Chapter 2.23: Flames

This chapter is rushed and the events in it happen very quickly. So it kinda sucks lol. Sorry 😝

A soft golden light falls across the bedroom as the sun begins to sink into sleep. All is quiet; a heavy silence punctuated by only the steady tapping of keys. Briar rubs her eyes and stares at the screen again, feeling her head starting to ache again. A particularly difficult burglary case has been shutting her up in her room for a couple of days, and she is beginning to feel very frustrated.


The door bangs open and an cacophony of sound hits her painfully. She wheels around to find her triplets rushing in, Cherry crying and her sisters screeching at each other. “MUMMY, CINNA TOOK PINKY AND RIPPED HER HEAD OFF!” Cara shrieks, flailing her arms. “FOR PAYBACK!” Cinna stomps her foot. “YOU DREW ALL OVER MY BOOK!” The two continue squabbling as tears spill down Cherry’s cheeks, who is trying to pull her sisters apart.


Briar pushes the chair back roughly and stands, her fingers curling in stress. “ENOUGH!” She shouts, and her children stop at once, looking rather frightened at their mother’s tone.


“HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU NOT TO INTERRUPT ME WHILE I AM WORKING?! CARAMEL, CINNAMON, YOU ARE BOTH GROUNDED FOR TWO WEEKS, NOW ALL OF YOU GET OUT!” During this, the triplets had shrunk together despite their fight just a few seconds ago, trembling and with huge eyes.


Huffing, Briar turns back to her report as her children run out of the room. Guilt begins to seep in, but she forces it away. She was right; she had told her family many times to stay out of the bedroom… sighing, Briar gazes at the screen again, but the words spin around in her head.


The case is hopeless, the robbery had just been too well done. She closes the report as unsolved, slumps onto the bed, and lets the stress building up from the last few days carry her into sleep.


About an hour later, someone shakes Briar awake and she rolls over to find Max looking down at her, with an unusually stern look on his face. “You missed dinner, Cherry wanted to bring some up to you but she was afraid to interrupt you.” He says gravely, his arms crossed. Feeling ashamed of herself, Briar stretches and stands up. “I shouldn’t have shouted.” She sighs. Her husband simply nods.


“I’m sorry, it’s just work is being hell right now…  do they hate me now?” Briar asks quietly. There’s a pause, in which Max shakes his head and hands her an envelope. “What is this?” She turns the smooth paper over in hands. “Just open it.” Her husband kisses her on the cheek before leaving the room.


Curiously, Briar slits open the envelope. There’s a piece of printer paper, folded into thirds.


Deer Mummy, 

We are so sory for barjing into your room today and interupptn your impoortant work. We relly very hope you dont hate us now, we didnt meen to anoiy you. If you do we can live on the striets if you want and Cara and Cinna promisses to be best friends but we still love you!! 

Love Cherry, Cinna and Cara xoxo 


Briar doesn’t realise she is crying through her laughter before a tear drips onto the duvet. The clumsy, but certainly neat for a seven year old, handwriting is obviously Cherry’s. Sniffing, she traces the wonky hugs and kisses with her finger, and feels a horrible guilt bubble up in her stomach like acid.


Briar wipes her eyes on her sleeve. “Cara, Cinna, Cherry!” She calls out of the door.

It is a few moments before her children come into the bedroom, clearly terrified, which makes her feel even worse. “I read your letter.” Briar begins, and Cherry peeks through the hands covering her face. “And you don’t have to live on the streets, my babies. I’m sorry that I lost my temper and scared you and I love you all so much too.” Cara and Cinna look immsensely relieved.  “Come here.” Briar holds out her arms and her children rush into them.


“Are you crying, Mama?” Cherry says in a small voice after her sisters skip off, happy again.


Briar smiles at her, feeling tears dripping off her cheeks. “Yes, I am. But they are happy tears, my little cutie pie.” Cherry giggles at the old nickname and hugs her mother again. “I love you, Mama.” She says quietly. “I love you too, Cherry. Now go off and play with your sisters!” Beaming, her small daughter skips out of the bedroom, and Briar watches her go, feeling immsensely content.

Beep. Beep. Beep. She looks around and sees her cellphone vibrating on the desk. “Unknown.” Briar reads the ID and frowns. “Who the hell is this?”


What she reads next makes her blood run cold.


“Boss.” A bespectacled man pokes his head around the office door, and Briar raises her head from her hands. “Have you found where it’s from?” She says sharply. The man hesitates before answering. “Well, we tracked it down to a house in the poorer suburbs.” “And?” “It doesn’t make sense, only an old woman  lives there and we’ve already questioned her, she’s sworn she knows nothing about it.”


Briar feels her fingernails draw blood as she digs them into her palms. “Have you finger print dusted her house?” The answer is already in the man’s eyes, and she cuts him off as he begins talking again. “Just do everything you can to find out who sent it, I want them in front of me by tomorrow. You are dismissed.”


She begins pacing around her office as the man nods and shuts the door gently behind him. The threat, so neatly spelled impersonal pixelated letters, flashes in front of her eyes, and fear prickles at her throat. I will rip apart your family like you ripped apart mine. Like you ripped apart mine… who could be so angry with her to send such a threat? Briar had sent countless people to prison in the years gone by, and as the Sunset Valley Police Chief, discontent from criminals and relatives alike had to be expected. But not this… not such a message that strikes fear so piercingly into her… not her dearest husband, not her sweet, innocent children…


Some people might dismiss this as an empty threat, but in Briar’s knowledge, the harder it is to find the suspect, the more determined the suspect is.


On a warm Friday night, the air is fragrant with the many new scents of spring. Briar glances at the clock, impatient to get back to her family and watch over them along with the many rigorous security measures she had installed after the offender had been failed to be caught. She breathes a sigh of relief as the clock strikes ten and she can hurry out of the station and to her house.


The relief turns into panic as fire engines wail past her, heading for the hills. Briar sprints for her car and guns it, speeding after the engines, gripping the steering wheel hard. Please don’t let it be my house, please… she prays. But the flames, burning bright against the inky sky, are swallowing her beautiful home- just two years old and being reduced to cinders right in front of her eyes.

A blurry haze of panic begins building in her mind as she thinks about Max, her kids. Briar jimmies her phone out of her pocket and jabs keys clumsily with her left hand while driving with the right. “Hi, you’ve reached the voicemail of Max Kingston. I am not available right now so please leave a-” She slams the phone down and the car skids to a stop in front of the burning house.


Firefighters are already running into the flames, shouting to each other. “MY HUSBAND, MY CHILDREN ARE IN THERE!” She shrieks at one pulling down his visor next to the fire engine. “Please calm down, ma’am, we will get your family out.” He says in a reassuring voice. It would be effective if not for the roaring inferno in front of her, the heat burning at Briar’s face even here at the roadside, and the same sickening horror she had felt when she knew Ash was going to die…


The world feels like it is already crumbling around her.

Wow, I know, pretty sucky chapter. But guess what, ladies and gentlemen, that was the very last chapter of Generation Two! 

Mwahahahahaha >:-) 


25 thoughts on “Chapter 2.23: Flames

  1. Sorry about the huge mistake when Briar is reading the letter! Also the lack of pictures at the end. I was truly rushing to post this while my dad was telling me GET OFF IT’S DINNER TIME!!! so I couldn’t proof read properly. I’ll fix it soon!


  2. CLIFFHANGER! Noooooooo! D:
    Max better not be dead! Omg I will be so upset. Poor Briar! And the girls… Generation Three better come soon ’cause I can’t take the suspense.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oooh, you’ve finished Generation 2, exciting 🙂 Thank you very much for all your comments, I have really enjoyed reading your thoughts on the chapters, especially since I posted them so long ago and I have kinda forgotten what happened in them haha. Anyways, I hope you enjoy Generation 3! Or at least the first few chapters that I’ve gotten around to posting lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Whoa! Come on! I can’t handle another death in this generation! Noooooooo!! Especially not Max. 😦

    There’s a definitely a change of tone in your writing when it comes to the past two chapters. I can see how you mentioned that there’s less humor in Gen 3 than in Gen 1 & 2. I’m really looking forward to how this plays out. For now, I’m done with Gen 2! Can’t wait to write the review for Gen 1 & 2 of this legacy! Will have to think long and hard what download to make for the Kingstons though.

    Amazing work all around, Lila! And thank you for all the links to the amazing CC’s! I’ve just downloaded several of Ruby Red’s lots, two of which will be heavily featured in gen 3. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL I wouldn’t kill two of Briar’s most important figures in her life, that would be way too sad for her 😂 Poor girl’s been through too much.
      There definitely is a big change, and honestly I don’t know if it’s for the worse or for the better. I’m leaning towards worse because I really enjoy Briar’s sense of humour and that’s just devoid in Gen 3. But we shall see….
      And yay! Can’t wait to see your thoughts on the story as a whole.
      You’re welcome! Just a warning, if your computer is not that powerful it will take a while for the furniture in the houses to all render (since there’s sooo much CC). But it sounds like your computer is a lot better than mine, so hopefully you don’t have that problem!

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      • I’ll have to see. I actually got my game to work recently by hooking my laptop to our big screen TV. I’m thinking now that my initial problem wasn’t a graphics card issue but a monitor one. Anyway, if you can send me the save so I can hunt for Ash, I can look it up soon. 🙂 I’m hoping the Ruby Red houses will work because they’re so darn gorgeous.

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  4. It took me quite some time – blame work 😥 – for me to reach the end of Briar’s story. It’s crazy how your photos, sims and settings for your story evolved over time when compared to the beginning of her generation and Fern’s. I believe the first comment I wrote to you was on your memory lane challenge (I had to go back and double check XD) and what drew me to your story were the stunning photos I saw. When I went back to the start to read, I got so immersed in the story I forgot all about that and now that I’ve nearly caught up I can see how after your mini-hiatus there was a sort of evolution to both your writing style and photo taking. It’s such a cool thing to see. I’m curious as to how this next gen will be compared to the other two since you’ve already mentioned you will be tackling more mature themes. Before I begin however, I’m just warning you: if you kill one of those adorable triplets or Max, I won’t forgive you! I’m still not over Ash </3 On to the next gen I go!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my, thank you very much for your kind words ❤
      I'm pretty happy about the evolution~ I think with this story it's basically me just constantly trying to improve everything, which I somehow have the most fun doing, so it's great to see my progress so far, I think! And I'm looking forward to see how it will continue to change in the future.
      I see you are already halfway through the third gen but just a warning, there's a lot of cringy moments and badly done characterisation in there .__.
      Haha, I'm not gonna kill any more of my main characters (I think?), don't worry!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. That was quite the ending :/ I did know that something happened to Cherry of course, but not quite what…
    And now I’m up to gen three – yay, I’ve been so excited to read it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. OMG! And I have to stop reading right after this chapter, and I won’t be able to get back until tonight, or maybe tomorrow night! I know that at least Cherry will make it through the fire…

    Liked by 1 person

  7. WHAT
    Oh please let them all be ok! oh GODS like the house is on FIRE!

    on a side note… yay I made it!
    Just in time to have to STOP! *shakes fist* [terminator voice] I’LL BE BACK.

    Liked by 1 person

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