04 / Summaries

Here are detailed summaries for each generation if you would like to jog your memory 🙂 They are rather lengthy, but certainly a much quicker read than the whole story. I have added pictures to make them less boring!  

Generation 1 / Fern

The legacy begins when the founder, Fern Kingston, arrives in Sunset Valley. She is fleeing from Moonlight Falls, her birthplace, where she grew up with her alcoholic gambler father and without her mother. Unfortunately, with the death of both her father and grandmother, 21 year old Fern is left with nobody but debt collectors chasing after her father’s debts. Taking a taxi to the idyllic seaside town of Sunset Valley, while struggling with her weight and an unhealthy outlook on life, Fern wishes to turn over a fresh leaf, even if it means being homeless.

Exploring the green town, Fern chances upon a gym, where she can nab free food from. She meets the dashing Xander Clavell, who rudely rejects her. Upset and spurred on to begin a healthy lifestyle, she sneaks into the gym at night and begins working out. Soon, Fern begins to get fitter and feel better about herself. She also finds work at the local bookshop, following her love for books, and meets a nice man named Christopher Steel at the library. However, homelessness begins to take a toll on her, and she suffers severe periods of hunger, lack of sleep and hygiene issues. On a good note, Fern is nurturing a fondness for the lovely, quiet beach on the edge of town.

Luckily, Fern manages to buy a tent and sets up camp at Old Pier Beach. Things are looking sunnier when she has now gained a strong, healthy figure from all her hard work at the gym. She makes her first friend, Tamara Donner, and finally attracts a little attention from Xander! With more free time, Fern also begins working on her wish to become a professional author. Tamara treats her to a spa session at Sharma Day Spa and Fern gets a wonderful beach-themed makeover, marking her true change of character. A surprised Xander asks her out on a date, and hopeless romantic Fern totally falls head-over-heels for him.

Soon after their first date, Xander asks Fern to be his girlfriend, and she moves into his butterscotch villa. A while later, Fern becomes pregnant, oblivious to Xander’s lack of enthusiasm at the news. She gives birth to twins, Ash and Briar, whom she adores. Fern works to get back into shape, and Xander, happy with his girlfriend, proposes to her. His proposal blows away Fern’s unease about Xander’s possessive behaviour, rudeness to her friend Christopher, and favouritism to Ash (who looks just like him). They marry in a sunny backyard wedding, with Christopher and his slinky wife Blair looking on.

The twins celebrate their 5th birthdays, and Briar meets a boy called Max Oliver at the party. Fern happily spends time at the beach, writing novels. All seems well; Ash is proving to be a highly intelligent child, and Briar energetic albeit a little crazy. However, things turn downhill when Xander is arrested as a criminal, fueling a heated argument between him and Fern. Xander manages to calm his wife down, but there is now tension in the family. She also meets Blair lurking suspiciously outside the villa. Unknown to poor Fern, her husband and Blair are having a secret affair.

Briar and Ash are having suspicions about their father’s behaviour, but Fern remains blissfully ignorant until one night, Blair and Xander hook up in front of Christopher and Tamara, finally over their partners. The latter inform Fern and she confronts her husband, who confesses, and they get into a physical fight. Fern decides to leave with her children, and she ends up homeless again, heading to Old Pier Beach.

Living on the beach in two tents, Fern tries her best to get her family’s life together and buy a house, to no avail. Ash and Briar take their new situation quite well, and bond with Christopher, who is comforting Fern. The twins celebrate their 13th birthdays on the beach, beginning high school and getting part time jobs to try help their mother.

Fern falls in love with Christopher and soon, they elope in a sweet intimate ceremony, to the delight of the twins. They go on a honeymoon in breathtaking Isla Paradiso, where Fern contemplates her previous marriage with Xander and realises how toxic their relationship had truly been. Upon their return, they build a simple cottage at the large empty lot Christopher had inherited, in Summerhill Court. There, Fern tells Christopher that she is pregnant.

Fern gives birth to an adorable girl named Isla, who is quiet and sweet. Meanwhile, Briar is secretly dealing with vicious bullies Anastasia Payton and Shania Goth. Ash and Max attempt to protect her, but after an altercation at the park, she yells at them to leave her alone. Years later, Isla turns five and Fern worries about how old both herself and her children are getting. Max kisses Briar, totally confusing and angering her. Ash and Max make a deal with the bullies to leave Briar alone, but when Briar catches them together, she is furious at the boys, not knowing about the deal. Ash also meets a girl named Allie Beard at school.

There is suspicious talk about the science lab in town, especially about two scientists -Anastasia’s parents- and Ash encounters a sneaky Blair at the lab. After explaining the deal to Briar, the boys make up with her and Max happily becomes Briar’s best friend again. During the housewarming party for the Kingston’s renovated home, Ash is missing after visiting the Payton mansion. He awakes in an unfamiliar and dusty room, kidnapped by a mysterious man named Mr. Goth and none other than Xander. The men threaten Ash into working at the science lab on a secret project. A little while later, the twins turn 18, and the story is passed from Fern to Briar.

Generation 2 / Briar

The second generation opens with Briar starting out on her dream to become a secret agent; while Ash follows the path of a scientist despite his real dream to work with his twin. Briar begins noticing strange things on the full moon, including a weird glow to the air and zombies. She also sees Ash lingering about a suspicious abandoned warehouse.

Meanwhile, things in Briar’s love life are going just as weird- she and Max share a kiss at Plumpuddle Park, followed by a dinner date. The next day, she attends a party at Lone Wolff Manor, where she discovers Ash and Anastasia are dating. Furious and confused, Briar and her twin have a severe falling out, and stop talking to each other.

Isla celebrates her 13th birthday soon after, then Max and Briar reveal their relationship to their family, all of which but Ash are delighted. Briar begins her own investigation into the supernatural ongoings, as none of her police coworkers believe her. Conducting an experiment in town, she derives that most people cannot seem to see the supernaturals. Meanwhile, Ash, Anastasia and Allie are working on a mysterious lunar contraption.

When Briar suspects someone is watching her, she goes to investigate the warehouse. There, she is knocked out and kidnapped by someone unknown. Briar wakes in a creepy, dark room, where she sees an equally creepy woman in blood red. Ash appears and argues with the woman, seeming to protect his sister, threatening to break off a mysterious deal with the woman. Briar then wakes up in the woods again, wondering if it was all a nightmare.

Isla works on a history project with her crush, Clayton, whom Briar discovers to be a vampire. However, her little sister does not believe her and becomes angry. Upset, Briar runs out and decides to follow Ash, who drives to an isolated hill. Briar spies on him and finds out her brother is meeting with their father, Xander. Ash appears to be working with him, on a machine that shoots a beam of powerful light into the sky.

At the library, Briar chews over the information she garnered from spying. She finds a book called The History of Lunar Light, which describes a phenomenon called lunar light. Briar realises that she has an ability to see this light, and hence supernaturals, incorrectly diagnosed as schizophrenia. That night — a full moon — she sees Clayton acting strangely, who says that the lunar light is stronger than usual. She discovers the cause to be the machine Ash was working on, shooting beams from behind the science lab. When Briar gets closer, the machine switches on to full power, and she feels something change drastically to Sunset Valley.

The machine seems to have increased the strength of lunar light, and normal people are beginning to notice the supernaturals. Mr. Goth watches Briar, musing on how to deal with her interfering investigations. He takes his chance when she cuts through the woods to meet with Max; two supernaturals, apparently mind controlled, attack Briar and deliver a warning. Realising that she might be putting Max in danger if they stay together, Briar breaks up with him, much to his bewilderment and heartbreak.

Sadly, Briar disconnects herself and wallows at Summerhill Spring, where she sees Clayton and Isla kissing. She follows Clayton to the criminal warehouse, where he is arguing with the woman in blood red. Clayton seems to be manipulated by the woman, and Briar thinks Isla might be in danger. Later, Briar is promoted to policewoman, and senior officer Blair taunts her. She suspects that Blair maybe warding off supernatural suspicions within law enforcement.

Under mind control, Clayton breaks up with Isla. Someone probes in Briar’s room while she is comforting Isla, finding all her notes on the supernatural happenings. Briar is intercepted by Xander and the two previous supernaturals, who once again attack her and knock her out. This time, she wakes up in a cell. She sees Mr. Goth, Xander and her friend Allie watching her, and realises that Allie had been the one to knock her out and spy on her notes. Mr. Goth reveals himself to be the person behind all of the plans, and tells an imprisoned Briar his intentions to control all supernaturals, thus seizing control of the country- in the name of equality and disdain for the ignorance of Sunset Valley.

Ash, Allie and Anastasia free Briar secretly, revealing themselves to have always been on the right side. They confront Mr. Goth and the woman in red — Mrs. Goth — which results in a fight. In the chaos, Ash manages to get to the lunar light machine and sacrifices himself to trigger a self-destruct mechanism, sending out an electric pulse that kills the nearby villains, including Xander. Ash dies confessing to his twin sister that he had always been protecting her.

At the funeral, Anastasia reveals to a grief-stricken Briar that she and Ash had been married. She also tells of her pregnancy, Fern overhearing this and offering Anastasia help and a place to stay. Months later, Anastasia gives birth to a girl, naming her Ashley, since she is a spitting image of her father. Ashley’s bubbly personality slowly begins breathing life back into the grieving family.

As Briar heals through the passing three years, she gets back together with Max. She also speculates that the intensifying weather in Sunset Valley is due to the lunar light machine. At Isla’s 18th birthday party, Briar spots Clayton, who later approaches her. He asks for a way to cure his vampirism, as he still loves Isla, and they talk to Allie for a cure. During a surprise picnic at Plumpuddle Park, Max proposes to Briar, who happily accepts.

Briar and Max marry in a quiet beach wedding, and soon after, she finds out that she is pregnant. Life is racing by for the Kingstons. Nine months later, Briar gives birth to adorable triplets- Cherry, Cinnamon and Caramel. Isla also marries Clayton sometime after, during fall.

Things are going well for the Kingstons, with the triplets growing up happily. Snow falls for the first time when the girls have aged into children, much to the excitement of the whole family. However, their happy lives are torn apart when an arsonist burns down their house, with Max and the kids still inside; the work of Shania Goth, in revenge for the death of her parents.

Generation 3 / Cherry

The third generation begins when Cherry is sixteen. Much has changed in the family, with the fire having burned Cherry’s face, turning her sweet personality into a bitter and cynical one. Briar has also hardened, damaged by anger and grief for her favourite daughter. The triplets no longer have a good relationship. Cherry starts eleventh grade, taunted by bully Teddy Schnauzer, who is also Cara’s boyfriend.

As Cherry walks home from school, she is confronted by Teddy, who is angry at her biting comebacks. He attacks her, but Cherry hits back with self defence moves, which she learned from her mother. Teddy’s friends join in, but all of them are driven away by the sudden appearance of an mysterious boy, clearly trained in fighting. Grateful and stunned, Cherry asks him to teach her, but he advises her to ask her mother instead. He leaves before Cherry can find out his name, though not before agreeing to see her again.

Briar announces that she wants Cherry to join Law Enforcement when she turns eighteen. Although she dreams of playing music and travelling after high school, Cherry jumps at this, taking it as a chance to learn self defence. She trains hard for two years under her mother’s watchful eye. Throughout this, Cherry grows more and more annoyed when the mysterious boy does not make an appearance. On her eighteenth birthday, Cherry meets a cocky stranger who looks familiar. He turns out to be the boy’s brother, who himself turns up soon after, confusing and shocking Cherry. His name is Gabriel, and he introduces his brother as Luc.

Gabriel talks with Cherry, and offers to take her to Bridgeport, much to her suspicion and curiosity. She is given ten hours to decide, and she returns to the house, conflicted over the danger and allure of the city, as well as hurting her mother. Meanwhile, she overhears that Cara is pregnant, but when Cherry offers to help, her sister furiously denies it. Angry, Cherry decides to run away with Gabriel, and escapes Sunset Valley at night with the help of her other sister, Cinna.

Arriving in Bridgeport, Cherry discovers that Gabriel lives in a cosy apartment with five others; Luc, his cousin Lilith, Raphael and Michel. She quickly becomes friends with the friendly Lilith, who lets her stay at the penthouse. Although her new flatmates seem nice enough, Cherry becomes suspicious when one night, she overhears Lilith and Gabriel talking, seemingly covered in blood, and she gets the impression that they are killers.

She becomes paranoid, but tries to ignore her suspicions. The next morning, she practises her piano in the music room, where Gabriel joins her, and they play together. Gabriel moves to kiss her, but abruptly leaves, which Cherry interprets as disgust, much to her anger and despair.

Cherry follows the others the same night, when they seemingly go out to the club; she discovers that it is a guise in which they are really carrying out a robbery of a mansion. Horrified, Cherry is conflicted whether to continue following them or simply leave the city. Her mother’s traits lead her to follow the group, consequently learning that they steal not for their own benefit, but for Bridgeport’s poor, wronged by the corrupt rich. Cherry faces Gabriel, who explains that the overheard talking last night had been an act, to tempt her into following them and so testing her attitude towards crime. Frightened and angry, Cherry argues that what they are doing is wrong, but Gabriel asks if she truly believes that.

Cherry decides to stay with the group, and some time later is training with Luc, who is teasing and annoying her. She has a talk about Gabriel, where he confesses that he does like her, but he is afraid of getting close after loving another girl. She is suspicious that it goes further than that, but quietly accepts his apology. Cherry also goes on her first robbery with Raphael. Although she has doubts about the morality of her actions, she learns that she enjoys stealing from the deserving rich.

Cherry turns nineteen, marking roughly a year spent with the Torres. On her birthday, she spends time with Luc, who she has developed a crush on throughout the past year. His back-and-forth flirty behaviour has made her anxious and hurt, however, which only worsens when he flirts with another girl. Much to the irritation of Gabriel but surprised happiness of Cherry, Luc kisses her.

A few days later, Lilith makes Cherry go clubbing with her for the first time. Cherry enjoys herself with Luc for a while, but then meets Caden Malanov, a Russian man who somehow knows Luc. He tells her that all Luc wants to do is sleep with her, which shocks Cherry, but also confirms her underlying worry. After arguing with Luc, who denies what Caden said, she leaves the club upset with Gabriel. On the drive home, they pass a bloody scene of an apparent murder. When Luc comes home, hurt from confronting Caden, he apologises for his behaviour and properly asks Cherry if she still wants to be his girlfriend, which she hesitantly agrees to.

In a flashback to 10 years ago, the Torres siblings are living happily with their parents, although they are quite poor. However, this life is destroyed when their parents are killed in a factory fire, which is due to the negligence and greed of a businessman named Avarice. The children are taken to an orphanage, but when the matron turns out to be abusive, they run away into the dark streets of Bridgeport.

Back to present day, Cherry is on a coffee date with Luc. Although still distrustful of him, she is happy. Lilith also is at the same cafe, and she introduces her new boyfriend, a rich and elegant doctor called James. They walk back home through the fall streets, Cherry telling her boyfriend more about her family. Arriving to the seemingly empty penthouse, Luc kisses her. Cherry becomes anxious when things become more intimate, but they are interrupted by Raphael. Later that night, Gabriel and Michel come home with news of a second murder, which is similar to the first.

In a second flashback, to eight years ago, the Torres kids are living in a tiny, abandoned apartment, having survived the streets for a while. Gabriel goes off to observe a Muay Thai class from afar, wishing to be able to defend himself and his older siblings. The teacher calls him out, much to his embarrassment, but introduces herself as Evangeline, and kindly offers to teach him after seeing how fast he has learned. Meanwhile, Luc is secretly running heroin for money. He is attacked by a client who does not want to pay. The next morning, on the look for medical supplies, Lilith bumps into a street boy who tries to pickpocket her. Forgiving him, she learns his name to be Raphael.

Back to present day, Luc picks Cherry up from her workplace, worried for her safety after learning of a third murder that afternoon. Walking home together, they bump into James, who is polite, although they are surprised to see the wealthy man in a poorer part of town. A little after the family have dinner together, Luc pulls Cherry into his bedroom, where they talk and kiss in peace. She becomes scared again when he becomes more touchy, but he stops when he notices her discomfort, much to Cherry’s relief and gratitude. She wakes up later in the night to find that her boyfriend is smoking by the window. When she asks if anything is wrong, Luc says he just has a headache, and harshly tells Cherry to go back to sleep.

In a third flashback, four years ago, the siblings are training at Evangeline’s gym, where Gabriel now works. On a stormy night, a panicked girl arrives after hours, desperate to learn how to fight. Gabriel learns her name to be Maria, who appears to be hurt and unstable. Elsewhere, Luc is at a drug ring meeting, where he meets a dangerously seductive girl named Ebony, the stepsister of Caden Malanov. Lilith is also involved in criminal activities with Raphael, who she is now best friends with, stealing from the rich together as revenge for what happened to her in the past.


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