+  W R I T E R


Hi! I’m Lila, the writer. I began playing The Sims 3 in 2014—from my love of the game and creative writing, this blog was born. I am New Zealander at heart and Japanese in blood, and currently studying a master’s degree in architecture + urban planning; this is my little corner of the internet to relax, enjoy writing, and play around with graphic design + photography. My aspirations include travelling the world, establishing my own architecture studio, and becoming a published novelist.


+  D I S C L A I M E R


Please be aware that the opinions of my characters do not represent my own. Swearing and sexual references are present in the legacy (barely in Generations 1 + 2). Fallen Angels presses deep into darker territory—themes of violence, death, drugs, self harm, and suicide may be disturbing to readers. En Pointe concerns eating disorders and mental health issues in the ballet world. I strongly advise staying away if any of these topics are particularly sensitive to you.


+  S T Y L E


If you are unfamiliar with “simlit”, here is a quick explanation—a genre and community that focuses on stories aided by pictures taken in The Sims 3. Some blogs follow gameplay (i.e dialogue or script form) while others are independent stories. Mine falls into the latter style, and in the popular format of a legacy, which focuses on the tales of a founding character and descendants. At the moment, I am in the fourth generation, which is novel-style. Psst—to be honest, I think the first three gens are rather embarrassing, so skip to En Pointe if you’d like. Just make sure to read the synopses and world pages to understand the history laid out in previous generations.


+  L I N K S