Chapter 2.23: Flames

This chapter is rushed and the events in it happen very quickly. So it kinda sucks lol. Sorry 😝

A soft golden light falls across the bedroom as the sun begins to sink into sleep. All is quiet; a heavy silence punctuated by only the steady tapping of keys. Briar rubs her eyes and stares at the screen again, feeling her head starting to ache again. A particularly difficult burglary case has been shutting her up in her room for a couple of days, and she is beginning to feel very frustrated.


The door bangs open and an cacophony of sound hits her painfully. She wheels around to find her triplets rushing in, Cherry crying and her sisters screeching at each other. “MUMMY, CINNA TOOK PINKY AND RIPPED HER HEAD OFF!” Cara shrieks, flailing her arms. “FOR PAYBACK!” Cinna stomps her foot. “YOU DREW ALL OVER MY BOOK!” The two continue squabbling as tears spill down Cherry’s cheeks, who is trying to pull her sisters apart.


Briar pushes the chair back roughly and stands, her fingers curling in stress. “ENOUGH!” She shouts, and her children stop at once, looking rather frightened at their mother’s tone.


“HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU NOT TO INTERRUPT ME WHILE I AM WORKING?! CARAMEL, CINNAMON, YOU ARE BOTH GROUNDED FOR TWO WEEKS, NOW ALL OF YOU GET OUT!” During this, the triplets had shrunk together despite their fight just a few seconds ago, trembling and with huge eyes.


Huffing, Briar turns back to her report as her children run out of the room. Guilt begins to seep in, but she forces it away. She was right; she had told her family many times to stay out of the bedroom… sighing, Briar gazes at the screen again, but the words spin around in her head.


The case is hopeless, the robbery had just been too well done. She closes the report as unsolved, slumps onto the bed, and lets the stress building up from the last few days carry her into sleep.

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Chapter 2.22: Three Little Wishes

THANK GOD I FINALLY FINISHED THIS CHAPTER! It’s been a particularly difficult one and I’m relieved it’s done and dusted. The next chapter will be quite short for my standards, so hopefully it will be out sooner. Also, the main problem on my game slowing me down so much was that I had way too much cc decor, so I had to take out the Winter Farmhouse 😕  So at the end of the chapter it’s not that beautiful house as the Kingston’s home, it’s a pre-made EA house (which was quite ugly) that I renovated. Oh well. At least my game isn’t lagging like mad now! 

“There you are, Cherry!”

Briar pushes the pastel star-dotted fabric aside gently, revealing her tiny daughter blinking and giggling up at her. It’s no surprise; ever since the cute playroom tepee had been gifted to the nursery, Cherry spends most of her time in there, snoozing among a pile of cushions or curled up on the furry white rug, thinking about whatever the heck one-year-olds think about. It is Cherry’s most favorite place in the world and unfortunately, this means it is a little hard to coax her out of it.


“Come on, it’s time for bed.” Briar says patiently. She’s answered by more adorable bubbles of laughter as Cherry shakes her head, rocking back and forth, looking up at her mother with those sparkling marine eyes. “No, Mama!” She giggles. “Saying Mama like that isn’t going to get you anywhere, young lady.” Briar says in her sternest police officer voice, although her heart melts quite against her will. “If you won’t come out, I guess I’ll have to get you myself!” She reaches inside the teepee and lifts her daughter out, who giggles even harder and waves her little arms. “Got you!” “Mamaaaa!” Cherry squeals, but her sweet voice is happy and it sends warmth flooding through Briar’s chest.


She bestows a tiny kiss to her little girl’s nose before gently setting Cherry down on the floor. “Story?” Cherry coos, blinking slowly in a pleading sort of way. Sighing, Briar rolls her eyes and resignedly crosses her legs. “Alright. Why don’t I tell you about… vampires today? No, I talked about that yesterday… how about werewolves?” “Were-woof!” Cherry repeats happily. “You’re going to give her nightmares.” Max laughs from nearby, as he bounces a chortling Caramel on his hip.

“Nonsense.” Briar says dismissively, and begins telling Cherry all about the (supposedly, although she knows better) mythical creature. Her daughter listens with an intense concentration which is quite startling for such a young child. Cherry has already proved to be quite different from her two sisters; always begging for a story before bedtime, and when the fairy tales had all been exhausted, tidbits of Briar’s own adventures and people she had met. As long as they are rich in detail, Cherry is happy- most happy, it seems, to be learning, for she remembers things her mother tells her with abnormal accuracy for a toddler.


“Now, a werewolf is a human which turns into a dog- you remember what a dog is, don’t you?” In response, her baby daughter gives a small ‘woof’, which Briar understands to be a yes. “Well, a werewolf turns into a scary doggie each full moon, with sharp claws and teeth and a rather grotesque face. They often hunt for human flesh at this time.” “Grr.” Cherry claws the air and twists her face into what is evidently supposed to be a terrifying snarl, but only makes her mother burst out laughing. “Oh, you’re so cute– I mean, totally scary.” Briar chuckles at the confused look on Cherry’s face and ruffles her soft brown hair. “I think that’s enough for today, my little werewolf. It’s almost ten.”

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Chapter 2.21: New Life, New Love

Hey guys! 

So, I finally got the chapter done. Yippee. You’ve probably guessed what it is about- yes, Briar and Max are having children! I am SUPER excited for this 😝. It has been quite a long journey, full of twists and turns, to this momentous point in Briar’s life! Note, be aware that things in this chapter may be inaccurate. I don’t really know much about pregnancy and motherhood, so please excuse any mistakes you find! 

I hope you enjoy~

Being pregnant sucks.


It’s not just the morning sickness, the spots which have suddenly scattered themselves across her skin, or even the constant weariness. It’s the mood swings which are really annoying Briar. One moment she would be snapping at poor, sweet, patient Max for some stupid little reason and the next moment she would be bloody bawling her eyes out on his shoulder until she falls asleep. Crying is embarrassing. Being pregnant makes her feel weak and messed up and disoriented, and those are the worst feelings possible in a police officer’s opinion.


Thank god for Max. After the announcement, he had moved into to the Kingston house to take care of Briar. At first, she had protested; no one needed to help her. That was before the pregnancy hormones had knocked her off her feet, a tidal wave of tears and anger. Now, she’s grateful for his and her parent’s everlasting patience and pampering. Briar feels like she would have broken down completely otherwise.


Fern seems to be more excited for the arrival than her daughter. At this point, Briar is just plain desperate. She misses work, maternity leave meaning she can’t pursue her usual entertainment, like playing basketball with Max and Will Oliver-Green. Instead she’s stuck here, reading books (ugh) and watching T.V (not so ugh). It’s a rather boring and rather painful existence.


“Mom, how did you even do this two times?” Briar groans after, once again, throwing up into the toilet. Fern places a hand on her hip. “The end result, sweetie. It’ll be worth it. Just you wait.” I don’t want to do anymore waiting, Briar grumbles in her mind. It’s nearing the end of her first trimester and although she knows the morning sickness will soon subside, she’s had enough of it already. Another six months to go. Great.


Sighing heavily, Briar struggles up and stares at the mirror. She looks at her stomach and notices how it is beginning to swell against the loose fabric of her dress. Not for the first time, she thinks past the stress and wonders what her child will look like. A boy or a girl? Black hair like Briar, or brown like her parents and Max’s natural hair? Maybe the baby would inherit something from Ash. That would be nice.


Briar’s musings are interrupted by her mother. “Kelsey is coming over in half an hour to help you adjust to being a mother.” Fern says gently. “Awesome.” She replies dully. Time to learn how to change diapers- just Briar’s idea of fun. 

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Chapter 2.20: Dance till the Stars Fade

Hello, my lovely readers! I have finished my last exam and I am happy to say that the hiatus is over! I’ve missed blogging. Over the last month, I haven’t actually been playing Sims that much because of the many problems my game has (since I am on a Mac). Instead I’ve been waging war against all those problems as well as improving game quality. The worst problem was Disc Authorisation/No Game Disc Found which meant I would have to wait up to two hours for my computer to finally decide my disc was a valid copy. Dodgy cc meant my Launcher crashed frequently and did not allow me to uninstall the unwanted cc in question. However I managed to remove all my cc and slowly reinstall the cc I felt was safe and which I wanted, so that error was fixed. Yesterday I redeemed the digital copy of the game and now the No Disc Found is nowhere to be seen and the game loads a treat! No more fuming at the computer for me 😊

In terms of improving my game quality, I pulled up the Sim Detail, Texture and Tree Detail to the highest, as well as installing the pose player and more custom content without it dying so yippee. I also read through my legacy and gosh… I was cringing so much, the writing and screenshots were honestly just TERRIBLE. Please expect an improvement of the pictures and writing! 

Without further ado, enjoy this latest chapter in Briar’s story! ❤️

“Briar, are you listening?”

A voice breaks into Briar’s storm of thoughts and she blinks, focusing on the face in front of her. “Sorry, what did you say?”

Kelsey Oliver-Green lets out a slow breath which flutters her blonde hair. “I was asking if you feel alright. You look rather pale.” Considering the faint worry on her friend’s face, Briar smiles and works up a reply. “I’m fine. Just… nervous.” Kelsey steps forward and pins another stray strand of Briar’s hair up- it seems to insist on escaping. “You look gorgeous. Don’t be nervous.”

It’s exactly three hours before Briar is due at Recurve Strand for her wedding. It’s the perfect day; the sky sweet and blue and veiled by thin white clouds. The sunlight streaming into her parent’s bedroom is warm, but she can taste a chilly hint of fall in the air. Summer is almost over.


“What is there to be nervous about?” Fern adds, her green eyes sparkling with excitement. “You and Max have been best friends for as long as I remember. I’ve learned from my mistakes, and I can see nothing but love between you two, sweetie.” Her mother forms a heart with her fingers, smiling at Briar. The light of happiness and a cute fresh haircut seems to have erased years from Fern’s face.

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Chapter 2.19: Fireworks on a Hot Summer Night

I’m really sorry it took a week longer than I said for this chapter to be posted, ever-patient readers! You know how it goes- no time, writer’s block, etc. It’s honestly been a struggle, so don’t worry if some pictures aren’t accompanied with words. Anyways, I finally managed to crawl through this seriously long chapter, which will be the last until December. It’s the first with the Seasons EP, too. Hope you guys enjoy! 

P.S: Briar has a random outfit change during the festival, please ignore~

“MOOOOOM!” Isla dances into the house, beaming, one hot summer evening.

“Yes, sweetie?” Fern pops out of the kitchen, dusting her sugar-sprinkled hands off. She had been in the middle of brewing up homemade ice cream, with fresh strawberries from her garden. Her youngest daughter fans her face delicately. “I have decided what I want to do for my birthday party.” Isla declares dramatically.


Briar rolls her eyes from the sofa. Finally. For days now, her sister has been fussing over how she wants to celebrate for her 18th birthday. Yesterday, Isla had wanted to hold an extravagant pool party and the day before that, it was watching a movie at the theatre’s special beanbag cinema. Dork.

“Aunt Anastasia told me that the summer festival is opening on my birthday, so I want to have a party there. Can I please, Mom?” Isla begs, skipping about in excitement. Her mother smiles fondly. “Of course, sweetie. I’ll buy tickets and bake a cake, so you can spend the whole day there and blow out your candles in the evening. No more than ten guests, though. I can give you money to buy snacks too, does that sound okay?”


There is a squeal of happiness from Isla. “I can’t wait! Don’t worry, I’ll only invite Jeannie from school, Kelsey and Rosanna and Max can come too, and blah blah blah…” She continues on and on about boring details, so Briar tunes her out.

Instead, Briar focuses on the plasma television in front of her. An immaculately dressed Mrs. Oliver smiles at the camera before folding over her sheaf of papers. “And now, we have the Sunset Valley Weather Forecast with our weatherman, Jimmy.”

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Chapter 2.18: Moving On

Slowly, Ashley begins breathing life back into the silent family, and starts to heal the wound that her father’s death had left.

Everyday, the house is filled with her giggling and laughter. Fern had bought a toy box a while back and Ashley absolutely loves rummaging in it, happily playing with the various toys for hours. Her favourite game is pushing a plastic car across the ground and crawling after it, chortling and batting the car. Fern always watches her granddaughter fondly and is always there when Anastasia is not. There is no denying that Ashley is a loveable and adorable child, and the best thing that could have happened after Ash had gone.


However, there is also no denying that Ashley is a total drama queen. Most of the time, she is sweet and friendly, but sometimes she throws tremendous tantrums. If her mother is not there when she wants her to (Anastasia recently got a job in politics)  Ashley screams her head off and stamps her tiny feet, refusing even Fern’s requests to quiet down. It grates on everybody’s nerves and the only good thing to be said is that once she gets what she wants, Ashley calms down immediately. One moment she would be crying loudly and smacking her hands on her food tray…


… and the next moment she would be smiling and babbling happily to herself, all traces of anger gone. It tires everyone out, but their love for the child always blossoms over that.

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Chapter 2.17: Healing

Three double espressos and two jelly donuts later, Briar finally arrives home, exhausted.

Today the boss had asked her to stay till closing time, to help out with a mountain of paperwork in exchange for a raise. She had agreed, but now regrets it. Jeez… her aching fingers remind her of the boring old days in the police office. It’s past dinner time, too, so her tummy is grumbling rather loudly despite the donuts. What can she say… Christopher’s cooking is good.


Planning to have a good hot bath to ease the soreness, Briar walks into her house with nothing but grape-scented bubbles and microwave triple cheese pizza on her mind. As a result, the excited babble that greets her doesn’t quite comprehend at first. It’s only when she walks past Anastasia when she realises what’s different.


“Briar, meet your niece, Ashley Kingston.” Anastasia says, with a big smile on her face. Briar skids to a stop and stares at the little blonde girl in Anastasia’s arms. The first thing she notices is the colour of her eyes. A light cinnamon brown. The exact same shade as Ash’s.

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Chapter 2.16: Empty

On the morning of Briar’s twenty-first birthday, she awakes to find a police cruiser parked on her lawn.

Surprised, she cautiously moves forward to inspect the car. It’s brand new, still smelling of fresh paint. The navy-and-gold Sunset Valley Law Enforcement insignia matches the one pinned on her uniform. It looks quite impressive, gleaming under the bright winter sunlight, framed by the pear trees nearby.


There’s a sticky note fluttering on the driver’s mirror, and Briar plucks it off to read. It says Happy Birthday! Love from your work mates xoxo. She snorts and crumples the note up. Typical. There had been a sudden surge of interest in her after the horrible events at the Goth Mansion. Suddenly, Briar was popular and all the co-workers wanted to be her friend. The boss was very impressed and gave her promotions. It was nice not to be shamed and ridiculed anymore, but she knows she does not deserve it. It had been Ash who had been the hero, not her.

Her phone rings then, cutting off the pool of everlasting pain rising up inside her again. Briar answers the call, somewhat gratefully. A burglary. Probably an easy one to tackle, if the robber in question is stupid enough to steal in daylight. Still… it’s a welcome distraction. Because it hurts so much to be always grieving, always missing someone who will never come back.

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Chapter 2.15: Broken

The evening of the funeral is beautiful.

It shouldn’t be.

The sky shouldn’t be a serene shade of violet, melting into bittersweet orange as the night slowly falls. The breeze shouldn’t be tasting of fresh life and warm summery days waiting ahead. The birds shouldn’t be chirping along happily as if nothing is wrong. It’s all wrong. Everything should be dark and horrible and achingly painful, because that’s what Briar feels like.


The funeral passes in a daze, in a fog of incomprehensible words, tributes and tears. Faces flash by, expressing worry and pain and sympathy that Briar does not hear. She vaguely recognises some of them. Wisteria and Scott, Max’s kind parents; Will with Kelsey, Rosanna in her arms, too young to understand all of this. Other Sims she doesn’t recognise, all whispering words of loss that are lost in the wind.


Briar buries her face in her hands, trying to block it all out. The shock, the terror, has numbed a little by now, to be replaced with a gaping void in herself where Ash used to be. Her brother, her twin, is gone from her life, and this time she can’t do anything to get him back.

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Chapter 2.14: The Goth Mansion

This is bad. 

A horrible, musty smell hits Briar as she rubs her eyes, disoriented. She shifts her sore legs and there is the crackling sound of old paper. A little confused, she raises her head and sees that she is lying on a makeshift bed, with a quilt stitched of yellowed newspapers, chucked over a pile of crates and bulging rubbish bags. Well, that explains the smell. Crinkling her nose, Briar sorts out the fuzzy thoughts in her head. That’s right. She had gotten herself abducted… AGAIN.


Honestly, she can be so stupid sometimes. Sighing deeply, Briar swings her legs off the bed with some diffuculty. There’s a throbbing pain near her right ear and she gingerly reaches up to touch it. Who the hell had knocked her out, again? Oh yes; her idiotic failure of a father, Xander Clavell. Damn him. As soon as Briar gets out of here, she is going to find him and strangle him.

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