06 / Universe

The world in which the Kingstons live evolve with each generation, particularly in Gen 3 onwards. Here I will explain key parts of this alternate universe, possibly confusing elements, and how it differs from real life and Sims. There are Gen 2 spoilers, so I advise against reading until you have caught up with Chapter 2.15. I will update this page from time to time.



The world in which the story takes place is an Alternate Universe of real life. That is, the characters live in United States, Earth; geographically, most locations and countries are the exact same. However, there are places that don’t exist in reality, which are the ‘sim worlds’. Sunset Valley is located in Oregon, Bridgeport in Washington and Isla Paradiso in the Caribbean islands. I am planning to fully move the story to real life places in Gen 4, including New York City and California, and will continue to do so for Gen 5 and any following generations.


The country is referred to Sim Nation and the people Sims during Gens 1 + 2. Clayton mentions the history as a nation being formed after a great war. This points to the states being united, which is nicknamed Sim Nation, but officially it is North America and the characters are subsequently American. However the culture and historic events are slightly different (or better) in this universe, for example Donald Trump does not exist, and terrorism/racism, while they do exist, is not as bad  🙂


This is a bit hard to explain, but time runs slower in this universe than in real life. The main events in Gen 1 take place during the 1990’s, Gen 2 in the 2000’s, Gen 3 in the early 2010’s, Gen 4 in the late 2010’s and Gen 5 in the 2020’s. This time span is really shorter than what it should be, with the period from the start of the legacy to the current point in Gen 3 being approximately 45 years. I have organised the time span in accordance to the fashion, attitudes, picture quality and settings present in each generation. Right now, in Chapter 3.9, the year in terms of real life is 2012, and the beginning of Gen 4 will be approximately 2019.

Here are the current ages of the main Kingstons. Note, I screwed up the age gaps of my Gen 2 sims because I was too impatient to age Isla up to a teen. She’s supposed to be 12 years younger than Briar but is now only 5 years younger, oops.

  • Christopher Steel | 67
  • Fern Kingston | 66
  • Maxwell Oliver | 45
  • Briar Kingston | 43
  • Anastasia Payton | 43
  • Isla Kingston | 38
  • Ashley Kingston | 22
  • Cinnamon Kingston | 19
  • Caramel Kingston | 19
  • Cherry Kingston | 19


As made obvious in Generation Two, the supernatural do exist in this universe, although most people cannot see them. The supernatural population has been gradually decreasing over the years, as with the people who can see them, due to advancement in science with cures (fueled by Ash and Allie’s work).

Lunar Light 

This concept is integral in Gen 2 but is also a bit confusing. It is a frequency of light that exists just out of the visible spectrum, that is emitted by the moon, which can usually only be detected by a few people. Within the characters, these people are Briar, Ash, Anastasia, the Goths and Cinna — their brains are wired a bit differently, which is depicted in Briar’s unstable personality and Ash’s genius. The light is basically what ‘exposes’ the supernatural facet of a person, e.g vampire skin. It is too weak to be picked up by the general population, but during the full moon it is stronger, which is why supernatural ‘events’ are more frequent on those nights.

Lunar light is shown with a blueish tone as seen in Gen 2, and violet eyes often mark those who can see it. The light also controls the balance of the human and supernatural sides within a person, so if it grows stronger than a certain level (either naturally, like if the full moon passes unusually close to Earth, or influenced by man, like the Goths) the supernatural side will also grow stronger. Consequently, this makes supernaturals less humane, particularly predators like vampires and werewolves. This can be taken advantage of using science to control the minds of the supernatural, as the villains did in Gen 2.


9 thoughts on “06 / Universe

  1. It’s cool to see how you’ve put a lot of thought into the timeline and time periods for the different generations, as well as the ages of all of your characters – the bit about Isla made me laugh, haha. Of all the triplets, the fact that Cinna can see lunar light is interesting, but since you mentioned that violet eyes mark those who see it – it makes sense as Cara and Cinna don’t. When you eventually continue the story it’ll be interesting to see how that’ll come into play~ 🙂

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  2. Alright maybe some other legacy story you could use these suggestions. I wa s simply trying to suggest a way where you didn’t have to stop ✋generation five with your story.

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  3. Or maybe even have your fifth generation fast forward through the 2020s, 2030s, 2040s, 2050s, and the 2060s. Making that fifth generation in the end even older than the first generation.

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