fallen angels — chapter 3.14: singe

warning: this chapter includes coarse language, mild sexual references, themes of violence, drugs, and crime. please do not continue reading if these topics may trigger or offend you. it is recommended you read this in my blog, not reader, for the correct layout. this chapter is set four years after the previous flashback. 


A storm was brewing over Bridgeport, the weather forecast had said. It was predicted to arrive with the night; in the late hours of the afternoon, however, cold rain simply fell from the grey winter sky, drumming a steady beat against the windows of Evangeline’s new self defence gym. She had moved to a slightly nicer part of the city, to a bigger warehouse with two stories, flanked by evergreen trees. It was where Gabriel worked, no longer just exchanging free classes for cleaning, but being paid to help Evangeline with classes and maintenance, and recently, run his own class in the evenings.

Lilith and Luc — and sometimes Raphael — often came along to the classes, or when Gabriel was free to teach them privately. Over the years, they had all built up their strength and reflexes, and Lilith particularly enjoyed learning the sharp, powerful moves of Muay Thai. “Loosen your stance, Luc,” Evangeline called out from beside Gabriel. Although she was usually quite busy, she liked to pop in during her breaks to watch the siblings train and offer her advice. The four all got on very well, with Lilith latching onto the tough older woman at once, and Evangeline was really the only adult they trusted — she was that sort of warm, honest person everyone could not help but like. Evangeline’s own children had flown the nest many years ago, and she was always happy for the enthusiastic youngsters to come in.

“Damnit.” Luc suddenly groaned and stopped throwing punches, making his siblings look over with concern. “What’s wrong?” Gabriel raised an eyebrow, and Luc rubbed the back of his head, embarrassed at his outburst. “I can’t get this move right. I just… I feel like I won’t ever be as good as you two,” He confessed quietly. This was something he had been silently worrying about for a long time. Fighting came naturally to Lilith and Gabriel, but he found himself struggling to pick up the moves as quickly, and the more he thought about it, in terms of everything. What bothered him wasn’t so much that his siblings were smarter, tougher and far more talented than him; it was that Lilith and Gabriel were like that together, both intelligence and fierceness controlled under those silver eyes and fine features. Sometimes Luc felt like he wasn’t even related to them at all. He kept this worry hidden, however, and when Lilith spoke, it was in her usual sharp fashion. “Luc, you can defend yourself really well now. That is all that matters, right?” She pressed, and he nodded slowly. “Um, I guess.” His tone was still quietly unconvinced.

Evangeline rubbed her chin thoughtfully. “I have an idea.” She gave him a scrutinising sort of look. “Why don’t I have you learning a simpler form of kickboxing? One that focuses more on strength and defence, rather than speed and offence. Your build is more suited for that, anyway. What do you think?” At this proposal, Lilith perked up. “Ooh, that’s a great idea!” She looked towards Luc with an encouraging face, and he smiled, his tense shoulders relaxing a little. “Yes please.”



Later that day, after the older siblings had returned home and the rain had begun falling harder from the stormy sky, Gabriel was alone in the gym. As he always did after the last evening class, he set about carefully cleaning the floor and wiping down the equipment, the steely wind that whistled through the ajar windows sweeping away the smell of sweat and hard work. Tonight, the wind was bitter, electric; a warning that was echoed in the black clouds mushrooming up over the city, smothering the early stars that had just begun to awake. Gabriel sighed as he glanced out of the windows, where the lights of the city shone as mere flickers in the heavy rain. It was at these sort of times he regretted working far from the squat — but he enjoyed learning and teaching alongside Evangeline, and the quiet moments after a good day of work were certainly welcome.

The gym slept on its heavy silence until eight o’ clock, when the rain was almost drowning the rumble of the thunder over Bridgeport. So it was a moment until Gabriel realised that someone was knocking frantically on the door; when he did, he opened it suspiciously. There was a girl on the front step, shivering and drenched in rain. Thunder boomed and she jumped, coltish. “Sorry, the gym is closed, you can come back tomorrow,” Gabriel said warily. “Please! I want to learn today… I can pay extra!” Her voice was hysterical and fragile as cracked glass, and her hand shook as she pulled out a fat pile of notes. “It’s okay, just come in.” Gabriel softened and held the door open. The girl jumped in, and once in the warm glow of the lights, he took a good look at her. The first thing he noticed was her hair, dark and wet with rain, but unmistakably ginger. She was pale and pretty, with freckles scattered like tiny stars over her skin. Gabriel fetched her a clean towel and as she gratefully took it, his curious gaze caught on the ornate earrings shimmering under her hair, the neat blouse and skirt, and the velvet high heels. This girl was in the wrong side of town.

Once the girl had dried herself, she stood there shivering, her blue eyes wide like a startled deer. “Thank you,” She hiccuped, and Gabriel smiled faintly, still cautious, wondering who this girl was and why she was alone in the stormy night. “What’s your name?” “Maria…” “Nice to meet you, I’m Gabriel.” His eyes focused on a large fresh bruise on her cheek, and although his suspicion heightened, he did not ask questions. Instead, he tipped his head at her outfit. “That’s not a particularly suitable-” “Is this better?” Maria kicked off her heels and straightened, her gaze suddenly fierce and determined. “It will do.” Gabriel laughed quietly and led her to the middle of the room. When he turned back to Maria, he could not quite meet her hopeful, expectant eyes.

He began by teaching her basic blocks, and she caught on quickly, her gaze tracking his movements with eager concentration. The more she learned and moved around, the more life came into her pale face. “Do you want to learn how to punch now?” Gabriel asked after twenty minutes, and she nodded, her eyes bright and sparkling, the fear he had seen before in the rain no longer there. Maria’s ferocity was surprising, and when he asked her to try hit him, she caught him completely off guard. “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” Maria gasped, horror flashing across her face. Gabriel rubbed his forearm and smiled ruefully. “Don’t worry about it. Good work, actually, you can take a break.” He chided himself silently for being distracted, looking at the girl in a new light.

Gabriel directed her towards the water cooler, and watched her cautiously. That bruise bothered him, as well as the hysterics he had previously noted in her voice. Maria must have been in a panic, for her to run to a fighting gym in this storm, and this late at night. It was hard to imagine that panic when she came back to him, refreshed and smiling happily. “Thank you for doing this, really — I can’t say how grateful I am!” “I hope you don’t mind me asking this… but why did you come now?” Gabriel instantly regretted his question as the girl froze, her sweet smile torn away. “I…” To his shock, Maria covered her face, a ragged cry suddenly escaping from her lips. “I’m sorry.” Gabriel hesitantly reached out for her, and he almost staggered backwards when Maria threw herself into his arms, her broken cries stabbing into his chest.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” Gabriel said in a soothing voice, rubbing her shoulder gingerly. He could feel her heartbeat fluttering madly against him, and once her jagged breathing slowed down, he carefully let her go. “Are you alright?” He asked gently, as Maria clumsily dried her tears with her sleeve. “No- yes- I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to- oh gosh, I need to get home.” Her words stumbled over each other and Gabriel touched her shoulder again, more firmly. “Do you need me to walk with you?” He willed her to calm down and luckily, she seemed to gather her composure. “No! Thank you again, next time I will come to a proper class.” “There’s a taxi stand just down the road.” Gabriel watched her concernedly as Maria ran down the pavement, only turning away when she had safely hailed a taxi. The gym was once again silent. Gabriel was unsettled. Partly because of that strange, erratic behaviour, but also partly because now as he thought about it, he somehow wanted to see Maria again.



The Torres had moved into a new squat one year ago. It was an abandoned lodge laid on the top of an apartment block; it overlooked the harbour, quiet except for the distant grumble of traffic, honking of trade ships, and squawking of seagulls. Lilith had been delighted to discover the many large rooms. Although the walls had long been stripped bare and dust was thick on the cold floors, there was much needed space and privacy, with more than enough bedrooms for the Torres and Raphael, who had joined the family soon after he had met Lilith. Months of scrubbing stone and dragging furniture up to the penthouse had paid off, for now most of the rooms were bright and clean, although spare. It was in the foyer that Lilith and Luc were facing each other that night suspiciously. “Where are you going?” “Where are you going?” Luc replied, and his cousin gave him a piercing stare, folding her arms tightly. “I am not saying until you do.”

“We’re going off to steal from that brownstone downtown,” Raphael said casually, leaning on the elevator shaft. Lilith threw him a venomous glare which, unsurprisingly, had no effect on him. “Thanks a lot,” She huffed. “You’re welcome. Now fess up, Luc.” He cast his amber gaze to the other boy, who looked away. “I have a meeting,” Luc said quietly. “With the drug dealer? Prima, you know how I feel about this,” Lilith snapped, and the tension increased palpably between the two. She had found out what the ‘gas station job’ really was a couple of months ago, and had been trying to convince Luc to stop, her protests falling upon deaf ears. “And you get why I’m doing it. If we want to live in this place legally, this is the fastest way.” “It is dangerous! How many times have you come back home bleeding, huh?” “Wounds heal,” Luc said softly. And before Lilith could bite back, he sidestepped both her and Raphael, the elevator doors shutting behind him with a final chime.

Luc sighed as he ran into the stormy night, his usual path lit up here and there by forks of lightning. He knew Lilith only meant well, but he wasn’t lying; running drugs was truly the quickest way if his family wanted to buy a home and break out of poverty. Each cut or bruise he received from drunken clients or would-be muggers was simply another step towards this. And while Tom, his boss, grew richer and more powerful, there were less and less people wanting to incite the dealer’s wrath. When Luc arrived at the house, shaking raindrops from his hair, Tom greeted him with his usual brutal grin, reclining lazily in a sleek blazer and polished shoes. “Come in, boy. I’ve got some good champagne, help yourself.”

There were three more people in the lounge, two of which he didn’t recognise. Marilyn was there, of course, her gaze never failing to send discomfort prickling across Luc’s skin. “My two favourite boys in one place!” She purred in delight, and Luc quickly focused on the other young man, who was sitting with her on the low-slung sofa. He was handsome, with white hair and strikingly pale eyes that Luc couldn’t quite describe the colour of. “Luc, dear, this is Caden.” From the way Marilyn was leaning into him, it appeared the other boy had not shied away from her suggestive touches like Luc had. “Ahh, so this is the famous Luc? Mar has told me all about you,” Caden said in a smooth Russian cadence, the corner of his mouth gliding up into a smirk. Before Luc could work up a confused reply, Marilyn cocked her head. “Come have a drink with us.” “No, thank you.” “Hmph, I knew you’d say that. Don’t be such a fucking bore.” “I’d rather not die on my way home,” Luc pointed out quietly. “Oh, you could always stay the night,” Marilyn smiled coyly, playing with her crimson hair. “I’m sure Caden wouldn’t mind sharing the bed.”

Luc looked down at his feet awkwardly. “Um… I’m alright.” “Well, at least come sit down.” Marilyn patted the sofa, disappointed but not surprised, and Luc reluctantly obeyed. He shifted restlessly when she moved closer to him, propping her elbow on his shoulder. Tom never seemed to care how touchy his partner was with the boys, but it still felt… wrong, to Luc. “Caden is a drug runner, like you,” Marilyn explained drowsily, the bitter smell of alcohol on her breath making him wince. “Tom is great at picking the attractive ones, isn’t he?” “People are more willing to cooperate with good looks.” The boss shrugged. Caden grinned at this remark, cocking an eyebrow at Luc, but he just fiddled with the sleeve of his hoodie, fighting the urge to jump up and leave.

“Oh, and that’s Caden’s stepsister.” Marilyn jerked her head to the other armchair. Until that moment, Luc had not really acknowledged the last person in the room, her presence simply itching at his back. When he turned his head, he quietly sucked in a breath. The girl was gorgeous, and her vixen smile told him she knew it. “My name is Ebony.” Her voice was satiny and rich, just as intoxicating as her golden eyes. It was then Luc realised he had been staring, and he tore his gaze away, embarrassment begin to burn in his cheeks. He heard Ebony laugh softly and felt her drinking him in as he turned to Tom, who began discussing the current status of the ring, and his plans to expand in the city.

It was perhaps an hour before the meeting dissolved into drunken laughter and empty beer bottles. When Marilyn began handing out joints, Luc quietly excused himself and made for the door, relieved. Just as he rested his hand on the cold metal handle, he felt someone grab his elbow in a vice-like grip. “What are you doing?” Ebony said silkily. “I’m… heading back home.” “Why? The fun is just starting.” Her lips twisted into a sinuous pout, but her eyes were clear and sharp — she was not drunk. Luc scanned the room: the red light gleamed on the torn packets of powder now scattered on the table, Tom was sprawled half asleep and half drugged on the armchair, Marilyn and Caden were tangled up with each other and spilling glasses of that expensive wine. Too loud, too dangerous. “I guess this isn’t my kind of scene.”

Ebony laughed, sweet and dark. “Are you telling me you run drugs and you still haven’t tried it?” “I’m not doing this job because I enjoy it,” Luc murmured, nervously trying to ignore her hand, which was still gripping his elbow. “I have siblings to look out for. I’m leaving as soon as we get enough money.” “That’s honourable.” Ebony smiled, then her beautiful honey-coloured eyes caught Luc and wouldn’t let go. “But also terribly boring. I never would have thought a guy like you…” She mused, letting the words roll on her tongue, and Luc tipped his head, frowning. “What?” “Just lighten up, Luc. What harm can a little fun do?” Her fingers ran down his arm, smooth and inviting, and caressed his wrist, causing him to flinch. “I-” “Stay,” Ebony whispered. Her deep, tantalising voice curled around him, and he could feel it take hold. Luc tried to step back, to listen the hum of nerves and discomfort, but this time, he couldn’t tear his gaze away. “Stay.



The victim tonight was an old brownstone mansion in the depths of the city. The security system of this one had been quite easy to disable, or as Raphael said, to fuck up enough in their favour. They crept softly through the empty and rather ugly house, senses open for any noise apart from the rain drumming on the windows. Each time they carefully slipped something in their pockets, Lilith felt a thrill of bitter pleasure. Each robbery felt like a tiny serve of revenge for what Avarice had done all these years ago, or at least for the cruel, corrupted upper class. Anger still ran deep in Lilith’s veins; while her cousins seemed to have moved on, she was not one to forgive and forget.

“Can we take this?” Lilith whispered to her best friend, who was examining the shadowed room. “The laptop? You’re such a novice,” Raphael snickered quietly, and she stepped on his foot. “Ow, what the fuck? I was just stating facts.” This earned him another kick of Lilith’s boot. “Idiot. What about this?” She pointed to a crystalline watch on the desk, which Raphael carefully analysed. “Yeah, that’s genuine.” He pocketed it and gave the room another onceover. “I think that’s enough for today-” There was a loud bang of a door and they froze, exchanging a quick glance. “Okay, that’s definitely enough,” Raphael hissed. “Go!”

After running back to the penthouse, breathless and laughing, the two flopped onto the living room sofa. Lilith happily called this abandoned lodge their home. She especially loved the walls of glass in this room; at night, billions of stars glimmered to life over the deep, still ocean, and she often liked to sit by the windows, with Raphael, finding constellations and galaxies and planets. Tonight, however, she sat on the squishy sofa with her hands clasped, eyes downcast. “What are you worrying about?” Her best friend yawned, already knowing the answer, his long frame draped across the sofa. Lilith exhaled softly. “I know Luc is sensible,” She began. “But I feel like something horrible is going to happen to him, sooner or later, working in that drug ring. My cousin is not like Gabriel and I. He is not a fighter.” At this, Raphael snorted a little. “I think he would be dead by now if he wasn’t.” “No… that is not what I mean. Luc does not care for his own safety if it means ensuring ours. He is too soft. He will let people hurt him and he will not say a damn thing.”

Lilith wrung her hands fretfully. “I just wish he would let me take the responsibility!” There was a long silence, except for the soothing ebb of the waves below. “Am I being a control freak?” Lilith finally sighed. “No, of course not.” “That was sarcasm, right?” She smacked Raphael’s arm, and he rolled his eyes. “Duh, you’re the most controlling person around.” “Oh.” “Hey, that’s not a bad thing. I- we need a control freak to keep us all together. You know, we would all be in the streets right now if it wasn’t for you.” Raphael gently nudged her with his head. The corner of Lilith’s mouth twitched. “Thanks, Raphie.” “I told you to stop calling me that,” He grumbled, but then he smiled wanly. “All you can do is just be there. And because it’s you, that’s enough.” Lilith rubbed at her eyes tiredly. “I hope so.”

Hey, a flashback chapter that finally wasn’t boring to write!

Not much to ramble about this time — I seem to have run out of steam — but let me just clear up the ages of the characters in this flashback: Raphael is 21, Lilith is 20, Luc 19 and Gabriel 17. Also, I have shown a portrait shot of Caden before, but since I updated him, here’s a close up! He’s not even a major character but I want to take a moment to appreciate those beautiful eyes 😀

I hope you enjoyed this chapter, and I wish everyone a nice day! ❤ 


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  1. I wonder who Maria is and what happened to her. All I can say now is she’s really pretty, but also seems traumatized.
    Ooh, we’ve already met Caden and Ebony! I remember Luc kept Cherry away from them and they hate each other. It was also him whom he got in a fight with because of Cherry! I am really curious what happens between them. Gosh, is Luc going to take drugs? No to wasting your life at 19! 😦
    Lilith keeps their little family together. Raphael is right in that without her controlling personality they couldn’t have gone on living this kind of life.
    And you’re right, Caden’s eyes are gorgeous!

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    • Indeed, Maria has quite a lot going on…
      Yes, Caden was in the 3.9 club scene, he was the one who said Luc only wanted to sleep with Cherry, and got into a fight with Luc. Ebony appeared a bit earlier than that, Cherry and Raphael meet her on the street after going on a robbery in 3.6 or 3.7, I think?
      That’s especially true for Raphael, Lilith really took her under his wing. He would definitely still be homeless in the streets rather than living in a nicer-than-average squat.
      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

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  2. Hmmm some of Maria’s facial features kind of remind me of Cherry… I wonder what happened to her! Could it have something to do with Luc’s boss and the others or maybe with those murders Lilith and Raphael were talking about?
    I remember Caden! Ebony not so much, so I definitely need to go back and reread that chapter! I really hope Luc will resist taking drugs eventually..! 😦 Seeing him being so sweet and kind of naive makes me dread for his future! 😥
    Oh my, it seems like we’re in a crucial part of the siblings’ backstory and it’s getting very exciting (although I enjoyed reading all of those chapters)!
    This was such a great chapter, I truly enjoyed reading it! ❤ I look forward to learning more about the childrens' past!

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    • Yep, Maria does look a little like Cherry 😉 Do you mean the serial killings in modern day? If so, those don’t have anything to do with Maria, at least with her current state.
      Oh, Ebony only appeared for a little bit so no need to reread! In what I think was Chapter 3.7, Cherry and Raphael met her in the street after going on a robbery. She was the girl that Raphael said Gabriel would get furious about if Cherry even mentioned her name.
      I’m really happy you enjoyed it! Thank you very much for reading and commenting ❤

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  3. Aaaah so this is where Ebony comes in! Hmm, my hypothesis is that she pulls Luc further into this drug business. If my memory serves me correctly, Raphael (also with golden/amber eyes – just a coincidence, I presume?) said it was Gabriel who would kill Cherry if she mentioned the name, not Luc (though I could be remembering wrong). So either Ebony pulls Luc in a lot further and something goes very wrong, which upsets Gabriel a LOT, or she is responsible for Maria’s… death, possibly. I see a lot of parallels between her and Cherry, particularly in character, and the first meeting with Gabriel. I think it might not be a bad thing that Gabriel keeps his distance from her. Cherry may just be her replacement, as much as that’s not the intention…
    Man, I really love this family. I’m a sucker for tragic backstories. Oh, and you know, I was expecting Luc to be way worse to Cherry the way everyone was going on about it. I get that he messed her around, but he seemed to make up for it. And all the teasing and such before they got together… maybe it’s just Scotland but aren’t friends meant to be assholes to each other? 😛 it’s out of love!
    Oh, and my final note – I’m glad I managed to read all the generation’s chapters before I went to work on Wednesday. I had a looooong afternoon and evening shift and I was just thinking about this story all day haha. It got me through!

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    • You have quite a few interesting predictions and thoughts there! I will confirm some but refrain from commenting on others 😀
      Yes, the matching eye colour is just a coincidence, I realised that problem a little while before posting- Raphael’s eyes are more orange but they still look quite similar, oops! You’re right about Gabriel being the one who would get furious if Ebony’s name is even mentioned. And finally, yes yes yes- I’m glad you saw the parallels between Cherry and Maria!
      Another yes: I have noticed that Luc has gotten varying reactions from different people. Some people love his bad boy attitude, some people really dislike him. I personally think that on the asshole scale, he’s not that high up. Cherry is extremely sensitive, and while I don’t think Luc playing with her emotions for him is excusable, he has made up for other things. Many also think that Luc just wants to have sex with her. So, we will see how people’s perceptions are after the next few chapters.
      Aww you make me blush! 😊
      Thank you sooo much for reading and commenting ❤

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      • I thought the eye colours were a coincidence based on how Raphael reacted to Ebony. Nothing indicated siblings. But I thought I’d check! Also, Raphael getting protective over the squad is my favourite thing. Will we get to see how Michel joined them in flashbacks too?

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        • Yep and yep! The flashbacks cover all the important events in the Torres history, all the way up to the moment Gabriel meets Cherry, ending at when Cherry runs away with him. The last flashback matches up with the climax of the modern day chapters.

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          • I really love your idea of these flashbacks. It’s such a terrific way to tie the loose ends. I am almost sad I had to cut on most of the teenage years for Frank and Hailey as they are so crucial (especially Cedric-wise for both of them and what kind of impact he had), but I thought it would be way too much explaining to do, ha, ha. Anyway, I can’t wait to see how these flashbacks here go and what awaits the Torres!

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            • Thank you 🙂 I’m excited to share more flashbacks now that the pace is picking up.
              Aww yes, I think I would have liked to see more of the impact, but I’m definitely enjoying the story so far with or without those years!

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              • Yeah, I’m too deep in the story now to go back and not forth. All you really need to know is Cedric was not a supporting parent of a young person questioning himself. And well, he hurt Joanne deeply by his romance. Maybe I should refrain from saying more, but it’s hard for you to see the full picture and realize Cedric was not that much of a douchebag as he was troubled.
                Again, I really love your flashbacks 🙂

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  4. It looked like the girl Gabe taught to fight was trying to escape a domestic abuse situation. No wonder, he was so worried.
    I totally hate the crowd Luc is in. It’s a matter of time before they mess him up.

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  5. Woah, I’m late :O Love your new avi btw!
    Okay, so I love how the kickboxing that Gabriel had started picking up on his own has become a sort of family affair. Evangeline is such a gem, I wonder what she’s up to in present day….
    Maria is gorgeous <3.<3 It's no surprise Gabe's become smitten by her already, though I already foresee this taking a nasty turn somehow… I'm guessing she's trying to learn how to defend herself to fend off whoever's abusing her… could be family, or a (ex) lover of some sort I suppose? I don't know if it's something about her physically, personality-wise, or perhaps a combination of both, but she instantly reminded me of Cherry. Gabe must be a sucker for helping girls in distress since that's what he also did when he first encountered Cherry.
    Raphael is so chill, haha. I love him. Spilling he and Lilith's plan to get Luc to do the same, lol XD More RaphxLilith moments please :3 I love seeing them together! That moment on the couch was just ❤
    "Tom is great at picking the attractive ones, isn’t he?” She took the words right out of my mouth, Caden is fiiiiiiine. But then again, who isn't in this story? XD I forgot he was the one who caused that fiasco at the club until I saw Jowita's comment. [I went back to double check and probably forgot to mention how cute he was there since it was the last chapter you posted at the time, haha. (p.s I love the updated heir photos as well!)]
    Ebony on the other hand I remember just fine, I was wondering when she'd re-appear. I'm curious as to what exactly the extent of the trouble she causes will be since Raph didn't seem super distraught when he and Cherry ran into her, but then again, maybe that's because whatever Ebony ends up doing doesn't affect him directly…
    I love how as time progresses in the flashback, more and more things we've seen or you've already touched on, like Luc's scars, are getting explained. Which I guess is expected since it's a flashback after all, but still, it's fun to read 😀 We're almost at present day-ish and so far the siblings are still a lot more like their younger selves than their current detached states, with the exception of Lilith (whom you already know I'm obsessed with), which makes me wonder when and how things are going to go south because something had to have gone down for them to change that much… it's only a matter of time. :p
    Per usual this was a great chapter! ❤

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    • Thanks, I thought it was high time I used a picture of the heir lmao. I was actually inspired by Aislyn to give Cherry this hairstyle, and I think it looks quite cute on her- although she won’t be wearing it till the generation ending 😣
      Evangeline will come up in the next modern day chapter!
      *nods* Maria is similar to Cherry in that she is delicate and girly, but with a fierce, defensive personality. When I was writing this chapter I thought ‘Gabriel, you really have a hero complex, don’t you?’ but to be honest if he noticed Cherry being beat up and Maria in that panicky state, then just ignored them, he would be one cruel person haha.
      Raphael is honestly a relief to write. Lilith’s section had a much lighter tone than the previous two, thanks to him, which was quite refreshing after the heavy, dark tones of Gabriel and Luc. I am enjoying writing Liphael moments more and more, so you will definitely see plenty in the future!
      Yep, Caden might be a bad character, but I think his appearance is the one I am most proud of 💕
      You’re right, what Ebony did had almost no direct effect on him, plus he’s just a naturally chill guy 😎
      The history chapters run parallel -in terms of structure- with the modern day chapters. So the more the events in present day ramp up, so will the amount of information revealed in the flashbacks. I realised I have left a lot of loose threads hanging, so hopefully I am not going to overwhelm everyone with the increasingly complicated mess that is the plot 😅
      I can actually set a date on Doomsday: nearly 1 year from this point in the flashbacks, and 3 years back from the current modern day. Things are going to get messy real quick!
      Thank you very much for reading and commenting ❤ ❤ ❤

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      • Aww, she looks cute~ Funny enough I have a pic of Aislyn with the same hair in the screenshots I had taken for the next chapter that’s now in limbo 😂
        Oh cool, I’m interested in seeing her interactions with the siblings and if they change they way they are around her.
        True, haha – he would’ve come across as rather heartless 😆 And yes! Keep Liphael coming 🔥
        Pfft overwhelm? Certainly not! I can’t wait to see how it unravels 😄

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      • NO I HAVEN’T 😭😭😭 I’m so mad! I got my tickets super early for Thursday but one of my exams got moved to the time I booked it for and our theaters are packed till Sunday so I have to wait until tomorrow 😢 I’m avoiding social media like the plague, lmao. I can’t wait to see it! I’ll hit you up once I do!!!

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          • Alright I just saw it. I kept gasping 😢 Something’s I expected because of the comics and others I didn’t (I won’t post it here cause some people might see and I don’t wanna be that person who spoils, lol) but it was GREAT.

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            • Honestly I wasn’t expecting the last scene, especially that ~one~ moment, you know what I mean 😭 I was alternating crying and laughing it was painful, ‘squidward’ and ‘rabbit’ were just 😂 It was such an epic movie, I don’t know how Avengers 4 will be even more epic…

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              • Also, I think I might be able to post my next chapter tomorrow! I’m super excited because it has the first real expansion of Luc’s present day character, and the biggest linkage between the modern day storyline and the flashbacks. Plus there’s finally some Cheriel moments + the best Luciferry moments yet. Things have been going kinda slow so I’m glad I can finally pick up the pace. I’m just so excited I have to tell you 😝

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                • OMG yes! Now I have something to look forward to 😀 (Mondays are often quite boring, lol) Cheriel AND Luciferry 🔥🔥🔥 Well, well, well, that shall be interesting. I’ve quite enjoyed how you’ve been building up everything thus far~ it hasn’t felt slow to me at all, so I can only imagine how things will go down next chapter 😉 Can’t wait!

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              • I kind of saw it coming, but not to that extent, it was sooooo sad </3 It was also a lot funnier than I expected, but then again, with the guardians included that was expected lol. We have a whole other year to wait for it which sucks 😅😭 Why can't they release them a few months apart like they did for the last Harry Potters?

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  6. Maria, as I’ve said before, is very pretty. I wonder what her story is, where that bruise came from, and who gave it to her. Hopefully she can protect herself with the help of Gabriel’s self defense lessons!
    Ah, I remember Caden from the club. Luc fought him over the things he said to Cherry about him and making her have doubts. And also Ebony whom Raphael and Cherry ran into that is somehow also tied to Gabriel’s past. If I remember correctly Raphie said something along the lines of not telling Gabriel they ran into her because he’d have to kill her? Not seriously though I don’t think. I could be remembering all wrong. 🙈 But I hope Luc doesn’t do anything stupid! Please, please, please don’t do drugs especially around these sketchy characters… Ebony is a snake.
    LILITH, OPEN YOUR EYES AND REALIZE YOU AND RAPHIE ARE MEANT TO BE OKAY?! *smacks her and runs because she could totally kick my ass*
    Great chapter! 😄

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    • Oh, and I just remembered something from past chapters. Didn’t Gabriel have a girlfriend before he met Cherry? I believe she was briefly mentioned earlier in this generation when Cherry first arrived. It ended badly and is the reason why Gabriel wouldn’t let himself become close with Cherry? Perhaps this girlfriend is Maria. Gah, I need to reread some of these chapters lol.

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      • Indeed, Luc picked a fight with him like the dumbass he is. Although I can’t say whether Caden’s claims are actually false or not…
        You are remembering right! Of course, Raphael was exaggerating a lot, but Gabriel would still get angry at the mention of Ebony’s name. Haha, Ebony really is a snake- and a very, very poisonous one at that.
        LOL run run run!
        Yep, Gabriel did have a girlfriend and that’s why he pushed Cherry away when he began to have feelings for her. It might be actually a good idea to reread Chapters 1-9, not only because they were posted soooo long ago and there are quite a few important details in them that link to the chapters now, but also because I edited some things in there.
        Thank you for reading and commenting ❤

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  7. I find that I don’t have much to say today, just wanted to drop a few lines – I enjoyed this as always 😀 Seems to me Lillith is right to be worried about Luc, and I have a sneaking suspicion that most of the storylines that are present here end in tears for someone. Your shots are eternally lovely, and your characters really do look great. I just love all the love and care you put into them 🙂 ❤

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  8. Oh helloooo Caden 😘 I can’t see Luc’s stint in drug running ending well at this point… That girl seems like she could manipulate him. As for Gabriel, I wonder what will happen between him and the red head girl whose name I’ve already forgotten (oops). Fantastic chapter, can’t wait for the next one!!!

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    I’m worried about Luc and I don’t like this Ebony because she seems so manipulative. I’m really shipping Raph and Lilith – they just seem to have it going on. ❤

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    • Thanks! Hehe, I’m so happy you think so 😜
      Ebony is definitely manipulative… and Luc is going to experience the full force of that soon 😬
      I actually surprised myself with how much the readers + I ship Liphael, I wasn’t planning to spend that much time with those two. But I’m happy I did!
      Thank you for reading and commenting 💕

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  10. Good to have the flashbacks! Luc’s character wasn’t really what I thought, he comes across as so selfconfident and full of himself, and here he is – not as good as his silings at fighting! And I thought he was the best… No Wonder he’s scarred then. Still like him – adding some flaws won’t get him off his pedestal in a hurry! 🙂
    So what’s with impulsive Maria? Gabriel seems smitten… And Luc falling into Ebony’s trap like a schoolboy!?! Well, well, well. He has changed a lot since then…
    “I know Luc is sensible.” OK. Now it’s official – what happened to make him the cynical bad boy he now is?
    Thanks for the extra screenie of Caden, his eyes are truly mesmerizing!

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  11. Heh, I really enjoy these flashbacks!

    I wonder what happened to the red head gabriel met hooo

    Poor Luc I feel for him. He’s like this fragile puppy right now! I’m almost afraid to know what happens between then and now.

    Also, I like these flashbacks because I get to appreciate Lilith and Raphael as best friends heh

    Wonderful chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you are liking them!
      Yeah, that’s a good analogy. He’s quiet and sweet, which is a problem in such a dirty and hardened environment like the drug ring, and with such manipulating and forceful people like Ebony.
      Thank you for reading and commenting ❤


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