fallen angels — chapter 3.16: scorch

warning: this chapter includes coarse language, mild sexual references, themes of crime and domestic abuse. please do not continue reading if these topics may trigger or offend you. it is recommended you read this chapter in my blog, not reader, for the best quality. 




Pancakes, Luc decided, were much harder than they looked. How Lilith effortlessly flipped and fluffed the pancakes escaped him; the heavy iron skillet was temperamental and liked to burn anything that it touched. He carefully spooned the batter into the sizzling pan, trying his best to spread the batter in a perfect circle. The pancakes roughed up at the edges, but when Luc arranged the apple pancakes on a plate, they were soft and golden, and a tiny flower of pride bloomed in his chest. “Good morning.” He looked over his shoulder to smile at Ebony, who had just padded into the kitchen — she looked beautiful, like always, even in a baggy hoodie and messy hair tucked into a beanie. While he drizzled the pancakes with maple syrup and fall-market blackberries, she perched on a barstool, scrolling through her phone. “Here, I didn’t burn them this time.” Luc slid the pancakes to Ebony. “Wow. Congratulations.” Sarcasm dripped from her words like honey, and he felt his pride wilt. Her sarcasm was a different brand to Raphael’s — while the latter’s washed over in a bored, harmless wave, Ebony’s stung, her coy smile hiding a sharp thorn. Luc tried to ignore the prickle of hurt, and as he poured coffee into two cups and sat beside his girlfriend, he silently chided himself for being too sensitive.

Luc sipped his coffee as Ebony shifted between bites of pancake and typing on her phone. There was something he wanted to ask, but every time he opened his mouth, the words faltered and he swallowed them, trying to figure out what to say. He drummed his fingers on his knee, anxious. For the thousandth time, he cursed his awkwardness, something he had discovered in the month of his first relationship, and something Lilith and Gabriel never inherited. It was off-putting, realising he had no idea how dating worked, but he tried his best to do what Ebony liked — she was the one who initiated their relationship, after all. “Hey, so… I’m off work today, and I was wondering if you want to stay in and watch a movie?” There was quiet before Ebony sighed deeply. “I’ve already made plans.” “Um, that’s okay.” He raised the coffee cup to his lips, for the sake of something to do in the stretched silence, but discovered it empty and hurried off to wash it. Questions bubbled up in his throat as the soapy water warmed his hands. “Who are you going out with?” Luc asked, once he returned to the stool. “Why are you asking?” Her brows pointed in annoyance. “I’m just curious.” “I’m going out with my friends, if you can understand that concept.” Ebony said slowly, and he felt his cheeks burn. “Maybe… I could meet your friends some time.” “They wouldn’t like you.” “Oh. Right.” Luc glanced down at his clasped hands, where the sleeves of his hoodie were frayed from pulling at the edges. He only looked up when Ebony curled her fingers around the back of his neck, and leaned in to give him a brief kiss. “See you tonight.” She ran her hand over his shoulder as she left, and Luc smiled softly. “Have a good day.”

The day passed in a slow ache. The penthouse was still knotted with broken pipes and dying lightbulbs, so he spent his lonely free day like usual — slowly fixing things up, brushing away spiderwebs, in the dark spare rooms that lay untouched. The home was empty save for his own tinkering, for Lilith and Gabriel and Raphael were all working, so he pottered away in silence until his back protested. It was only in the evening when Luc showered and retreated to his bedroom, heaving a pile of books onto the bed. He laid out the books on the blanket, crossing his legs and fiddling with the slim black frame of his reading glasses — a new pair, when he got tired of squinting at the pages. The books he gathered were random, fossicked from the dusty bookshop on the way back from work, or inner-city garage sales. Evangeline had kindly given him several manuals on Muay Thai techniques; now, he mulled over them, absentmindedly folding and unfolding the corners of the pages. Reading was something Gabriel had the time for during those first belly-ache years on the streets, but it was just recently that Luc could finally settle down and begin to catch up on his lost education. It was frustrating at times, especially trying to work through tattered mathematics textbooks, but he liked this — spending quiet hours drinking in knowledge, filling the strange, empty ache inside him.

The page he was currently reading detailed ti khao techniques, and Luc tapped his fingers on the inked diagrams. The attack techniques were a struggle for him to learn, a lot more difficult than defense. He sighed and rubbed at his forehead. Gabriel had learned them in a snap, just by observation and with perfect execution, and Luc always wondered why it took so much longer for himself. A ping from his phone pulled him out of his confused thoughts. He set aside the book and leaned forward to fetch his phone, brow furrowing at the single message notification. ‘there’s a work party at five tomorrow. do you want to come? – karla’. The invitation was from a co-worker at the harbour storage warehouse where he worked, a friendly woman who he felt comfortable enough to chat with during breaks. Luc typed out and deleted responses before settling on a simple ‘sounds good, thanks for the invitation’. He propped his chin on his hands after sending the message, happy. Partying was something he’d shied away from, but this was a good chance to socialise and perhaps make some friends, to break this awkward, quiet shell.

Ebony came into his room around eleven, tearing his gaze away from the Muay Thai manual. “How was your day?” Luc greeted her as he gathered up the books. “You look like a dork,” Ebony snapped in reply, and he quickly slipped the glasses off his nose, embarrassed. “You should have a read of this.” Luc tapped the thin book. “It’s really interesting, it has a nice section about the origin legend of Muay Thai, and-” “Are you going to spend time with me or what?” Ebony interrupts. “Sorry, yeah.” He bit down on his excited words and carefully stacked the books on the floor. Luc relaxed as his girlfriend climbed into his lap to kiss him, her hands scorching across his muscles, sharp nails skimming along his collarbones. It was like this almost every day; the sunlit hours empty of her presence, but when the stars began blazing in the sky, she did too, burning her way into his room.

After they pulled their clothes back on, Ebony nestled into Luc sleepily and they rested together for a quiet while, Luc comfortably basking in her warmth — these moments of peaceful cuddling were what he craved the most, in his girlfriend’s fleeting presence. They lasted for maybe an hour before she pushed him away and slunk off to her own room, but tonight, the bliss was cut by another chime from his phone. Ebony grabbed the phone before he could, a storm gathering along her brows as she read. “Who is this?” “A co-worker.” He sat up, leaning over to look curiously. “A female co-worker.” “Um, yeah… what are you doing?” Luc frowned, confusion eddying in his stomach, as Ebony deleted the contact and pushed the phone off the bed. Luc winced as it clattered onto the floor. “Ebony-” “Why were you talking to her?” Her voice was calm, but spiked with quiet venom. “She just invited me to a party.” Luc gently touched her shoulder, but she turned away from him, the curve of her back stiff and angry. “And what were you going to do at that party? Hook up with her?” “What? No. You know I wouldn’t do that,” He whispered. “I don’t trust you.” Ebony tucked her head away, words muffled and trembling. Luc blinked at her, and guilt pricked across his skin at the tears in her voice. “Don’t talk to her again.”



There was a beach that barely anyone visited, where the sea went on for infinity. It was hidden away from the city; Maria had stumbled upon it several years ago, and today she had brought Gabriel. The sky was bright and clear, and the sea in a peaceful slumber, still and glassy except for the waves that rolled gently into the bay. It was beautiful, and Maria ran down to the sea, kicking off her heels happily.

A boulder sat among dry golden rushes. Gabriel perched on the weathered rock, in the cool shade of the pine tree, dappled by sunlight. The beach was so quiet that he could hear the grass whispering behind him, rustling with each soft breath of the wind. Maria dipped her toes in the water, yelping in shocked delight at the cold. He smiled, then, quietly awed by the life that sparkled in her eyes, much like the winter-gold sunlight that was playing on the sea. Maria spun, her skirt flaring out from her hips. “Come on!” She called, her voice bright with laughter, and Gabriel shook his head. He was comfortable here, the rough stone under his palms, happy to just watch her lightly hop over the waves.

Ever since that rainy night, Maria had come to every one of his classes, and it wasn’t long before they began spending more time with each other. Gabriel always felt energised with her, being around such a lively, determined, and rather hyperactive personality. Her innocent joy was infectious, although that initial worry still lingered in the shadows of his mind. The memory of her bruised eye and gasping voice darkened over time, the longer he spent in her sunlight presence. Gabriel was shaken out of his thoughts when Maria called again, giving him a pleading look, so he rolled up his jean cuffs, took off his shoes, and stepped into the cool, salty water.  “It’s nice, right?” She smiled, splashing at him, and Gabriel splashed back with a grin. It was nice, to forget about the city smoking and coughing across the bay. Bridgeport tended to drain the life from him at times, with the cruelty that ran wild in the brutal grey skyline. Here, though, they could forget everything: it was just the wind and sea and gulls and them.

Afterwards, they flopped down together on the sand, tired but happy. Maria tucked herself between Gabriel’s knees, much to his quiet surprise. Her sweet, floral scent — one that was now pleasantly familiar to him – mixed with the saltiness of the ocean. He shifted his legs so she could lean into him, and she did so, wrapping her slender fingers around his hand. They sat there for a moment, drinking in the serenity of the bay, before Maria’s curious eyes wandered up to the sky. She pointed at the clouds that drifted over the sea. “That one looks like a cat!” Maria exclaimed, and he tilted his head to find the cloud. “More like a dog,” He laughed softly, much to her indignation. “No, it has pointy little ears! See?” They argued for a little while, the argument only settled when the wind tugged the cloud apart. Both of them were happy to while away the sunny afternoon, half hunting for more shapes, half laughing and talking amiably.

It was perhaps four in the afternoon when they finally fell into a comfortable quiet. Maria twisted around to face him, her blue eyes shimmering. “Today was so much fun!” “It really was,” Gabriel said gently, counting the freckles on her cheeks to distract himself from how close her lips were to his. He failed when Maria bit her lip, and he noticed her slight change in mood, the pink blush flowering on her cheeks. “Can I kiss you?” She blurted out. Gabriel smiled at her. “Of course.”


“I have a proposition,” Lilith announced, to the only person at the table, which was Gabriel. “Yes?” He murmured, not really listening. “Quit your love-struck daydreaming.” She snapped her fingers in front of his face, but she couldn’t help smiling; it was nice to see her baby cousin so happy, in love for the first time, she assumed. “Sorry. What’s your plan?” Gabriel turned his attention towards her. There was a big notebook ready in front of her, and with the excited air she spoke in, he knew it must be something important. “I want to steal from a mansion.” “Whose?” “Maya Schnauzer.” Lilith tapped the pen on the table, hard and deliberate. “She is a business tycoon who recently moved to Sunset Valley.” “That’s pretty far away,” Gabriel said slowly.

“Yes, I know. I read about her in the newspaper, and she is horrible –– besides, I have not been in a large-scale robbery yet.” Lilith’s silver eyes were alight, and he understood; though her stealing had initially been her own tiny doses of revenge, she had grown to enjoy it. “Alright. Who is coming?” “Raphie,” Lilith said immediately. “Of course, he agrees with everything you say, right?” “That is literally the opposite of what he does,” Lilith sighed deeply. “Okay, and what did Luc say?” “He wants to stay away from crime.” The two were quiet for a moment, both relieved that Luc had broken ties with the drug business. “Tell me about the police situation.” Gabriel clasped his hands. “It is quite good,” Lilith admitted. “I did some research and found that Sunset Valley has one of the highest ranking police departments in the US. Their chief is a woman, actually. If I am remembering right… her name is Briar Kingston.”


Several days after the robbery — that went successfully, despite a few hiccups — Gabriel was resting in the penthouse, something that had happened in Sunset Valley drifting at the back of his mind. The memory was pushed away, however, when there was a sharp buzz: the sign of someone wanting to come into the apartment. Carefully, Gabriel took the call. “Hello?” “Gabriel!” The voice on the other end was gasping, terrified. “I’m coming down, Maria.” He darted down to the old lobby, where his girlfriend was shaking. Something in his chest wrenched when he saw tears dripping down her cheeks, and something hot and bitter sparked at the bruise on her eye. “What happened?” Gabriel grasped her shoulders, and her hands scrabbled at his shirt in a blind panic. The last time he had seen Maria this scared was a few months ago, on that stormy, wild night — when she had been bruised just like this.

“I- I just- my father was drunk and-” Her voice shattered into gasps and Gabriel pulled her close. “You’re safe now, it’s alright,” He said soothingly, fighting down his own anger at the realisation of who had hurt her, both then and now. Maria’s breath shuddered, but she managed to calm down a little, pressing desperately into him. “Father was drinking and- and he hit me, so I hit him back with that move we learnt and I didn’t mean to but he fell down the stairs and oh god-” She cried, and Gabriel felt her becoming hysterical again, losing control. “You had to defend yourself,” He reassured her. “But he fell so badly and I just ran out of there so I don’t know if-” “Maria, take a deep breath,” He said softly. “Stay with me, okay? You’ll be safe here.” She nodded, the movement jagged against his chest, and he tightened his grip protectively, pressing his lips against her sweat-slicked forehead. “I promise.”

Ugh, so I ended up completely rewriting half the chapter and barely touching the other half. Lazy me. I have only two pictures to finish up with this time: Ebony, because I still think she’s pretty, even though I despise her…

…and baby Luc in glasses. I really need to bring this look into modern day!


36 thoughts on “fallen angels — chapter 3.16: scorch

  1. Oh my gosh, Lila, you really managed to make me like Luc WAY more than I ever have. What a cute goddamn nerd. Look at him in his nerd glasses, learning and beeing all bookish! He just wants to make pancakes for his girlfriend and now I hate her even more than ever. That is A++ writing, my friend! 😀 ❤ I LOVE IT.
    The rest is much the same, of course, but still cute. And the contrast between Luc's mess of a relationship and Gabriel and Maria's adorableness is only stronger because of the first half. This is wonderful 🙂 More Luc in cute nerd glasses, pls.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Darn it, why does Luc have to be so adorable doing something as mundane as cooking? 😩 Anddd why does Ebony have to be straight-up the worst? She is the physical manifestation of the word toxic in every sense. Seeing Luc be so awkward in flashbacks is still hard to get accustomed to, even having seen it a few times now, since he’s always quite calm, cool, and collected in present day; when he shrinks back from Ebony’s dismissiveness only to perk up at her kissing him goodbye, it makes me want to reach into the screen, give him a virtual hug and tell him he deserves better. I like the new bits of his character that are being shown 🙂 I’m surprised the thought of Luc, or any of the Torres boys, wearing glasses never crossed my mind before, but umm 🔥🔥🔥 it’s a good look to say the least, and I second your motion to incorporate it in the present time. <3.<3 Excuse me? You don't get to play the insecure girlfriend, Ebony when you're treating your boy terribly and tease him for having no friends, only to berate him when he attempts to make some 🙄 Meanwhile you're doing whatever the hell you want… I will also begrudgingly agree that she is a babe, though 😂 and would've been an 11/10 if her personality wasn't so 👎
    Ahh Maria, I enjoyed reading her parts with Gabe again just because seeing that boy in such obvious blissfulness is a rarity and that beach scene was adorable. I'm assuming the upcoming chapters shall continue to follow the past/present alternating format, but if they aren't I'd totally be up for seeing Luc be defiant and go to that party anyway because a cute, socially awkward Luc attempting to mingle at a social gathering is a sight that I'd like to see and shall selfishly request to be put out there, unsure if it's something you're planning on showcasing or not… 😇 Though, a part of me suspects he doesn't have it in him to do that *sigh* Guess I'll have to wait and see, unless you plan on divulging that tidbit of info beforehand~ Needless to say, this was a great chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yes, Luc is such a cutie when he’s cooking, one day I must visually show it! I want to hug the poor boy as well, he really has no idea of how bad Ebony’s treatment is. She will be getting even more toxic and manipulative in the next flashback… 😣 Yes at her talking shit about him not having friends, he can’t help being awks!
      Definitely, it’s actually quite jarring to write his present day self because he’s so different — but we will see more of his past personality as Cherry gets to know him better, because she knows like 1% of who Luc really is right now.
      I was unsure about giving Luc glasses because I thought he might look bad in them, but damn 😍
      I would loveeee to see Luc trying to socialise at the party as well, but yeah, I doubt he has the courage and Ebony would not let him go anyway 😦 You’ll see what I mean in 3.18. This guy barely has any friends in present day, so unfortunately he was never really successful at breaking out of his shell. He just built a new one over it.
      Thank you very much for reading and commenting, Amy ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. Ah, look wearing glasses looks like a hot nerd! Glasses plus that abs, oh my, what a sight. It’s so naive of him to still be with Ebony and take care of her like he does, when she’s such a cold, manipulative bitch. Ugh, wake up, she’s not being sorry, just acting!
    Gabriel and Maria are such an adorable couple and it’s sad to think of how their relationship will be crushed soon. Both boys will be broken-hearted in the close future…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, yes 👏
      Unfortunately, Luc’s not going to realise how bad Ebony’s being for a long time (and she’s going to get even worse). All the relationships he’s seen so far were in the drug dealing circle… so let’s just say that they were not examples of healthy relationships.
      Thanks for reading and commenting 😀

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  4. Luc is so pure and innocent here and it HURTS. I don’t know if you’ve read the Rothfuss’ Kingkiller series, and I highly rec them if you haven’t, but it’s just reminding me of this painful juxtaposition between Luc having this simple happiness when reading and learning and cooking, and knowing how he’s changed in the present.
    I wonder how the others view Ebony and Luc. Are they concerned? Do they notice?
    UGHHH THE SIGNS OF ABUSE MY POOR LUC ;_; I know that Gabriel hates Ebony for what she did to Maria, but I want him to hate her for what she’s done to Luc, too. I certainly do!

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  5. I have to say that this Luc is so different from present day that it’s a little bizarre, but I prefer him this way! This is a Luc I could get used to. Especially in those adorably dorky glasses. 🤓
    Ebony is a strange sort of woman. She is so completely dismissive of her boyfriend and then plays the jealousy act when he’s harmlessly texting a female co-worker? I’m not buying it, sweetie. She is so cruel and manipulative that it makes her unattractive which is a shame because if it weren’t for that personality she is quite pretty! Luc, you could do so much better! Which he eventually did when he got with Cherry lol. I’m sure she would appreciate those delicious apple pancakes. 🥞
    Both Luc and Gabriel are in relationships currently in these flashbacks involving abuse. Though Gabriel is involved indirectly. Maria being physically abused by her father, and Luc being emotionally abused by Ebony. Their lives are all so sad, and I hope they all get some happiness at the end of this generation. These poor babies have suffered enough haha.
    These rewrites are turning out wonderful, Lila! 💓

    Liked by 1 person

    • We will see more of this cute personality as Cherry gets to know him better!
      Yes, Ebony is very hypocritical and controlling, as we shall see more clearly in the next chapter. She is certainly being emotionally abusive to Luc, and he doesn’t even realise it 😦
      Last four chapters will be an overload of happiness to make up for their wretched lives, yay!
      Thank you for reading and commenting ❤

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  6. Luc is so much different from how he is now. It really makes me realize how much Ebony hurt him in this manipulative relationship. Luc, get out, you deserve way better! Also yes please include more “Luc in glasses” scenes 😋

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  7. Hmm, well, mixed feelings here. You can clearly see Ebony as the core of Luc’s insecurities, and I imagine? This is probably why he ends up starting to project that tough guy/detached playa persona he has when Cherry first meets him. And this softer side does play into the good hearted family guy he was prior to her. I’m wondering where this goes, I’ll reserve judgments until then. It’s really such a shame to see him pushed into a corner like that and I wonder how it went under Lilith’s radar, but then Ebony does seem pretty manipulative. I also wonder about Luc’s desperation to be loved and where that came from? Is it just that he’s naturally just more isolated or has a hard time making connections? I can relate to that, I think I’m pretty similar, plus he lost his parents early so I suppose that does make sense. Well, anyways, like I said I’m waiting to see where this goes and how Ebony plays on him this time around. Man she is such a horrid bitch. I would seriously knock her out so hard.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Have I missed some important connection or similar here? I’m starting to lose track of whether things are actually making sense because I keep on changing everything lol.
      How Lilith and Gabriel don’t notice anything wrong will be shown next time, hopefully it make sense!
      I guess it’s not really desperation to be loved — more the fact that he’s lonely. Luc’s always been completely focused on keeping his family safe and earning money, and he’s always been quiet and closed off and previously never really exposed to an environment where he can make friends. Ebony was the one who initiated the relationship, so he’s just doing what he thinks a good boyfriend should do, unfortunately he doesn’t know what a healthy relationship is like. I dunno if that is working but it’s just what I’m thinking right now.
      Thanks for reading and commenting ❤

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      • No, I don’t think you’ve missed a connection. I feel like we’re seeing three very distinct shades of Luc, and I wasn’t entirely sure if I understood how or why he is functioning the way he is in this relationship with Ebony, or even why he was in the relationship with her. Because his personality later on when he meets Cherry, and his personality when he was running the drugs, seems to not really nurture the passive and pleading nature he showed here. But now I’m confused at which part you cut out. The drug running was still something he did, right? Well, again. It could just be that he is that way naturally, quiet and closed off. I just wasn’t expecting him to be so soft, I guess? I’m not sure how better to put that. Not to take anything away from the changes you’ve made. I like this direction better. There’s just… something lol. Something about it that is settling weird with me. But I’ll always say that’s just bound to happen sometimes with readers. It’s clear you’re more comfortable writing the character in this way and that’s what matters.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I get what you mean. Even after deciding to rewrite, I’ve still been lost on what his character is actually. There’s been a big problem with me writing this story for so long, and having changed his character so many times, that I’m struggling to bring together all my threads of thought on him. The differences in his past and present characters are so jarring I don’t even know if I can logically bridge them anymore. SIGH. I’ll try remedy that in following chapters, but honestly, I’m currently rushing to get this generation done. Rushing means I make mistakes but I’m kinda just over with this story rip.

          Liked by 1 person

          • I can understand that. And you have been writing this a long time and I know you’re really excited to move forwards, and I honestly think you shouldn’t linger on it too much. Don’t let my random comments deter you from that. The changes were good, but it is super hard to do that kind of backpedaling in the middle of a project. I know when I make changes in my stuff I pore over them for weeks or months, so I can totally get it wasn’t easy to try and remedy some of this stuff as you were going along. I still like Luc’s character, and I think this was better for the story overall. Don’t stress over it and just move on so you can get to your next gen LOL

            Liked by 1 person

  8. I’m so sorry I’m so late!!! (I have a ton of unread chapters this week that I’m going to start commenting with this exact phrase, lol :p)
    Ah, where do I start? Luc was so adorable in this chapter while cooking and reading with his super sexy glasses on – I wanted to smother him in hugs – but then of course, Ebony had to come and ruin it! I totally agree with Amy, that girl is the definition of the word toxic – she indifferent and jealous at the same time and this is a baaaad combination! She’s making Luc take a guilt trip just because he wants to go to a party with a co-worker? Come on! That girl is bad news! Luc, you should know better than that! I wonder if you’re going to keep the story between her and Maria as it was or if it’s going to change… but I can already see that whatever happens, that poor innocent girl is not going to have a good ending… 😥
    Speaking of Maria, the beach scenes were so adorable! ❤ Poor Gabriel is so happy and so in love… I really dread what's coming next!
    “That is literally the opposite of what he does” – lmaoooo that line killed me! Well, Raphel might pretend to be a tough cookie but I think we can all see his weakness towards Lilith 😉 ❤
    I will agree with everyone that we need more of Luc wearing those sexy @$$ glasses! 😉
    Great chapter as always ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s totally fine hehe!
      I can’t wait to show modern day Luc in glasses! I know you will love the next chapter 😀
      Luc is very naive at this point, but we will see what he thinks as time passes. The story with Ebony and Maria will probably change a bit… I haven’t decided. Man, I’m in such a mess for this gen lmao.
      Raph only has one weakness for sure!
      Thank you very much for reading and commenting ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Yes, I must agree that Luc needs those glasses on a whole lot more. lol I am seeing how sweet he is deep down, doing all those little things for Ebony even though she doesn’t appreciate any of it. It’s strange that she totally blows him off and then later is jealous over a simple message. What a narcissist. I’m really hating her right now and how she treats him. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • Everyone is loving the glasses 😀
      Luc’s been quite defensive and focused on keeping his siblings safe for a long time now, so it’s really a shame that the first time he can relax and be himself, he gets Ebony 😤
      Thanks for reading and commenting ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yep, and your hate for her will keep on growing… she seems practically tame this chapter.
      Luc definitely let down the defensive walls he has kept up since the factory fire. It’s extremely unfortunate that Ebony is his first girlfriend and is taking advantage of that.
      Thanks for reading and commenting 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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