Set Apart by RaymondSanti

This is the first story I followed and one of my favourites! A wonderfully complex DITFT legacy, the story twists and turns through tragedy and delight over 9 generations. There’s unicorns, fantastical lands and magic — but all deftly woven into a dark, gritty and suspenseful tale.

The Windsor Legacy by Em

A super fun and colourful berry legacy, this story will have you intrigued with the adventurous characters and exciting storylines.

Noble Doubt by Kymber

This legacy is expertly crafted and presented, and one of my top recommendations. You just really can’t get past the top-notch writing, lovely sims and pictures, realistic characters, tearful moments and the incredibly nice author!

The Hunter Legacy by Fibi

This legacy is super enjoyable to read, packed with drama and heartbreak, but sweet moments and relationships.

Neverdoitagain by Jowita

This legacy is truly the definition of ‘tragedy’. The characters struggle through disaster after disaster, but you can’t help but keep reading, captivated by the unique characters and the powerful emotions.

Stories by Bee  

A riveting read that will take you on an adventure of family, action, and tears. Bee does the voices of the characters really well and I admire her creativity!

Light The Way To Heaven by Blamsart

An impressively complex story that grows through 9 generations, this legacy features a fascinating supernatural world with a rich and dark history. The story is truly the most original I have seen and I am astounded each time the pieces from each generation fit together. The editing, cc-creating, and thought that goes into it is just wow!

Smoke N Roses by Sempreviva

The first generation of this legacy is an exciting romance, with your classic bad boy-good girl dynamic. Once you begin reading, you won’t be able to stop! Be prepared for a wild rollercoaster of emotions and drama, all through the following generations!

AQ Stories by Amy

This is a collection of stories that are super fun to read. The current story Amy is working on is called Sight, a paranormal story that is turning out to be mysterious, highly gripping, and nicely written — a real joy to follow! I love it!

The Life & Times of the Willows by Stormy

This legacy is a mix of lovely pictures and intense, tragic storyline. You really feel for the characters and follow them eagerly through their good and bad times.

The Fairwood Legacy by Amelia

A great legacy that begins with a nostalgically simple life built on a terrifying backstory. It’s quite promising and the second generation is turning out very nicely!

Not Just A Book Sims by Louise

There are two stories, one finished and one ongoing legacy, both of which are seriously high calibre in both plot and characters. They are excellently written, with beautiful pictures that really draw you into the richly developed worlds.

The Grey Witches by Freja64

This a truly delightful story that entwines detailed slice-of-life chapters with magical drama. It explores the ups-and-downs of everyday life, delving deep into layered characters and unique supernatural lore. The pictures are lovely with carefully thought out details and editing.

SOL by Carys

An incredibly fun and heartfelt legacy, SOL captures the reader’s focus with witty humour and emotion that tugs at heartstrings, following the tales of unique, realistic characters. The writing is really nice and easy to read, and the world feels very much grounded in real life!

Our Different Paths by Violincat

This DITFT legacy is a fantastic read, and I particularly enjoyed Generation Two. The story is suspenseful and well written, revolving around sharp-witted characters, hooking your attention; you will find it hard to stop reading.

Once Upon A Legacy by socallucyfan

A sweet fairytale legacy that follows the stories of well-crafted, emotional characters. The writing is lovely, packed full of humour, charm, and personality — it is a truly fun read!

Almost Blue by lazysunjade

The only TS4 blog that I follow, and definitely a favourite story! Jade expertly spins a novel-style tale of mystery and romance, set against the intoxicating glitter of the 20s — the writing is just as poetic, stunning, and detailed as the wonderfully atmospheric pictures. Heart eyes all the way.

Des Vu by daniparadise

This is the only Tumblr story I will recommend (+ Jade’s). I am being honest when I say Des Vu has the most beautiful story pictures I have ever seen in the simming world — they are good at the beginning, but become wow as time goes on. The story is only in picture-and-dialogue format, but it conveys such real and deep emotions. Breathtaking, ethereal, incredible editing.

The Paxton Legacy by Simsered

A reboot of one of my fave stories by one of my fave bloggers! The legacy is just in the first few chapters, but it follows the story of Bay Paxton, who has run away to Isla Paradiso with a dark and troubling past chasing after her. Great quality pictures and writing!


I love crafting pictures for my story, and I am always striving to improve them. I draw inspiration mainly from Tumblr blogs — simblrs — and Pinterest.

SK Sims /// my all time favourite sim-maker. the realism and beauty of her sims is astounding.

Vil-lain /// her pictures are insanely sharp and perfectly composed.

SilverOwlBlog /// pretty environmental/scenery pictures.

Panosita /// all around amazing pictures.

LazySunJade /// an incredible interior decorator.