Rambling — Generation Three Warnings

Okay guys- only one more chapter until the end of Generation Two! I need to start taking pictures for it, but first I have something important to tell you: I am not doing a heir poll for Generation Three.

Yes, that’s right. I have already chosen a heir myself, and while I would love to do a reader poll, I am absolutely set on writing her story, and I have figured out most of the plot and characters. I won’t tell you who I chose yet since I still have 2.23 to go.

For this generation, my legacy will undergo a very big change. This includes the writing quality, the picture styles, the themes of the story, etc. Therefore, I have a few notes and warnings for you regarding the third generation:

  1. The rating for Generation 3 will be R-16. Due to the nature of both the characters and settings, there will be uncensored swearing as well as more mature themes, like violence. The primary setting is much darker than sweet old Sunset Valley! Of course, there will be no sexual content, but the references/implications + romantic-ness will probably be more frequent. I am a person who does not like either swearing or such mature content but it is needed to emphasis the feeling of the story.
  2. I will be using Ephemera’s Weak Freckle Skin for my main characters. I know this is inconsistent of me considering I haven’t used cc skins for the last two gens but it’s a must for the realism I am aiming for. Also because my Sims look so much more attractive!
  3. Each chapter will take longer to write and take pictures for because I am wanting to have the best possible quality for both. The first chapter is double the length of Gen 2’s! I want it to be like I am writing a novel and the pictures are just an addition. The writing will be in first person and the screenshots will have a simple filter over the top, because in my opinion they will look too cold unedited. As a result the gap between posting will be around a fortnight or longer in school days.
  4. For this generation, I will be using poses for most of the pictures. The majority are from FC Studio so the males are automatically stretched as taller. Please excuse any height differences in one shot from another (for the same person) that you might find.
  5. Since I’m going for a more realistic look, the style of cc for Gen 3 will be quite a bit different than the other two. Most of my hairstyles will be retextures from July Kapo, and the clothes from Simsimi, Sentate, Anubis and Pixicat.
  6. Finally, a note specifically for Simsered: As I was writing down the final plot outline for this generation, I realised that it sounds rather like your Windlass Legacy. I’m sorry for this, I sincerely did not intend for this to happen.


My face when I still have one chapter to do… well, okay, I think that’s all! I really hope you enjoy this generation because I know I’m going to be putting lots of hard work into it~



6 thoughts on “Rambling — Generation Three Warnings

  1. Yay for mature themes! *claps hands* I realize I am a strange person for being so excited for undoubtedly the hardships to come for the next heir, but I just can’t help it lol.
    The Windlass Legacy is pretty much down the tubes, I’m afraid. And only after one chapter.. So I’m not worried about it one bit! I can’t wait for Generation Three. 🙂
    Btw, Raphael is very good looking. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    • It’s okay, I’m excited for my legacy to finally grow up haha 😂 It will become so much more fun for me to write, actually! I’m off to write a bit more for Chapter 3.1 before I get kicked off the computer again, sigh.
      Well, while that is not very good (at all…), it’s a relief that this generation won’t be like yours, then!
      Yep, I totally agree! 😜

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  2. Yay I’m excited to see how generation three turns out! From what I’ve seen so far, you’ve really improved your writing skills over the past month or so, and of course the CC and pictures are breathtaking! I wish I could take pictures that good XD

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes for Gen 3! Please hurry up and finish the next chapter! Quickly please! But I guess I have to be patient since quality not quantity. I really want you to post 3.1 so your followers and be amazed by your writing skills! And I also want to see your screenshots since I haven’t seen those yet. Man, it will be so cool to have pictures accompanying the awesome writing. I am excited xD


    • Man I feel the same way… currently I’ve taken like 1/5 of the pictures for 2.23… sigh. It’s a step, though.
      I have to take the rest of the pics before beginning to take the ones for 3.1. And when I do it’s going to take ages because of how long the chapter is. I’ll send them through to you once I get started though!

      Liked by 1 person

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