Fern Kingston moves to Sunset Valley after being forced out of Moonlight Falls by debt collectors. With no money, no family and her only possessions her clothes and phone, Fern must find a way to pave her way in the idyllic seaside town while being homeless, and struggling with her couch potato/outdoor hating ways. Will she earn enough money to survive, and become the Sim she wants to be?

Chapter 1.1: Homeless in Sunset Valley / Chapter 1.2: New Town, New Leaf / Chapter 1.3: Falling Leaves in Summer / Chapter 1.4: Another Dawn is Breaking / Chapter 1.5: A Trip to Sharma Day Spa

Chapter 1.6: The Butterscotch Villa / Chapter 1.7: Bittersweet Wedding Bells  / Chapter 1.8: A Frenzy of Birthday Parties / Chapter 1.9: Writing to the Heart’s Content / Chapter 1.10: Faraway City Lights… and Secrets

Chapter 1.11: Another Insignificant Heartbreak / Chapter 1.12: Homeless on Old Pier Beach / Chapter 1.13: Teenage Drama / Chapter 1.14: Simplicity and Beauty / Chapter 1.15: An Island of Dreams

Chapter 1.16: Two Mansions and a Cottage / Chapter 1.17: High School Trouble / Chapter 1.18: And the Years Fade Away / Chapter 1.19: A Lovely Confusion of Sorts / Chapter 1.20: A Note on Friendship

Chapter 1.21: Painting A New Picture / Chapter 1.22: Parties and Kidnappings / Chapter 1.23: Impatience is a Virtue (Sometimes)

Briar has always been the odd one out. Her insane, childish tendencies make things difficult for her, especially her social life. But when strange things begin happening in Sunset Valley, romance and friendship is chucked straight out of the window. Who is behind the dangerous occurrences, and how is her twin brother linked to it? It is up to Briar to investigate, and solve the crime.

Chapter 2.1: The Problem with Freedom / Chapter 2.2: One Lunatic and Two Zombies / Chapter 2.3: Kisses at Plumpuddle ParkChapter 2.4: It’s Hard to Understand / Chapter 2.5: The Unofficial Valentine’s Day

Chapter 2.6: Truth and Lies / Chapter 2.7: A Winter Wedding / Chapter 2.8: I Feel Like Someone’s Watching Me / Chapter 2.9: A Nightmare of Whispers / Chapter 2.10: The History of Lunar Light

Chapter 2.11: When The Moonlight Falls / Chapter 2.12: Another Broken Heart / Chapter 2.13: A Baby Shower, Of All Things / Chapter 2.14: The Goth Mansion / Chapter 2.15: Broken

Chapter 2.16: EmptyChapter 2.17: Healing / Chapter 2.18: Moving OnChapter 2.19: Fireworks on a Hot Summer Night / Chapter 2.20: Dance till the Stars Fade

Chapter 2.21: New Life, New Love / Chapter 2.22: Three Little Wishes / Chapter 2.23: Flames

After a fire spurned from revenge tore apart her family, life has been more than painful for Cherry. Blind and scarred on the right side of her face, Cherry has turned away from anyone who reaches out to her, choosing to always be angry instead of falling to sadness, hiding her pain in music and nature. But when she meets a mysterious boy in the woods, Cherry’s life is suddenly turned upside down — but for the good or the bad?

chapter 3.1: scarredchapter 3.2: alone / chapter 3.3: run / chapter 3.4: dream / chapter 3.5: down

chapter 3.6: hunt / chapter 3.7: stitches / chapter 3.8: rain / chapter 3.9: storm / chapter 3.10: ignite

chapter 3.11: spark  / chapter 3.12: smoke / chapter 3.13: smolder / chapter 3.14: singe / chapter 3.15: flame

chapter 3.16: scorch / chapter 3.17: sear / chapter 3.18: burn / chapter 3.19: inferno / chapter 3.20: ember

chapter 3.21: cinder / chapter 3.22: ash / chapter 3.23: amaya / chapter 3.24: fawn / chapter 3.25: evangeline

At the end of her eighteenth summer, Evangeline Kingston is bright-eyed, high on life, and exploding with powerful ambition. She is about to begin study at the West Coast’s most acclaimed pre-professional ballet program with one goal in mind: to land a contract at a prestigious company before her nineteenth birthday. Her dreams, however, tangle with the elite dancers around her, and she is unwittingly pulled into Los Angeles’s intoxicating shimmer of money, power, and glory — and as Eva travels further along her ambitious path, she starts to realise that the beauty of ballet hides a reality she may not have the strength to survive.

A C T  I  —  S U M M E R

chapter 1: plié / chapter 2: chassé / chapter 3: assemblé / chapter 4: relevé / chapter 5: piqué / chapter 6: jeté / chapter 7: attitude / chapter 8: arabesque

A C T  I I  —  F A L L

chapter 9: développé / chapter 10: entrelacé / chapter 11: pas de deux / chapter 12: fouettéchapter 13: grande / chapter 14: adagio

A C T  I I I  —  W I N T E R


A C T  I V  —  S P R I N G