tag — genderbend challenge.

gbenfinal (1)The wonderful Amy tagged me in her genderbend challenge! Quick note, I haven’t changed anything except for hairstyle, makeup and clothes.


Yeah… his features are definitely more suited for males. *wince*


Also meh. I was kinda expecting him to turn into a hip, cool looking girl but she turned out looking rather awkward haha.


Now this one I like! It makes sense because Michel has the most feminine features of the lot. I think I actually like his girl version better (+ I love the outfit and hairstyle, so I will be using that for Maria next chapter).

I have missed out on Cherry, Lilith and Gabriel because when I changed their genders, it was horrifying. I jumped right out of CAS but my eyes are still forever scarred. However, I did do something quite exciting to make up for it!

As you can see, this simmie looks a lot like Luc’s girl version. Now I’m going to release a big spoiler here because I was way too excited when I played around with his genderbend and came up with this girl (lets call her E). She is actually a WIP of the Generation 4 heir! And NO, she’s not Luc’s kid lmao, even if my version looks more like what his genderbend should look like, smh game. Anyway, E ended up more accurate than I expected to what she is supposed to look like (I based her on Jessica Lee Buchanan). I’m definitely going to tweak her before I get started on her story, but this is a pretty close representation of her. Here’s a picture of E in CAS:

I love her πŸ˜€ She’s very different from delicate little Cherry, and I’m very excited for her story, also to make the other seven Gen 4 kids (not all Cherry’s of course) but first I need to get through Gen 3. So see you next year, E πŸ˜›

Thanks again Amy for tagging me ❀ I had so much fun doing it. If anyone wants to try out this challenge too, go for it!


29 thoughts on “tag — genderbend challenge.

  1. Yay! I love how you overlapped the images~ and their coordinated outfits are sooooo nice 😍 I actually think girl Luc came out pretty hot, lol – even though his features are pretty rough/sharp I think they carried over well 😊 I like female Raph’s overall vibe, but Michel definitely came out the cutest since he’s already pretty looking for a dude, haha. I had to do a double take on E, cause I thought she was genderbent Luc again, but upon a closer look she’s wayyyy prettier – I’m not super familiar with Jessica but after a quick insta stalk I think you nailed it~ especially the cheeks/cheekbones! I wonder how she’ll come to play into the story, it’s cool that you’re already planning gen 4 πŸ˜„ Sorry for the CAS horror, but thanks for doing this πŸ˜‚πŸ’“

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    • Hehe, I didn’t overlap them- instead I totally butchered my save and put in copies to photograph them together. Needless to say, I quit the game without saving! I’m happy you like the outfits!
      I’m glad you think so, thanks! Gen 4 is pretty much all planned because it has no complicated plot, so I just have an outline and other than that I can do whatever I find fun. I’m super hyped for the making the characters because one of the main themes is a family/squad atmosphere, except with eight-twelve people instead of this generation’s six. The character I’m actually most looking forward to create is Lilith’s daughter πŸ˜‰
      The CAS nightmare was made up by fun, don’t worry πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

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      • Oooh that’s super smart πŸ˜‚ Why didn’t I think of that? Ahh, that sounds nice~ now that I think about it, I can’t imagine Cherry pregnant, Lilith either, lol. I’m assuming that’s still a ways away though… hehe.
        Fun was the goal so yay 😎 I shall now patiently await your next chapter πŸ˜‡

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  2. I actually like how all the genderbends turned out! Given, female Luc does have very intense and sharp features, but she looks fierce! I’m scared she’ll kick my butt :0 Of course, Michel is such a cutie no matter what gender he is. I’m excited to see who E turns out to be and ahhh I’m so excited to read her story!!!

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  3. Oooh, I was so expecting this post! πŸ˜„
    Well I like Raphael, I really do! I love how you made the female version with the tattoos and the black lipstick (which I should have put on female Jared too grrrr… oh well πŸ˜›)! He looks very cool! And of course Michael didn’t disappoint as a girl, she came out very cute!
    As for Luc… Luc, Luc. I can’t say femininity suits him, but I guess that’s what he gets for being a hot macho man! ❀ Tweeked Luc aka E on the other hand… I already love her! You’re so right about the stronger vibes compared to Cherry, and I look forward to read all about her generation! ❀ She's the ballerina, right? πŸ˜‰
    I loved this! πŸ’•

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    • I’m happy you like Raphael’s genderbend! And yes haha, Luc’s features are very much designed for a hot macho man πŸ˜‰
      Yes, E is the ballerina! It’s funny because Cherry was supposed to be the dance generation until Gabriel came in and ruined my plans. I think it will be quite interesting to have E as the dancer because her personality is so much tougher, rather than soft and girly as you might think for a ballerina πŸ˜€ When you find out E’s actual name, it will be quite obvious what her personality will be like!
      Thank you ❀

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      • Hehe, I think I might just have guessed E’s name πŸ˜‰
        And I already love the contradiction between E’s personality and profession of choice, it sounds so much more exciting than the classic soft girly type! And besides, ballerinas are supposed to be tough – in a way -, right?
        Can’t wait to get to know her! πŸ˜€ ❀

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  4. Wow! These turned out so cool! As you pointed out, some looked better the way they were originally created but Michel looks good either way. πŸ˜€ I really love this post! And your new character, too!

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  5. Ooh, they turned out quite well. It’s a shame, though, you saved us the horrifying version, I am really curious about them πŸ˜›
    Yeah, I had a pretty similar situation with Frank since he’s very cute and a bit feminine (though it’s just a random mash-up of Joanne and Cedric’s genetics in CAS, I didn’t plan it).
    The new Sim is so pretty. Can’t wait to eventually see her in the story.

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  6. Like Jowita I’m really curious about the bad-looking ones now haha (I can’t be alone with Lady Carlo aaaaaa… and I’m just realising I should have called him Girlo ffs).
    I think you’re right – Michel turned out best for sure.
    Ah, E looks great πŸ˜€ Can’t wait to see what you do with her. I know how it feels to be playing around with the next heir and just being super excited. Fortunately for me, I’m almost done with gen 1 (currently writing last chapter). Hopefully you’ll get a chance to get there soon, as well πŸ˜€

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    • Okay, that settles it- I will show the others next chapter. I mean it when they are horrifying, though. They make Girlo (lol) look practically angelic. I screamed internally when I genderbent Cherry, I thought she might just look like a girly guy but what came out was a monster!
      Thanks! I’m looking forward to your Gen 2. I hope to start Gen 4 in February 2019, just because there is an UNREAL amount of work to prep the generation, including setting, poses and cc…

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      • Ooooooh, so exciting. I admit, I’m surprised as well that Cherry would look that bad o.O I thought she looked a lot like Briar/Fern so I imagine she’d look just kind of cute. But I’m pretty excited now.
        That sounds really intense, but exciting. I can imagine you spending a lot of time on your prep – hence why your pics looks so great πŸ™‚

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        • I took the pictures but this time when I genderbent Cherry she didn’t look as horrific, I should have taken a picture then πŸ˜– I used a different version of her, maybe that’s why…
          Thank you!

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  7. Wow, Michel is definitely the prettiest of them all lol. But I’m with everyone else on wanting to see these horrifying genderbends of Cherry, Gabriel, and Lilith. If I get nightmares it will be worth it. πŸ˜‚


    • Haha, this comment actually comes at a funny time because I’m in the middle of having a very painful author’s existential crisis about Luc. I’m trying to decide how far his true feelings for Cherry go, considering we all know who she is eventually going to end up with. So I’m trying to decide how badly I’m going to hurt him and it’s sad to think about! Ahh this probably doesn’t make sense because I’m talking about this in terms of several chapters ahead, and I haven’t shown the aftermath of the most recent events yet 😬

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      • Oh, do we? I must have missed that πŸ˜› I thought it was still to be decided, but I’m sure Gabriel will be much better for her.
        From a reader’s perspective, it’s clear he does care for her, but I can’t tell if he cares more about the idea of her and some perfect reality or the actual her. If that makes any sense? Maybe that helps. I hope that however much he’s hurt, he heals afterwards 😦

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        • Oh LOL, I thought everyone just kinda knew on the basis she meet Gabriel first, because cliches oops. Maybe I should shut up about that lmao. But the deciding factor in who she ends up with is not because of what Luc or Gabriel does, but because of someone who comes in later in the generation. I’m really excited for that part!
          That is a very good observation. I’ll keep that in mind when I try to decide what path he should go on. It’s great to see the reader’s perspective because as the writer who knows all of Luc’s reasons and thinking, it’s hard to tell exactly what his actions must look like without the background knowledge. So thanks!

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  8. Michel turned out really good, even if I think the female versions of both Luc and Raphael have interesting features! Sometimes it’s nice to have sims in game who are not conventionally super beautiful! β€œE” came out good – she looks amazing, with strong features! ❀

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    • Agreed! I’m guilty of wanting all my main/young adult characters to look beautiful (even though I know that’s very unrealistic haha) but for the next generation particularly I’m trying to expand that with all different types of beauty. I’m glad you like E!

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