+  A L T E R N A T E   U N I V E R S E


The legacy takes place in an Alternate Universe (AU) of North America, Earth, with the worlds of Sims integrated within the states. Sunset Valley is located somewhere on the coast of Oregon, and Bridgeport high up north in Washington. The story is completely fused into reality with Generation Four, the story being set in Los Angeles and New York City. Obviously, due to the fictional nature of the legacy, things aren’t exactly the same (an idealised AU, in many cases), and micro locations such as businesses and shops are made up—however, I have borrowed street, neighbourhood, city, and state names from real life.


+  T I M E


En Pointe begins in real life 2019, but the first three generations are not allocated a specific point of time. Instead, they are given a rough period in which they may have existed; Gen One in the 1990s, Gen Two in the 2000s, and Gen Three in the 2010s. As each generation covers about fifty years, these periods correspond purely to the aesthetics.


+  S U P E R N A T U R A L


The supernatural is an important element of Generation Two. Briar, her brother Ash, and eventually her daughter Cinna, are born with the extremely rare ability to see a fictional ultraviolet frequency—lunar light—allowing them to see ghosts, and in times when lunar light is strong, other supernatural entities. However, the supernaturals cease to exist by Generation Four, due to the population naturally dying out over time and the decrease of lunar light, and is no longer mentioned or believed to have been real at all.