thinks, is that it is sunny all day, everyday. She closes her eyes, letting the afternoon sunlight spill over her like honey, warming her aching bones. The glimmering grey sea stretches all the way to the horizon in front of her, peaceful and calm. Just like she is feeling right now.


A quiet sigh escapes her lips. It’s lovely having a cottage now, with a proper kitchen and bathroom. Fern needs those precious spare moments to relax before Briar and Ash come home from school.

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Chapter 1.16: Two Mansions and a Cottage

When Fern arrives back at Old Pier Beach, her children are waiting for her with big smiles on their faces. “Mommy!” Briar races forward to hug Fern, who laughs. “Did you miss me that much?”


Ash smiles at his sister and mother. “It was alright. More importantly, did you have fun at Isla Paradiso?” Fern nods, already sighing with the memories.


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Chapter 1.15: An Island of Dreams

If there is one word Fern could use to describe Isla Paradiso, it’s heaven.


She listens to the cries of seagulls wheeling above her in the blue sky. The yacht which Christopher had borrowed from an old friend at Sunlit Tides -after a short plane flight- gently skims through the turquoise sea. It drifts into a bay of a green-hilled island, a multicoloured jewel of pure white sand, palms and frangipanis.

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Chapter 1.14: Simplicity and Beauty

Sometimes weird things happen in Sunset Valley, and Fern knows it. Heck, her own teenage daughter is insane and often strikes up conversations with herself. But nothing much prepares Fern and I for a strange moment that occurs one morning.

The bright orange flames flicker among the wood, wafting smoke over the campsite as Fern twists her marshmallow over the fire. Briar and Ash are off at high school, and this little moment in the morning where not much Sims are at the beach is peaceful. That is until the zipper of Ash’s tent opens and a strange man climbs out, yawning.


I didn’t even notice him getting in! I mean, who sleeps in a random person’s tent?

And whats even weirder is that he comes over to Fern and they are ATTRACTED TO EACH OTHER. Eww, Fern, no. Christopher looks so much better than this balding old man!

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