Custom Content

I’m a confessed cc-holic and have spent way too much time trying to find quality custom content. A few people have asked me where I get my cc from, so here, I share my favourite creators! In general, I download from Tumblr-based artists for a more realistic 3D look — I don’t recommend The Sims Resource (which is overloaded with ads) unless you are wanting build/buy cc. I also have a cc finds blog where I reblog new downloads here. I will update this page when I find new things. 

Personal Downloads

I like to make my own poses and lots, and I post these creations on the simperius curse. I share this blog with my best friend Xinxin 🙂 Currently, I am not sharing anything, but my old downloads (not the best quality, mind you) include these story specific things + more:


26 various poses from Chapter 3.9 #cringeworthy


4 poses from the cheesy-and-badly-written Cheriel piano scene.


4 awkwardly made standing poses for Cherry.


The venue for Isla & Clayton’s wedding in Gen 2.


The container cafe Cherry and Gabriel visited in Chapter 3.4.

Favourite Creators

There is a wonderful blog called Lana CC Finds which is essentially a database of cc, smartly organised into many, many categories. Probably the most well-known simblr, to be honest. This the first place I go to in searches for specific cc. And note, for any Tumblr sites, you will probably have to open the download link in a new tab for it to work.


I only use hairstyle retextures, as I find the originals are usually too shiny and unrealistic for my taste.

  • Ifca Sims Retextures /// removes the shine from hairstyles, with retextures of toddler-adult styles and conversions + edits as well.
  • Nightcrawler /// my fave hair creator.


I download clothing that is made with three-dimensional meshes, so the clothing doesn’t look like it is painted on your Sim. However, the files will take up more storage space and the higher-polycount clothing may glitch in the game if your graphics settings are not set to High or Very High.

  • Spectacled Chic /// one of my fave creators; feminine retro, vintage fashion.
  • RottenEyed /// great realistic-style conversions from Sims 4.
  • Nemigasims /// more nice S4 conversions including acc.
  • Plbsims /// lovely clothes influenced by korean modern fashion.
  • Pixicat /// all my shoes are from here.
  • Sketchbook Pixels /// the cutest toddler-children clothes.


  • Kurosoberina /// realistic eyebrows, nose masks, lipsticks, eyeliners and more.
  • SK Sims /// a great range of facial details.
  • Simtanico /// really nice contacts.



  • Ruby Red Sims /// my favourite builder, but beware, her lots have tons of cc, so I don’t recommend downloading unless you have a good computer 😦 They are super pretty though!
  • H84S /// modern grunge houses + city style community lots (cafes, etc).



  • E Skin Fresh /// this is a detailed and delicate skin I use for all my Generation 3 characters.


  • Fyachii /// this is my favourite pose creator; unfortunately she’s not creating anymore, but there are lots of adorable couple pose packs you can still download!
  • FL Club /// emotional and nicely crafted storytelling poses.
  • Toys of Dukeness /// another super talented and creative creator!
  • Subpoint /// awesome model + lifestyle poses.
  • I Like To Dissect Sims /// a huge variety of adorable poses, many of which are pregnancy + babies.
  • Marshmallowsims /// sooooooo many single, couple and baby poses! I regret not finding this creator earlier.