Disclaimer / My characters’ opinions aren’t representative of my own. I do not approve or support criminal/illegal activities, toxic relationships, violence, abuse, suicide, or anything would hurt anyone in a physical or emotional way.

Rating / Generation One is rated G and Generation Two is PG, with mild violence and sexual references. Generation Three is R-16 due to heavy foul language, strong violence and moderate sexual references. There will also be disturbing themes of death, drug use, self harm, and suicide, particularly from Chapter 3.10 onwards. I will do my best to handle these themes carefully, but please unfollow my blog if you are very sensitive to them.

Updating / I am currently aiming to post every 2 weeks, but it depends on how busy I am for university.

Evolving / This legacy is a matriarchy, and there are two more generations planned. My primary purpose for the Kingstons is to be on a constant journey of improvement, for both writing and pictures. The first generation is gameplay, but the legacy has steadily deviated to become a fully independent story — the game is now simply a medium for illustration rather than inspiration.

I, Lila Remonn / Feel free to call me Lila (not my real name, although I wish it was). I am 18 years old; fun fact, The Sims was released a few days after my birth date! I live in the quiet country of New Zealand. I am studying a Bachelor of Architectural Studies. When I am not studying buildings, I love to write and daydream stories, brew coffee and photograph pretty things, paint and plan my future travels. Here are other places you can find me: