Photo Shoot — The New Arrivals!

Hi guys!
If you have read Chapter 2.21 yet (if you haven’t, read it before you continue reading this!) you will know that Briar and Max had three adorable baby girls! You will also know that I haven’t revealed their names and personalities and stuff, which I will do with a little family photo shoot today. Let’s meet the cute new arrivals!


The eldest out of the triplets is Cinnamon Kingston. She doesn’t care much for strangers and cuddles, but is always the one to lead an adventure around the nursery with her two sisters. Cinna has inherited much of Briar’s looks, with her violet eyes and dark hair! Her favourite colour is red.


She also likes to sleep a lot!


The second oldest triplet is Caramel Kingston. Unlike her sister, Cara absolutely adores attention and as a consequence is always in the middle of it. She is the most outgoing and anyone who meets her falls in love with her at once! Cara has Fern’s bright green eyes and her Uncle Ash’s blonde hair. Her favourite colour is pink.


Cara likes to totter round the nursery with the help of her mother!


The youngest is Cherry Kingston. She is very quiet and is content to let her sisters have all the spotlight. Out of of the triplets, she is the smartest and quickest to learn new things, but is also a dreamer. So, her fave time of day is story time, of course! Cherry takes after her father, with brown hair and bright blue eyes (sorry, her eyes are the wrong colour in this pic!) Her favourite colour is yellow and also she likes ducklings 😊


Cherry loves following her mother around! 

And there you have it! The three newest arrivals to the ever growing Kingston family. In my opinion, they are the cutest addition so far. They are just so adorable, and so Max completely spoils them! 

Bonus pic! The parents being their usual cutie pie selves!


See you guys tomorrow with another photo shoot! It’s a fashion one, with Ryan and Thalia. Hope you liked this little shoot 😝


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