small hiatus.

Just a quick note to say that I won’t be posting anything until around November 12 (so like a month… not a long break for my story haha), and I may not be commenting on your stories as well. I’m going to be very busy with end of year portfolios and exams, you know the drill lmao. Here’s a random picture for now. This is Kiara, the last toddler I made (in 2016, hence the low af quality) — I lost her file but she makes me excited for the time I can begin to create the Gen 4 kids!


22 thoughts on “small hiatus.

  1. I hope everything is going well with school! I am so excited for more chapters, and of course the next generation of kiddos! I know they will be super cute. 😊
    Also, sorry for the super late comments. But better late than never?? Maybe, idk lol.

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    • I just have one last exam to go! I’m most excited to make their teen/adult versions, because I’m looking at my Gen 3 characters and thinking… wow, pudding faces 😢 They will be in the style of Caden and Maria but hopefully a lot more advanced.
      That’s totally fine, better late than never yes!


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