Rambling — Merry Christmas!

Seasons Greetings, amazing readers!

It’s Christmas Day here in New Zealand and I am sitting outside in the hot summer sunlight, wishing for the millionth time that it could snow. I expect most of you will be able to look out of your window and see snow falling; I’m jealous, the only time I have been in real snow is when I went up a mountain, and even then it was a sunny day. However, my Sims are lucky and get to experience a snowy white Christmas instead of me, because Seasons was half-price on Origin so I managed to reobtain my sadly missing expansion pack with not too much pain.

Excitedly, I kitted out the whole family in outerwear and the girls look so cute!




So you have probably noticed that the family don’t seem to be posing in front of their house. That’s because I prematurely bulldozed the whole thing and placed down the beautiful Winter Farmhouse that Ruby’s Home Design built for the holidays. It looked so pretty that I just couldn’t resist! I was supposed to post this after I posted a chapter but the game refused to cooperate and let me take all the screenshots before Christmas Day. I’m quite annoyed about that because I have been working harder than usual on the quality of the writing, storyline and pictures and I kinda wanted to post it as a tiny sort of ‘gift’ to you guys. Hopefully I can do that by New Years instead then…

You’ll see that the windowpanes on this house haven’t rendered. Sadly, this is true for a lot of the objects inside, too. The interior will look great when it all loads though!


By the time the majority of you will see this, I think it will be Christmas Day or after over in the States. So I hope that you all have a wonderful day (regardless of whether you celebrate it or not!) and have a happy holiday!

Lila ❤



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