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I was nominated by dear Sempreviva and Kymber for the Versatile Award a little while ago, and although at the time I wasn’t going to do it, today freja64 kindly nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award as well. So I decided to do them at the same time, thank you lovelies ❤ I will extend my answers beyond the focus of the questions so beware, lots of rambling coming up!


  • Write 7 interesting facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15+ amazing bloggers for this award. That’s a lot of bloggers when you’re a newbie. I won’t be offended if you choose not to “do anything with it.” 
  1. Autumn is my favourite season. I just love the crisp and sunny days that are cold but in a nice way.
  2. I took dance classes for ten years- jazz, ballet, contemporary and tap.
  3. Golden Retrievers are my favourite type of dog. Adorable as puppies and beautiful as adults, and they have such nice temperaments as well.
  4. I have a kinda weird memory in that I will memorise things very well but forget them the instant I don’t need the information anymore. Sometimes that is not very helpful, aka I have already forgotten how to do high school maths 😛
  5. I am super ambitious so I have *too* many goals in life, but one of the mains is to go on a luxury food-and-architecture trip around Europe and other notable destinations when I am older.
  6. Relating to that, I enjoy cooking up fresh and healthy meals of my own design. Hopefully I can actually do that when I move out of the house in the future.
  7. I like painting but it takes quite a long time, so I don’t paint often. And that I mean I only have two proper paintings from the last three years, one of which is still in the works as you can see below. If you would like to glimpse my progress on it + my bullet journal, here is my Instagram.

I think everyone has already done this award but if you haven’t, I tag you! *boop*

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What is the Sunshine Blogger Award? 
The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to creative, positive, inspiring bloggers who spread sunshine to the blogging community.

The Rules:
– In a blog post, thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
– Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
– Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
– List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or your blog.

  1. Why did you start writing? Ooh, funny. My first time storywriting was when I was 13. I was in my first year of high school and got placed in the advanced class, but the interesting thing about that was the class being the loudest and craziest family of kids you could find. The shenanigans that happened were hilarious, so two friends and I began writing an Alternate Universe type story that starred our class in an impossibly rich and luxurious school (in reality, my high school was a cheap public school), with alternate names for each and every classmate. My name was Lila Lemon, which as you can guess resulted in my online name (Remonn is the Japanese ‘version’). The events that conspired in the weekly chapters, that we posted in the class Facebook group, were exaggerated but all based on funny events that happened in real life. I still have the document, the whole story of that year ended up being 40k words lmao. That year is the only one I enjoyed in school, the rest was super boring and crap because then our class got split up 😦 ANYWAY, that’s how I discovered the joys of creative writing, and I have been brewing up many stories (all unfinished lol) ever since.
  2. Where do you write your stories? Always on the computer. Everything but this legacy is written on Google Docs. Physically, I usually write at my desk or on my bed. I’m lying down like a seal while typing this.
  3. Do you write the story first or are you inspired by your gameplay? You guys know this haha.
  4. Have you ever used a version of “yourself” in a story? No, I would make for a very unlikeable character lmao. Each character has a bit of me, though; Cherry has my cynicism, Luc my love for the MCU, Gabriel my antisocial tendencies, Lilith my low tolerance for stupidity, etc.
  5. Do you listen to music while writing / playing? If yes, what kind? I used to but for some reason not anymore. I have a Youtube playlist with sort of theme songs for this generation. I stopped including songs with the chapters because I think they just distract from the writing.
  6. What kind of books do you read and why? YA Fiction, I guess? I like dystopian. The most recent book I have read and loved was The Martian by Andy Weir. I really enjoyed the science elements and humour. I don’t like books with romance because gosh, the teenage characters literally do the dumbest stuff, but sometimes I stand it for the sake of writing relationships in the legacy.
  7. Which of your characters could be your roomie? I think Lilith and I would probably get along pretty well.
  8. Have you ever imagined getting your story published? Of course not the legacy, but I have a novel that I began soon after I started that AU class story. It’s been in the works for five years and currently it’s just a plan because I keep on changing stuff. But one day I want to publish something.
  9. Have you already cried while writing something particularly moving? I never cry while writing or reading stories, I’m not particularly sentimental as you may have derived 😀
  10. Is there someone who reads your stories and who gives you feedback before publishing? OH GOSH LOL my little sister @SimmeraldOtter actually has gone through and corrected the punctuation/grammar in the latest chapters, without asking  .___. However, she asks me to help a bit with her description.
  11. Have you ever wanted to be like one of your characters? Again, Lilith. She has a genuinely sharp and powerful demeanor. I’m almost as impatient yet friendly as her but I’m also sensitive, so I end up being nice to people I don’t like and that lands me friendships I don’t want. But I guess I don’t have enemies because of that lol.

I am too tired to think of more questions now, sorry 😛

Well, that took way longer than expected! I am supposed to be working on university things right now 0___0 Unfortunately, I also feel the tremendous urge to go in game for pictures, because I have pretty much finished writing Chapter 3.13, and I am excited to share that chapter with you all. For now I will just go to sleep hehe 🙂


21 thoughts on “tag — more blogger awards.

  1. Congrats on the nominations! 🙂
    Wow, that is an amazing painting – you’re so talented 😀 I liked both your facts and your answers as well. You’re such a creative person 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats on both awards!
    Woah, I’ve never taken a dance class in my life, I’m not good in group settings where people will potentially analyze my skill – or lack of skill, lol – it’s really cool that you’ve done such a variety 😀 I’m the same with the info! I literally discard that info like the second after it’s no longer needed lmao.
    Yo, that painting looks like a photograph, it’s so pretty~ You are so artsy and talented!!! Not that I’m surprised as I’ve already dubbed you the aesthetics queen, hehe.
    Your reason for writing is quite interesting, and your name derivation is so cool, I never even associated it with the world lemon, lol.
    (Not that anyone asked, but I’d love Lilith as a roommate as well because she’s a girl crush XD)
    Best of luck with uni stuff~ I’m excited to read your next chapter and Luciferry!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow you do that too! For dance classes I was always counted on to remember everything but I would also have no memory of dances from previous years, while everyone else would be like ‘hey remember this old dance?’ and do it while I stood there lost 🤣
      Thank you so much *blushes*
      Yeah! The first name Lila is a variation of my real name, because Lulu Lemon is a sportswear company or something lol.
      I’m joining in on the girl crushing 😉
      Thanks, I’m looking forward to post 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations on your awards! ❤
    Aaah, I'm so jealous of your dancing classes – especially ballet -, I wish I could have taken some too (actually I did, but I always stopped after a couple of months lol)!
    Those paintings are seriously incredible, you are so talented and such an artistic person! ❤
    As for the food and architecture trip – and I know it might sound cliché -, for me it will always be Paris ❤ But then again, I love french food and those Haussmann buildings 😍 It might not be the case for everyone..! But I hope you'll have the chance to visit it if you haven't! 😀
    Congratulations again, I look forward to reading your next chapter! ❤


    • Thank you very much, you’re so kind! ❤
      Ooh ballet is my favourite style of dance, but unfortunately it wasn’t one I was particularly good at 😭
      Paris is definitely one of the top destinations on my list, I haven't really eaten French food yet (except for some pastries) but it looks super yummy~ And yesss we have been learning about Haussmann in architecture history lectures 🙂 I must visit that city one day so I look forward to whenever I will be able to go, hopefully sooner rather than later!

      Liked by 1 person

        • Hehe that’s okay!
          Yes, I did pointe for one or two years. It wasn’t very pleasant lol. But I think it’s amazing how beautiful and effortless it can look when in reality, it’s horribly painful and the result of extremely hard work. En Pointe is actually the name of the next generation, because I will be writing about how that is reflected in the ballet industry and the heir going through it 😊

          Liked by 1 person

          • That’s so wonderful, Lila, about your next Generation! It’s funny how I have a male pursuing that. At least he doesn’t have to do pointe, though. lol I’ve seen ballerina feet after en pointe and it makes me cringe. I don’t know how something so brutal can look so graceful and effortless on stage. ❤

            Liked by 1 person

  4. Congrats and thank you for taking the time to answer yet again to a lot of questions! I like how you describe your high school class! I bet the stories were fun – they always are when you know the people they are referring to! Maybe that’s also why it’s fun to read simlit – you recognize places and sometimes even sims that makes it easy to relate to!
    I hope we’ll get to read your story on paper one day! And why not try to get your legacy published? It’s very well written and interesting!
    Lilith is my favorite, she seems so sharp. It’s difficult to say no, and even harder not to be nice to people. You can’t be loved by everyone anyway, but better get friendships you don’t like than being disliked or hated!

    I join you in loving Fall! Not only the crisp sunny days when it’s enough to wear a huge sweater, but also the gloomy rainy ones, when you snuggle up in a warm comfy blanket with a steaming mug of hot chocolate and a good book!
    Your memory is not weird – it’s called selective memory and your brain cleans out whatever isn’t necessary or useful for you! And I can assure you that you’re not the only one to have forgotten all about High School maths as soon as you’ve graduated!
    I’ve lived in France for some time now and the food is pretty awesome! I bet it’s on your gourmet “to visit” list! 😉
    I checked your Instagram and I love the clean and minimalistic aspect of it. Your painting is beautiful, water is one of the most difficult things to draw but you’ve succeeded in making it truly realistic! Bravo!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re so right- I doubt anyone but our class would enjoy reading the story as they wouldn’t have full knowledge of the characters and the corresponding events in real life!
      Aww thank you, perhaps one day I could revise Generation Three and try publish it 🙂
      Lilith certainly is very sharp, I’m glad you like her!
      Oh, now that sounds so cosy! I look forward to the day when I can live by myself and curl up with coffee and books, with no interruptions and the only sound being rain 😀
      That’s interesting that it actually has a name, I’m going to search it up now…
      Thank you very much! The painting still has a lot of work to do on it, but I hope to show everyone once I find the time and motivation to finish it.

      Liked by 1 person

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