Rambling — Happy New Year!

Hey guys!

It is the beginning of the new year and I was hoping for this to be the beginning of a new generation. Unfortunately my game is once again giving me grief and sometimes I alternately want to cry and punch the screen because of how much it is slowing me down. I’m trying my very best to get Chapter 2.22 out but I’m only getting about two screenshots per hour. The main culprit is the wedding because as we all know, weddings are hard as hell to organise, even in a game! I’ve finished building it but I still have to go through the mania of posing everyone. 😩


The good news is that we are only two chapters away from Generation 3! I am BEYOND excited for this because this time, I’m going to try my best at the writing and the screenshots, to make it into ‘novel-quality’ if that makes sense. By that point it will not be a legacy challenge (I’m pretty sure I have broken all the rules lol) but a full-fledged story. It will be much more realistic, dark and mature, I’ll do a little warning post before I begin the generation.

For now I am just trying to clear out some space while I can’t play Sims. Hopefully I can collect all these screenshots quickly, but my game seems to forever hate me so… yes.

Also, my great friend Xinxin Moon has started her own legacy, The Silverglass Legacy. The first chapter was posted at the beginning of New Years Day, so check it out! 😊

I hope everyone has a lovely New Year’s Day! I can’t believe it’s 2016 already, the legacy is more than half a year old now (and I’m still on Gen 2 lol). Here’s to another great year of being in the Simming blogger community, which I am so glad I joined! It’s been loads of fun meeting fellow writers and discovering new stories. May this year be just as fun! 🎉

Lila ❤️


5 thoughts on “Rambling — Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year! 🎊
    I can’t wait for Generation 3, and a more realistic, mature storyline. Of course I love the Kingstons the way they are. 😉
    It’s New Years Eve in the States, so I’m going to celebrate by eating junk and playing board games in my pjs with family. 😁

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