fallen angels — chapter 3.11: spark

warning: this chapter includes coarse language, mild sexual references and themes of violence and death. please do not continue reading if this may trigger or offend you. it is recommended you read this chapter in my blog, not reader. 


“Affogato and short black?” The waitress is balancing ceramic cups on one arm and empty plates on the other. “Thanks.” Luc taps his fingers on the table, and the waitress nods before moving away, leaving the aroma of freshly brewed coffee in her wake. “I cannot believe you can drink that without sugar.” I lick the half-melted ice cream off my spoon, tilting my head at my boyfriend. He smiles, sets down the cup and crosses his arms. “Yeah, it comes with being hardcore.” “Says the guy who watches rom-coms,” I laugh quietly. “Hey.” Luc narrows his eyes.  “A guy can be badass and like romantic movies at the time.” “Sure.” I take a sip of my sweet coffee, and although he sighs in exasperation, Luc reaches across the table and folds his hand around mine.

The rainy afternoon lead us to this coffee shop, in the grey depths of the city. It’s comfortable, to sit with Luc and breathe in the heady scent of coffee and greenery, warm and safe from the fall rain turning gold against the windows. The shop is fairly busy, crowded with people wearing dripping raincoats and café au lait smiles. I listen to the hiss of the coffee press and hum of conversation, and I smile as well. A nice place to be for, what I think, is my first proper date with Luc. It has been about a week since we officially began dating, and a happy week at that, despite being a startlingly new experience. I admit that I was on edge the first few days, watching him anxiously for signs of boredom, or impatience. For once, however, it seems my fears are just fears.

I focus on Luc as his thumb traces the veins on my hand. It’s hard to say whether I can really trust him yet, after all that happened, but I think he is trying. To be gentle, for my sake; trying to soften his hard edges a little, touching me with all the carefulness of handling a porcelain vase. And while the wariness is disconcerting, he’s trying, and that is worth something. I let my gaze flit along his jaw and across his lips, and my own lips tingle with fresh memories. And the kissing, of course, is nice. More than nice, if I must be honest. As if catching my thoughts, the corner of Luc’s mouth twitches. “Are you just going to stare at me for the rest of our date?” He lightly kisses my knuckles and I shake my head, blushing. “I’m tempted to,” I admit shyly. “But no.”

Luc laughs and drinks his coffee, his eyes drifting to the rainy world outside. I do the same, content with the warmth of his hand enveloping mine. As talkative as he can be sometimes, I think that small talk isn’t his forte. After all, we don’t have particularly much in common. But just being with him is enough for me. And while Luc probably doesn’t think the same, he doesn’t seem unhappy, either. “Can I ask you something?” I say quietly. “Hmm?” “Is this awkward to you?” At my blunt question, he raises his eyebrows. “You mean this date? Not really. But it’s new to me.”

I tip my head, confused. “I thought you’ve gone out on lots of dates before.” “Yeah, to bars and clubs. Not on coffee dates.” Luc hesitates for a second before continuing. “Nothing as innocent as this.” His green eyes seem to dull for a moment, but then he smiles and I wonder if I had imagined it. “We can go clubbing if you really want,” I suggest hesitantly, ignoring the flood of memories from the last time I went out. Luc squeezes my hand. “Cherry, that’s the last thing you want to do. Besides, I like this better. Sitting here, drinking beautiful coffee with a beautiful girl.” He arches an eyebrow, and I blush again, ducking my head in both embarrassment and happiness. Small talk may not be Luc’s thing, but flirting and flattering is, and it is nice to be on the receiving end when I think he means well.

For a peaceful while, we share a delicious mille-feuille and talk a little more. I exclaim happily over the bites of feather-light pastry and vanilla custard, while Luc just listens to me, his fingers pressing into my palm. People come and go in a blur, the tinkle of the doorbell as constant as the coffee press. The whirl of movement and sounds and smells would have usually sent my senses into overdrive, but with my boyfriend like an anchor, I can shut it out. So I’m not sure what it is that makes me look up to see two people enter; one I recognise to be Lilith, wrapped in a black turtleneck and maroon coat. She sees me at about the same time, and waves, her other hand linked with a tall, well dressed man. “Hola, cariños!” My best friend says cheerfully once she reaches our table, the man just behind. “This is James,” Lilith adds, and I take a good look at him. He has a rather elegant aura, with a handsome, freckled face, and regal posture.

“A pleasure to meet you,” James says in a crisp British accent, and shakes our hands briefly. I glimpse the gleam of a Rolex beneath his cuff, and I can sense Luc weighing him up with hard eyes. Lilith has had her fair share of boyfriends, but certainly none from the wealthy circle, considering her past of, you know, stealing from them. But James has a friendly smile, and Lilith looks happy, so he must be nice. We exchange a couple more formalities before the two go sit down nearby. “Should we go?” Luc gestures to our empty coffee cups, and we get up to pay. I glance at Lilith as we wait for a couple macarons, since Michel loves them, to be wrapped up for us; she is laughing, bright and beautiful, and James is looking at her the way good men tend to look at Lilith — in quiet awe and reverence.

As the door tinkles shut behind us, I breathe in the earthy scent of dying leaves, looking around the narrow street. The sun has come out, sparkling on the light rainfall. This part of Bridgeport is all tucked away lanes and brick townhouses and wrought iron. The street looks like it is burning, the trees flickering in a candlelight yellow. Luc tucks the macarons in his pocket, and walks beside me as I jump lightly over puddles. “What are you, five?” He teases, and I poke my tongue out, but slow down to match his steps anyway.

Walking along the street, my eyes catch on the fat pumpkins standing guard outside the townhouses. The sight is nostalgic — Halloween is more than a month away, but the people of Bridgeport love to celebrate. And while it is largely ignored in our house, the pumpkins remind me of my childhood: carving jack-o-lanterns with my sisters, the stickiness of Grandma Fern’s caramel apples, being scared silly by Mom’s tales of vampires and witches. Luc must notice my thoughtful silence, for he looks over at me. “What are you thinking of?” “Just how my family and I used to have fun at Halloween,” I say, fiddling with a thread on my sweater. Luc nods, his gaze wandering around the gold-dappled avenue. “I’m guessing you went trick-or-treating.” “Yes, my mother dressed up and went with my sisters and I. She thought the whole idea of Halloween was hilarious and ridiculous, but let us go anyway.”

A grin flits across my boyfriend’s face. “She sounds like a fun mom.” “Oh, she was,” I sigh, and sadness washes over me for a moment. “But Mom believed in supernaturals. She just thought that making fun of real monsters was incredibly stupid, so she only let us dress up as animals, except for black cats. Cinna got so mad at Mom because of that.” The memory makes me smile. “Cinna?” Luc asks, confused. “My sister, Cinnamon. She’s a weird goth who loves black cats.” He laughs at this, and I blink inquisitively. “How about you? Did you do things like that?”

Luc is quiet for a moment, and I can hear the leaves gently rustling above us. “No.” He doesn’t elaborate, and slips his hand around my waist, drawing me against him. Although I am still curious, I don’t ask him any more questions. The warmth of his arm around me is comforting, and I lean into my boyfriend, a smile softening my lips. What a strange feeling, to be this relaxed. It’s almost like I’m happy. And perhaps I am.


The penthouse is silent when we arrive home; I assume the others are either working or hanging out with their partners. Fall turns the city into a mystery of cold days and sweet smoke, which entices my friends out of the apartment. The kitchen is cool and quiet when we enter. I hop up on the counter as he puts away the macarons, swinging my legs amiably. “Thank you for the date, it was nice,” I say shyly when he turns back to me. Luc smiles, stepping close. “Yeah. We should definitely go out for more.”

Then his lips are on mine, the kiss confident and sure. I sigh as he tips my head up. Now this is Luc’s forte; knowing exactly how to send a delicious shiver down my spine, how to send fire racing through my veins. Because he’s had lots of practice, I suddenly think, and then: who says you aren’t practice too? I try shake my head of this unwelcoming thought, annoyed at my persisting distrust. Luc must feel it, because he draws away. “You alright?” His breath, subtly chocolate and coffee, tickles my nose. “I’m okay,” I say quietly. My paranoid mind insists on ruining perfectly good moments, but other than that, I’m okay.

Luc nods and he grips my knees to pull me closer. I instinctively tense at the contact, but I force myself to relax when I see the question in his eyes. I am not scared of a little leg touching. I am not scared of some PG-13 intimacy. I am nineteen, for god’s sake. And yet, when Luc’s hand slides under my skirt, my breath catches against his lips and my stomach swoops in a nauseating sort of way. The firm pressure of his palm against my leg should feel nice, but oddly, I just feel an overwhelming struggle between my fight-or-flight instincts. Why am I like this? Why am I so sensitive? What is wrong with me?

“Have you two ever heard of get a damn room?” Raphael’s exasperated voice breaks my thoughts apart, and I blush with embarrassment and secret relief, tugging down the hem of my skirt. The house wasn’t empty, after all. Luc is unruffled and leans on the counter, arms crossed, mouth slanting in his trademark arrogant smile. “I was unaware that a kitchen wasn’t a room.” “Being literal doesn’t make you smart, shithead,” Raphael says dryly. I hop off the counter as he drops the subject and pokes around in the fridge, emerging with the paper bag of macarons. “So, what cafe did you sickening lovebirds go to today?” He asks, popping one in his mouth. “The new one on Chicago Street.” Luc frowns at the jab. “We saw la prima there, actually. With some rich guy called James.” “Yeah, Lilith told me about him. James Whitecliffe,” Raphael says thoughtfully. There is wary curiosity on the sharp planes of his face.

The girl in question comes home maybe twenty minutes later, her cheeks rosy from the cold. “Raphie! Cherry!” Her smile is radiant as she kicks off her boots, sitting next to me on the sofa. Opposite, Raphael is stretched out along the window seat. “How was the date?” He says lazily, one eye open. Lilith beams. “Oh, James is encantador, that man. He was ever so polite.” Lilith clasps her hands, and to me, she looks the happiest she’s been in a while. Raphael lifts his head and gives her a scrutinising kind of look. “Not a pervert like the last guy?” “Don’t be a worry wart, Raphie. Of course not.” “I’m not worrying,” He replies grumpily. “I just don’t want another man-hospitalised-because-he-was-kneed-in-the-groin case on your hands.”

Lilith laughs, her pale eyes shimmering. “I have no regrets. Rest assured, James is a gentleman.” “Alright. Whatever. I’m happy for you.” “Gracias.” She then points at both of us. “Now, tell me how your dates went.” I look at Raphael curiously, and he rolls his amber eyes. “Mine went as expected,” He yawns, and I remember that he had gone out the night before. “I take you offended them with sarcastic remarks,” Lilith says curtly. Raphael smirks. “Now why would I do that?” He turns his cat-like gaze towards me. “But Cherry seemed to have enjoyed her date.” At his pointed tone, my cheeks burn. “Shut up. We were just-” “Yeah, yeah, I would really love to hear the details,” Raphael says, dripping sarcasm everywhere. “Just take it somewhere more private. I’m getting fucking tired of walking in on people all the time.”


The day fades away peacefully, with me working on some new music, while Luc spends the afternoon at work. Things are pretty quiet, with the exception of Lilith and Raphael’s constant chattering and later, arguing over what to make for dinner. Everyone but Gabriel and Michel are present for the Spanish bean soup, and it’s only when I am sitting at the freshly-cleaned dining table that they show up. “Hey Cherry,” Michel says, and Gabriel nods at me. Immediately, I notice that both of them are tense. “What’s wrong?” I twist in my seat, and I hear Lilith and Raphael come into the room. Gabriel hesitates, leaning against the wall. “There was another murder two hours ago.”

“Another as in…?” Raphael prompts. “As in similar to last week.” Michel clasps his hands, concern furrowing his brows. “A woman with her torso cut open.” I am the only one who winces at this morbid piece of information — not even sweet Michel at his own words. I sense Luc behind me, and his hand lightly rests against my back, reassuring. “Where?” My boyfriend asks, and the worry in his voice surprises me. As bad as it sounds, the Torres have grown up in Bridgeport — specifically in the poor districts, I think — and I would not expect Luc to be this fazed by one killing in years of many. But then I realise that he must know a lot of people in this part of the city. “A few blocks from work,” Gabriel says, which confirms my thought.

Lilith speaks up, her voice razor sharp. “And how did you learn of this?” “It’s on the news.” Gabriel points at our silent television. I look between my five friends, growing increasingly anxious at the expressions on their faces. “There were more details,” Gabriel continues grimly. “Both of them had dark hair. And both had their hearts torn out.” “What the fuck,” Raphael mutters, perfectly summing up my reaction to what apparently everyone else had been waiting for. I glance at Lilith, whose silver eyes are narrowed, thoughts racing behind them. “This sounds like the work of a serial killer.” She finally voices what all of us had been thinking. Luc increases the pressure of his hand against my back. I note that he’s looking towards Lilith, and so are the others. Waiting for her to tell us what to do, I realise. “Just be careful, mi familia,” Lilith says slowly, her arms crossed. “Stay close.”

Another chapter in just one week?! Let me tell you, this chapter was good fun to write and take pictures for, much more so than the last chapter! The first half especially was happy vibes only, which was super refreshing, considering the depressing and angsty mess that is this story. Apologies for my bad romance writing though, you will have to suffer through it for a long time coming…

I hope you liked this chapter, and I wish everyone a great day ❤ 


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  1. You know you’ve read too many grizzly books when a mention of a brutal murder scene doesn’t even phase you.
    Cherry and Luc make a really beautiful couple. But they are somewhat mismatched in terms of temperament. Cherry is the living embodiment of “sweet and pure” and Luc is clearly a guy who’s used to a more physical involvement with women. I wonder if he notices how uncomfortable she is when he acts more forward.

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    • Hehe, yeah, although I hope I can phase you at least a little later on 😉
      I’m happy you think they are a nice couple, despite the imbalance you pointed out. Luc definitely isn’t sensitive to other people’s feelings as Cherry, and since she internalises all her worries/emotions, there is a problem there.
      Thank you very much for reading and commenting ❤

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    • Well I’m glad one person ships them! I will start doing stuff for the Cheriel ship soonish but for now I’m exploring the Luciferry relationship and seeing what I can do with it.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  2. I liked this a lot – your pictures are as gorgeous as ever. Especially loved those autumn walk images – they look lovely 😀
    And while Lucifer and Cherry do seem to work at least for now, I’m still not sure it’s going to be long-term viable for anyone. Like she said – they don’t have anything in common and physical attraction can only get you so far. Nothing wrong with a little casual fun though… *wink* Though I guess Cherry isn’t into that, so maybe not, ha, ha! 😛

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    • Ahh thank you ❤️
      Hehe I think everyone here knows that they aren’t going to last forever, but there’s still the question of how long they will last and in what manner- I’m looking forward to seeing how their relationship turns out, because I myself haven’t pinned down all the details yet…
      Thanks for reading and commenting, I really appreciate it 😘

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  3. As others have already mentioned, I sense the Luciferry ship on its way to be slowly sinking. What’s funny, though, is I would totally act like Cherry (I’m the sweet and pure), although I don’t think any guy like Luc would ever want to date me 😂
    I can’t believe I almost forgot about Gabriel. I was like: um… yeah, Michel, I remember, and the other one… his boyfriend? OH no, what a mess my head is XD I have to wonder if Gabriel is jealous when he looks at Luc and Cherry. They appear happy, for now at least.
    Can’t wait to find out more about the mysterious murders.

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    • Ah yes, let’s see how long it floats for…
      Me too haha 😭
      To be honest, I forgot about Gabriel myself LOL. He’s very much standing quietly on the sidelines for now, but he will resume a more prominent role in the next chapters.
      Thanks for reading and commenting ❤

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  4. Alright, first off I’m gonna fess up and say I had to google what a ‘mille-feuille’ looked like because I had never heard of it in my life (though via context I could tell it was a pastry, lol, and I scrolled back up and saw it was right there in that first screenshot! Nice attention to detail there :D) and I believe you mentioned your dad was a chef or something so imma assume that’s how you’ve encountered this particular pastry otherwise I’ll feel quite unknowledgable XD
    Anyways, back to the story, haha. Another chapter full of beautiful shots 🙂 I loved the simplicity of Luc and Cherry’s coffee date at the start, not much talking, but it wasn’t uncomfortable for either of them which was nice. But then again, Cherry mentioned that they don’t have much in common, and like Louise said, not talking can only get you so far… 😉
    Lilith showing up looking as hot as ever *.* she is super pretty forreal. And Raphael! Woo-hoo! I’m expecting to see a plethora of wild hair colors from him, unless he’s gotten over that, which I hope isn’t the case :3
    I know that I’ve already mentioned it, but the shots you took really are stunning! The 10th one is so simple and yet I really enjoyed it the most for some reason. Just seeing the steps like that was quite nice. The photo of Cherry and Luc walking is my second fave~ so beautiful ❤
    Psshttt your romance writing was fine, girl. Keep it coming! Since you said we'll have to 'suffer' *cough* not *cough* for a while, I take it that means we will get some Luciferry for a while, though like the others, I'm getting a bad feeling about them since Cherry was definitely quite hesitant before Raphael walked in… I'm hopeful they'll be able to stay together, at least for a while, though, with Cherry perhaps changing and both of them finding some common ground and opening up to communicate. I was super surprised to see another chapter pop up in my reader so soon! Needless to say it was great 🙂
    p.s I just realized I didn't say anything about Gabe, haha. I shall reserve judgement until we see more of him. He's still very much a mystery and I'm aboard Luc's ship atm B) even though he's just as mysterious, lmao.

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    • Hehe yes, I’m glad you noticed that! I actually decorated/added lots of details that I didn’t end up showing in the coffee date pictures, which I’m salty about. And yep, you are right- I haven’t eaten a mille-feuille yet though, it looks yum 🙂
      Lilith is definitely my fave girl simmie, she’s just so glamorous! And ooh I’m actually wondering what colour to dye Raphael’s hair next. What do you think? He’s had green, blue, black and yellow as far as I can recall.
      I’m so happy you like the pictures! The 10th one is my favourite too, I stared it for a while just admiring the beautiful shadows on the steps 😀
      Haha I’m glad you think so! And you’ve got a good point there- Luc and Cherry might just find they are more similar than they realise. I think there will be a couple things that will surprise them as well as the readers 😛 I really want to skip to the next modern day chapters but the way I’ve structured all the chapters means the flashbacks need to be interwoven, rip.
      Gabriel really is a mysterious figure in the background for now. I mean, even I don’t really know him lol…
      Thank you very much for reading and commenting, I always love seeing your thoughts ❤ ❤ ❤

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      • (I don’t remember if I’ve said this before as well, but I like your new header too!)
        Raph’s green hair has been the most memorable for me thus far, but I think some kind of peach/coral color would be cool!
        Flashback chapters are always more time consuming and difficult – speaking from experience. But on the bright side, they are quite rewarding story-wise 🙂
        “even I don’t really know him” lmaooooo XD
        No problem~ The feeling is mutual ❤ ❤ ❤

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        • Hehe I’m probably going to change it every chapter until I find one that I love!
          Green is definitely iconic, and peach it is~
          That’s true, these flashbacks hold much more important information than the modern day, I just find writing Luciferry more fun 😭

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  5. First of all, like everyone else, I loved those screenshots! They’re so beautiful and inspiring ❤
    Luc and Cherry's date was super sweet, I agree with everyone that I really enjoyed seeing them so relaxed and tender for once ❤ But I sense drama coming, I fear that Cherry's hesitation is going to put Luc off if it keeps appearing at those nearly intimate moments – which are so well written by the way ❤ How can you possibly think they're not good? Keep them coming! 😀
    Raphael is hilarious!! I get that his sarcastic comments are not easy to tolerate, but from a reader's standpoint, I say I wanna see more of that, lol! His last line especially made me laugh!
    I wonder about this serial killer and his fixation on dark haired girls… uh oh 😕 I have a theory but I'll just keep it to myself for now..!
    Amazing chapter as always!! ❤ ❤

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    • Wahh thank you ❤
      Indeed. Cherry's hesitation is probably going to be an issue with Luc, with him being such a 'physical' guy rather than the emotional/talkative guy, and I think she knows that. And thanks, that's really encouraging, I will try my best to do the upcoming intimate scenes justice 🙂
      Raphael's attitude is definitely not one many people can stand, but you are correct, he's just super fun to write!
      Ooooooh are you sure you want to keep that theory a secret? I would love to hear it 😀
      Thank you soooooo much for your kind words! 😘

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      • Cherry gives me the impression that she constantly seeks reassurance about her insecurities and that Luc is not one of the guys who can easily have that – not unless there’s an exchange for it at least! I’m waiting with dread for their upcoming fallout! 😕
        Hehe, alrighty I’ll say it..! 😀 I fear that Lilith’s new guy – James – might turn out to be less “gentleman-y” than he appears… I might be wrong though and he’s just a red herring, but if he is *the guy*, I have no idea who I should feel scared for, him or Lilith lol!!

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        • That’s totally true- Cherry does have a whole ton of insecurities, and while the one about ‘not being pretty enough for Luc’ has basically gone, Luc is really bad at handling emotions.
          And HMM. A very very interesting theory you have there 🙂 Lmao your last remark cracked me up. No one should cross Lilith unless they want to face dire consequences 😀

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  6. Mmmm….. I’ve gotta disagree with you about your bad romance writing. I thought it was really good and it engaged me right away. I don’t think it’s strange for her to feel anxious when things get intimate; I think she’s too hard on herself and she thinks too much. lol Did Luc even notice, though, how she reacted? I’m curious about that. 😀 Anyway, your screenshots are lovely as always and I really loved this chapter!

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    • Aww thank you, I’m very glad to hear that! It’s definitely not weird for Cherry to get nervous considering her overall personality and lack of experience. To answer your question, Luc didn’t notice. It’s pretty much all in her head, and she tries her best to not show when she is scared or uncomfortable. You’ll see what I mean more clearly in the next modern chapter!
      I’m so happy you enjoyed it, thanks for reading and commenting ❤️

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  7. Your romance writing is far from bad! Way better than any of my attempts 😛 While I like Luc and Cherry, I don’t think they’ll be compatible in the long run unless one of them really changes their mindset. Cherry wants a lot of emotional support, Luc seems to just want sex. Or maybe not lol, can’t wait to see what happens!

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    • Aww thank you!
      You’re right on target there. All of Luc’s previous girlfriends had the same or similar intentions as him (a short fling, just fun, etc). Cherry is the first one who wants almost the opposite out of their relationship, so that will definitely prove to be problematic for both of them soon.
      Thanks for reading and commenting, I really appreciate it 😘

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  8. Heee the great writing continues!
    I used to ship Cherry and Gabriel really hard, but with this chapter I’m 100% on the Cherry/Luc train. And to be honest I think, CHERRY is the one who’s going to have to do the most work in the relationship. Because Luc really seems to want to, and to ENJOY, going about this Cherry’s way. So I can’t wait to get more scenes of them. They’re cute 🙂

    Hoo things are getting intense, a serial killer? I’m more worried for Lilith than anyone else. (What if James is the serial killer? heeeeppp)

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    • Yaaay another addition to the Luciferry shippers club! You are right, especially in the getting-to-know-each-other department, because Luc is content to just listen to Cherry and largely, go along with what she wants. So Cherry will definitely have to work hard to get him to open up!
      😉 😉 😉
      Thanks for reading and commenting ❤ Apologies for not commenting on your story, next time I will, but I have to say that every one of your chapters lately have truly astounded me. The editing and plot twists and in general effort is amazing! And I'm also loving the continuing Niko/Zac dynamic, they are super fun to read about 🙂

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  9. My goodness your entire game is gorgeous. Buildings, sims, interiors…. Maybe I should have invested more money in a better computer! I don’t think my game could deal with reshade or that much CC without suffering.
    I really enjoy Raphael and feel him on a spiritual level. I hate PDA. ew 😛 (Also, I might like him because of his name, and it is shamelessly because I have nostalgic love for teenage mutant ninja turtles. Shut up, okay).
    Also, I am totally Cherry when she was with Luc in the kitchen. I am always super uncomfortable getting too close to someone! I wonder why she feels that way and if she can overcome it, for Luc or with anyone else.
    Oh, and I still adore your writing by the way. It’s such a joy to read and feel so enveloped in the scene.

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    • Thank you 😊 Yes, I had a bad computer before which was why I had such a long hiatus, and it definitely would not have been able to handle reshade or the amount of cc I have now. Last summer’s working has really paid off in my new laptop, it handles reshade with ease!
      I’m totally with you, I hate PDA and when people touch me, even if they are my friends, I value personal space greatly haha. One of my Tumblr friends actually calls him BT for Best Turtle and I have been confused why until now 😂

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  10. Your sims really are very handsome – all of them! And maybe Cherry should take it a little slower with Luc, if she has second thoughts. I’m devastated if she finally turns to Raphael, but i wouldn’t be surprised…

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  11. A…hem. *sideways stink eyeing new characters* I don’t mean to get suspicious but… I’M SUSPICIOUS. Anyways, I think this chapter was really just lovely! The pictures are OUT OF THIS WORLD gorgeous. Oh, hello fall. Yeah. Okay. I woke up this morning and was like “ugh, maybe I’ll go play ts4… sigh” um no FUCK THAT. I took one look at this beautiful fall scenery in ts3 and I’m like BYE. I’M UNINSTALLING SIMS 4 FOREVER. SIMS 3 FOR LIFE. Okay but REALLY beautiful pics, I love the vibe they give and the tones in your writing match them perfectly. I loved the way you described the cafe, hissing coffee machines, I can practically smell the cappuccino and taste the caramel in the air. I loved seeing Luc making an effort to curb himself to this relationship. You can tell that it’s actually something that he wants, and I like how Cherry picks up on it, too. I definitely agree that we see a much different side of her in this chapter, and I think you, as a writer, are making obvious steps to tweak her into a more likable and relatable character, so good on you! I liked seeing her divulge some of her childhood to Luc, the opening up instead of being constantly tense is a nice change. Also gives good insight to the person she was before all of this. As always, Raph steals the show LOL. I love seeing him crop up in your story, my heart pounds every time. I feel like he’s so silently jealous of this new boyfriend of Lilith’s and he’s just not saying anything lmao. I loved seeing the banter between all the characters, and I think you presented this new interesting plot arc in a very natural way. The thing that struck me most was how Cherry points out the Torres’ have been living in bad places for a long time, but that Luc actually seemed put off by this news. Subtly creepy and very telling! Can’t wait to see how this develops ♥

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    • FK YEAH SIMS 3! Damn yes, I love ts3 fall as well. And winter. If I have to compliment EA on anything, it’s for the world design and Seasons.
      Ooooh thank you, I spent quite a long time trying to craft a nice description of the cafe, so I’m happy that it paid off!
      B R O. Yes. In my long hiatus, the main thing I was working on was how to make Cherry less horribly annoying. I have a planning document from that period, and literally the first note was “MOST IMPORTANT: MAKE CHERRY AND GABRIEL LESS IDIOTIC” in bold and italics. And similar for Luc. I absolutely hate his personality + portrayal (oh and Lilith as well) in the earlier chapters, and although he was supposed to be a dumbass jerk, I still hate it. So this chapter is where I began to develop him into a good character. I’m really excited to see what you think when the story focuses more on him.
      Raphael is like a Stan Lee cameo. Only appears maybe once, but is darn iconic. I kinda wish he was more integrated but I think his scattered moments means the sarcasm doesn’t get annoying. Hah, you betcha he is silently jealous!
      Yep, I think you will see why he is disturbed by the violence, despite his macho exterior…


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