photoshoot — modern day.

As usual, I recommend viewing this on my actual blog for that full HD quality 😉

Okay I haven’t posted one of my dumb photoshoots in a very long time (thankfully), but today I was playing around with Reshade to try make a nice new preset for the next chapter. I actually did some fiddling with numbers instead of just clicking default options! So I scrolled around Bridgeport staring at the beautiful lighting and how sharp everything is~ I also edited my characters a teensy bit and thought it would be nice to snap a couple shots! I am currently at peace with literally everyone’s faces except for Gabriel. His face is honestly beyond saving blehhh 😦

Lilith and Luc ended up proving to be the only truly photogenic ones in the family lmao. Ahh they’ve changed so much since they first appeared in this generation, please ignore that haha 😅

I’ve been super excited to get Reshade for ages, and each time I use it I find even more cool effects. You might be able to see lense flares in the pictures, which are a lovely little addition! Oh, I also got a sky replacement mod which is probably why Bridgeport doesn’t look it’s usual depressing self 😀 I’m very surprised my computer still runs the game smoothly with all the sharpening and dof effects in place, it did seem to have some trouble at the beginning even without Reshade (the fans were sooo loud haha) but everything is running great now! *nods in shocked approval*

Here’s a random sneak peek for the next chapter…

This was a pretty short post but yeah! I hope everyone is having a nice day ❤


20 thoughts on “photoshoot — modern day.

  1. Wow, these are so gorgeous!! I love everything about those pictures, and Luc and Lilith look stunning, as well as everything else of course! ❤ ❤ You've made Bridgeport look amazing!
    If you don't mind me asking, are you using contacts on your sims? Their eyes look awesome, but most of the contacts I've found make my sims look kinda creepy 😕
    And yay, more Luc/Cherry moments! I can't wait for the next chapter! ❤ 😄

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    • I’m happy you think so! And haha it almost looks like a different world 😂
      I’m using the Molly Eyes contacts by SK Sims, who is linked in my CC page. Most contacts look weird on my simmies as well- the whites are either too dark or the entire contact too shiny. So these ones are definitely my favourite 💕
      The next chapter is pretty much all Luc/Cherry moments, and most are actually pleasant for once 😆 I’m gonna aim to post this Sunday again but I’ve got quite a bit of decorating to do 😭

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  2. These photos are so nice 😀 ❤ Bridgeport does look a lot warmer/brighter in your photos which is cool. Lilith is a beaut and Luc is looking quite nice as well, can't wait to see everyone in present day in your next chapter!

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  3. There is no such thing as a stupid photoshoot. These pictures are stunning!! I didn’t think it was possible for Luc to look any better than he did before, but Reshade proved me wrong!! Lilith is stunning as usual!!

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    • Hehe I’m actually recreating him according to his face claim, so he will probably look even better 😉 Although that’s for an Alternate Universe in Tumblr, I will still post a few pictures here if all goes well~
      Thank you ❤

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