tag — moodboard.

Thanks to the ever awesome Jowita for tagging me! I had plenty of fun doing this one because aesthetics are just my… thing. So of course I was extra, and gave all my main characters my take on moodboards!

I nominate these people, and again, excuse me if you’ve already been tagged:

Set Apart

AQ Stories

Winters Valley

Our Different Paths

The Fairwood Legacy

Not Just a Book Sims

Noble Doubt

Sempreviva’s Sims

The Hunter Legacy

Light the way to heaven

That’s me for now! I hope everyone is having a lovely day ❤


  1. Wow… these are soooo beautiful! I’m speechless! You have such a good eye and talent for beauty! And the thing that I love the most in each moodboard is that every single picture matches the rest, like they were made for each other! Amazing work! ❤
    Thank you so much for the tag! ❤ I'll probably post mine tomorrow (it won't be half as pretty, but oh well, lol!) 💕

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  2. Ahh I expected no less, haha. I already knew your color schemes and aesthetics would be on point XD
    You balanced everything out so nicely, it’s so pleasing to look at ❤ And I like how you could tell which boards were for who without you explicitly writing/labeling them out. Thanks for the tag! Now I feel like I have to put in some more effort, lol.

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    1. I’m very flattered you had that expectation! *blushes*
      Thank you, I’m glad you noticed the balancing, took me a while to arrange the pictures so the colours and subjects were kinda even! And oops, I actually forgot to put in the names, so it’s great that you can still tell. Yaaay~
      Noooo you don’t need to lmao I’m just being obsessive 😆

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  3. These are so pretty ❤ unfortunately I don’t know the characters yet but they give me a feel for what’s to come. It’s exciting! 😀
    And thank you for the tag! I’m looking forward to trying this.

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  4. Ah, I knew yours would be beautiful! I couldn’t even do this to Sam since he hates the art so much, LOL. But everyone can have a different take on these mood boards, it’s great. And I think I managed to guess the characters, too. And there is a scene from this movie called I Killed My Mother. I have seen a fan-made music video with scenes from this movie here It looks so great, I would love to watch it! Anyway, I will say it again: love your aesthetics!

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