Chapter 2.21: New Life, New Love

Hey guys! 

So, I finally got the chapter done. Yippee. You’ve probably guessed what it is about- yes, Briar and Max are having children! I am SUPER excited for this 😝. It has been quite a long journey, full of twists and turns, to this momentous point in Briar’s life! Note, be aware that things in this chapter may be inaccurate. I don’t really know much about pregnancy and motherhood, so please excuse any mistakes you find! 

I hope you enjoy~

Being pregnant sucks.


It’s not just the morning sickness, the spots which have suddenly scattered themselves across her skin, or even the constant weariness. It’s the mood swings which are really annoying Briar. One moment she would be snapping at poor, sweet, patient Max for some stupid little reason and the next moment she would be bloody bawling her eyes out on his shoulder until she falls asleep. Crying is embarrassing. Being pregnant makes her feel weak and messed up and disoriented, and those are the worst feelings possible in a police officer’s opinion.


Thank god for Max. After the announcement, he had moved into to the Kingston house to take care of Briar. At first, she had protested; no one needed to help her. That was before the pregnancy hormones had knocked her off her feet, a tidal wave of tears and anger. Now, she’s grateful for his and her parent’s everlasting patience and pampering. Briar feels like she would have broken down completely otherwise.


Fern seems to be more excited for the arrival than her daughter. At this point, Briar is just plain desperate. She misses work, maternity leave meaning she can’t pursue her usual entertainment, like playing basketball with Max and Will Oliver-Green. Instead she’s stuck here, reading books (ugh) and watching T.V (not so ugh). It’s a rather boring and rather painful existence.


“Mom, how did you even do this two times?” Briar groans after, once again, throwing up into the toilet. Fern places a hand on her hip. “The end result, sweetie. It’ll be worth it. Just you wait.” I don’t want to do anymore waiting, Briar grumbles in her mind. It’s nearing the end of her first trimester and although she knows the morning sickness will soon subside, she’s had enough of it already. Another six months to go. Great.


Sighing heavily, Briar struggles up and stares at the mirror. She looks at her stomach and notices how it is beginning to swell against the loose fabric of her dress. Not for the first time, she thinks past the stress and wonders what her child will look like. A boy or a girl? Black hair like Briar, or brown like her parents and Max’s natural hair? Maybe the baby would inherit something from Ash. That would be nice.


Briar’s musings are interrupted by her mother. “Kelsey is coming over in half an hour to help you adjust to being a mother.” Fern says gently. “Awesome.” She replies dully. Time to learn how to change diapers- just Briar’s idea of fun. 


“You seriously don’t think I’m going to have this many kids.” Briar says aloud and frowns at the three children sitting on the grass, all gurgling happily and batting at various toys. Kelsey and Fern just laugh, not bothering to turn around. “Well, they are triplets…” “So yes.” Her mother finishes.


Briar settles into the egg chair swinging from an aspen and waits for the mothers to finish their conversation. It’s a crisp, cool day; the sky a brittle blue like thin ice over a river, whispering of frosted wintery days to come. The sunlight warms her bare arms, but it doesn’t stop her from shivering slightly. Perhaps this year it will snow properly, hopefully more than the sleet which had fallen last winter… 


“Vroom, vroom!” One of Kelsey’s baby boys, Eddie, squeals happily as he shakes a yellow plastic car vigorously. I’m not sure that’s how cars work, Briar smiles to herself.  His blonde brother Hunter is crawling away rapidly, Fern chasing after him. Nearby, Willow Oliver-Green is making her bunny hop across the ground, giggling. It’s all very cute until she opens her mouth and chomps down on the bunny’s ear.


Over the next two hours, Kelsey tells Briar how to deal with labour, various techniques to solve problems that might come up, and most importantly, how to stop tantrums. “I just try to distract them with something they like.” Kelsey suggests. “Isn’t that rewarding them, in a way, though?” Briar asks doubtfully. “I’m afraid that the young ones don’t quite understand reasoning or the meaning behind their wrongdoing.” Her friend says grimly. That’s rather hard to argue with. Especially considering how troublesome Briar herself had been as a toddler.


The garden is full of hot, bright midday sunlight when Briar feels someone lift her into the air. “Morning, gorgeous.” Max smiles up at her, his eyes sparkling. “Awwwww…” Kelsey giggles under her breath, and Briar resists the urge to twist around and glare at her friend. “Hey.” She bats at her husband’s shoulder, laughing and blushing at the same time. Three months married and she’s still a little embarrassed with public shows of affection.


“You feeling okay?” Max says gently, after they flop down onto the warm grass, still chuckling. Briar looks down at her swollen stomach against her husband’s lean and well-muscled one. “I’m doing fine. Better than other days. I’m not crying, at least.” She smiles at Max, who  slips a hand around her shoulder and sighs happily. “That’s good. Um, Briar, I know it’s a little too early for this… but have you thought of any names?”


A good question. To be honest, she had been thinking a lot about it, despite the expected due date being half a year away. “Yeah, I guess.” She says slowly. “Something cute yet different. I want my child to have a unique name. Like… Cinnamon, for a girl.” Max nods slowly, although a little surprise flickers in his bright eyes. “I like that. Cinna for short. That’s kinda gender-neutral.” “Sweet.” Briar closes her eyes and rests her cheek against Max’s shoulder, letting the irresistible combination of rustling leaves and fall sunlight lull her into sleep . Ten seconds later, someone kicks her leg. “Sis, I need your help!” Isla yells. “What?” Briar says irritably, opening her eyes reluctantly and heaving her aching body up.


Her little sister drags her away in response and shoves a beeping phone in Briar’s face. “Oh, it’s Clayton.” She says interestedly, and then grabs the mobile phone off Isla. “Yes, Isla will meet you at Little Corsican Bistro at seven this evening. Bye.” She hands the now black-screened phone back to her gaping sister.


“What did you do?” Isla flails her arms. “I don’t want to meet up with… with… that jerky vampire!” “He’s not a vampire anymore.” Briar counters. She hasn’t met the ancient bloodsucker since the day he asked her to help him, but as he had just called Isla, he must have survived the procedure. He probably waited these years to age. “Now, shut up and let’s find you a nice dress. I don’t care if you haven’t seen Mr. Clayton Alto since however long, or if he broke up with you.” Briar rolls her eyes. “You haven’t given him a chance to explain anything. Plus, no matter how much you protest he’s a jerk, one fact remains; you haven’t dated anyone else since, even though you’re now eighteen. You still like him, baby sister. So, today at seven p.m, you’re going to meet Clayton at the bistro, even if I have to drag you there.”


Briar sucks in a huge breath and blinks in shock. Since when had she been so passionate about getting Isla and Clayton back together? She really shouldn’t care. But after marrying Max, Briar has realized how precious and how good their love feels. Isla shouldn’t miss out on something like that. No one should. “You really think I should go?” Isla whispers. “Yep.” “Okay. Thanks, sis.” She hugs Briar tightly and then they go inside to pick a cool dinner dress and shoes. It’s actually kind of fun.


Pregnancy, Briar decides, is making her crazy.


Six Months Later


Briar shoots up from her pillow and some extremely un-ladylike words spill out of her mouth. Another red-hot shard of pain slices through her belly and she gasps, doubling over. “Max! MAX!” Her husband sits up, his eyes startled yet bleary from sleep. “What? What’s wrong?” “I’M GOING INTO FREAKING LABOUR, THAT’S WHAT.” Briar explodes, staggering out of bed. Most unfortunately for Max, he completely loses it. “Men.” Briar mutters, and huffs as she contracts again.


She somehow makes it down the staircase and into the dark living room. Fern appears out of the master bedroom, already dressed and pulling on her shoes. She must have heard Briar’s torrent of cuss words, or perhaps had been awake, cautious of her daughter’s nearing due date. “Let’s get you to hospital, sweetie.” Fern fishes the car keys from beside the entrance, holding open the door for Briar to hurry out, with a panicked Max soon behind.

Briar leans against the seat, trying not to cry out, as Fern spins the steering wheel and the car speeds off into the night.



“I am never EVER doing that again, do you hear me?” Briar collapses into the nursery sofa, looking at  her husband with exhausted eyes. “I agree. I think you just about squeezed my hand to death.” Max winces, massaging his wrist, yet his eyes are twinkling. “It was worth it, though.” He says softly, and they both look at the fluffy rug in front of them. “We have three beautiful girls.”




Babies babies babies yessssssssssss! The triplets are just super adorable. I am very happy that Generation Three has finally come through and I am so excited to see how each of their stories will unfold!
This is a bit random but man, do I love the Pose Player. The poses are just so sweet! Also, almost forgot, there’s this amazing Pose Player Add-On mod by Misukisu which I find real helpful. It allows you to pose anyone, even Sims outside your active family, by just clicking on them. It has a lot of other cool features as well, so if you don’t already have it I seriously recommend you download it.

Tomorrow I’ll post a photo shoot of the Kingston family so keep an eye out! You’ll get to learn their names and such. Plus another shoot with my models! 

Thank you for reading, and have a lovely day

PS: If you haven’t read the first chapter of Simsered’s Windlass Legacy, kindly go read it now. It’s awesome.


17 thoughts on “Chapter 2.21: New Life, New Love

  1. Yay babies! I guess Briar ended up with three children after all 🙂 They are so adorable and Max was really sweet to her during her pregnancy, and I’m glad Clayton survived and isn’t a vampire anymore! Maybe he and Isla will get back together

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Briar and Max are literally too cute. I love how Briar is awkward with public displays of affection, but she loves to be with Max. Even her ideals about relationships have changed! Here she is trying to hook up her baby sister and Clayton the ex-vamp lol. I hope those two can work things out!
    Triplets, wow! Did not see that coming. They certainly have their hands full! I can’t wait to see how the girls all look when they get older, they are so cute now! I love the name Cinnamon btw. Super unique and awesome. 🙂
    And thank you for the shout out to my new legacy! Hopefully I can have Chapter Two up today. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep, Briar certainly has changed from her old immature-and-hates-children-and-romance personality! I have enjoyed slowly developing her character from that. She might even be getting a makeover soon, just to emphasise her turning over a new leaf in her life (the title was a reference to Chapter 1.2 when Fern began changing her ways too!)
      Cinnamon is my favourite name, I totally agree with you! I have to say Cherry is my favourite out of the triplets, in terms of personality, right now though 😊
      Thanks for your comments as always! I’m excited to read your chapter.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my god, triplets!!! This is super exciting (for me at least, I don’t know about Briar lol)!! Who would have thought that Briar would be happy to be a mother after all 🙂 Also, her and Max are super cute, Max is the perfect husband ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The first line made me snicker. Classic Briar. Not a maternal bone in this sim’s body. But I’m guessing that will change once she actually holds that baby in her arms.

    Awww… that shot of them lying on the grass. ❤

    It's not the pregnancy, Briar. You just really care about Isla. I love that the two sisters are bonding in that way! ❤

    TRIPLETS?! Love it! That last shot of Max on the couch looking at their babies is so awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Briar and Isla’s bonding was long overdue ❤ ~ (Her date outfit was adorable btw) Compared to the start of her gen, Briar has changed quite a bit – no doubt she's been through a lot and being married and pregnant with her own kids now probably all contributed to that. I love that she still wears the panda hat though XD Yay, triplets! They all look so precious ~

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  6. So you’ve finally got bitten by the poseplayer-bug! And there’s no known remedy… Lovely picture of Max and Briar on the grass! And the last one, looking at their three daughters, is very expressive!

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  7. Hahahahahahahahahahahahha! Poor Briar! TRIPLETS!? My GODS! Hahaha!
    Ok no but seriously, WOW what a shift in writing – it’s fantastic! Poses do that, I feel. I’m completely floored by this though! I’m almost there! Eeeeeeeeep!

    Liked by 1 person

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