tag — sunshine blogger award #?

Here’s another one of these nice taggy things, nominated by Jowita! I was debating whether to actually do this because talking about myself is no fun, but she found some great character-related questions. So here I go!

  1. Who of your Sims has the best style? Probably Cherry, because she wears soft, comfy and light clothes. I am refining the styles of each character in the next chapter, though, so this opinion will most likely change.
  2. Can you name your top 5 favorite Sims in your legacy/stories? Luc, Cinna, Max, Briar, Lilith. To be honest, all my real favourite characters are ones in future generations. It seems the characters I really like are the ones yet to introduced or developed 😀
  3. Can you name your favorite couple in your legacy/stories? Briax, I think. They are nothing but supportive and loving with each other! Their relationship was relatively simple and angst free, which my current characters could really take a lesson from (*stares at Gabriel*).
  4. Do you get attached to your Sims or play without deep thinking? I think that I don’t get attached to the sims, but rather their characters, so if they die in the game, I won’t particularly care haha…
  5. Favorite name used on your Sims? I actually really like each heir’s name, because they are all nature-inspired; Fern, Briar, Cherry.
  6. Your most unique Sim? I think Briar. She was just so weird. And her current personality, while very different from her younger self, isn’t a trope as far as I know. Everyone else is pretty stereotypical.
  7. Your hottest Sim? Well, Luc is definitely the best looking one in my opinion. I’m surprisingly still reasonably happy with his face, which is strange because I usually itch to continuously edit faces.
  8. The sim most sentimental to you? Why? If you don’t get attached to your Sims, just don’t answer. I have to say Luc. While I hate his current attitude and disrespect to Cherry, he’s the character I’ve been working on the most during my hiatus, and getting the deepest into his head. So I must retract my past statements of Luc being my favourite character, because he’s done too many stupid things, and rather say that Cinna is. However, he is definitely the most sentimental to me.
  9. Have you any funny moments in your gameplay/stories you would want to reminisce? I laugh when I reread Generation One, which was mostly gameplay-driven. Fern’s in game mishaps were quite funny. My stories don’t really have any funny written moments, though, which I need to work on. Unfortunately I’m not a very humorous person 😛
  10. How would you describe your style? Minimalist, modern, sharp.
  11. Country or city? I find cities a million times more interesting than the countryside. The architecture is fascinating to me, and my dream goal is to visit beautiful cities like Florence and Lisbon one day.

Alright, that’s it! I’m not going to tag anyone or make any questions if that’s okay. Thank you for reading 🙂


23 thoughts on “tag — sunshine blogger award #?

  1. Congratulation on your award! 🙂 ❤ Such interesting answers!
    I'm really looking forward to learning more about Luc, and I'm very happy you have more of him in store to show us!
    Also, from the little we've seen Cinna, I have to say that she had something that drew my attention as well, so I hope we'll see more of her too!
    I hope you'll soon visit those cities you mentioned! I haven't visited Florence yet – it's one of my goals too -, but Lisbon is beautiful ❤ And if you ever find yourself in Portugal, I definitely recommend visiting Porto too, such a cool place!

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    • Thank you 💕
      There’s definitely more of him to learn about, and hopefully you will all find it interesting!
      I think Cinna has only had a couple of lines in the whole generation so far, but I’m very excited for the moment she comes back in. And another one of Cherry’s relatives that I sort of forgot about (and hasn’t been seen since a toddler) is coming back in a bigger role than I was anticipating 😊
      Ahh you’ve been there, I’m so jelly 😭 I will definitely check that out!

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    • I’ve been to both, and Porto, too, such beautiful cities. Well, in fact I was on a tour trip around Spain and Portugal. But still, I guess I and sempreviva have it easier since we live in Europe, and New Zealand is far away. Good luck on fulfilling your dreams, Lila! ❤️

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  2. Congrats! (Love your new header btw 😀 <3)
    I nearly forgot about how young Briar was (with the panda hat!!!) and how cute her friendship with Max was~ so Briax shall remain the superior ship until Luc and Cherry have some more cute moments XD Though I do love her name, as it makes me think of Briar Rose, I also particularly liked the trio's food related names: Cherry/Cinna/Cara – so cute 🙂
    This was nice to read!

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