Photo Shoot — City Love

I know. *rolls eyes*. I am late on posting the next chapter, once again. I’ve been spending my precious time on Sims doing a romantic little photo shoot instead, and I am totally not sorry because it was really fun 😊 I want to share some of the pics with you guys today.

The past two days, I have been on a cc shopping spree and downloaded so many things -specifically clothes- from Anubis, Simsimi, and Pixicat. I’ve gotten pretty much every one of fyachii’s adorable couple pose packs too! Instead of playing on the Kingston save (as I really ought to be doing) I’ve been using up my hours trying out all my great new cc and poses. Again, I have employed my models Thalia Blue and Ryan Torres. I edited them and with the help of many new cute poses, plus pulling up even more graphics settings, I’ve compiled a collection of pictures together. Hopefully you like them!

I’m pretty proud of how Ryan looks now, I gave him a new nose, skin and hair, and I think he turned out quite good. He’s actually going to be featured in the next generation (and by featured, you probably know what I mean).


I’m using Ephemera’s Weak Skin and for some reason it doesn’t look as good on Thalia as on Ryan. She looks too anime-ish. Can anyone suggest a skin which isn’t overly shiny and doll-like?


Here is the rest of the photo shoot!








Sorry, bad lighting in some so a few look quite strange. This is all improving my screenshot skills though, so all of us will be grateful for that later on 😁

Hope you liked the photo shoot! Please tell me what you think. I don’t know when Chapter 2.21 will be up, I have written everything, it’s just taking the screenshots which is slowing me down because in all honesty, this is a whole lot more fun. But it will be up this week.

Lila ❤️



12 thoughts on “Photo Shoot — City Love

      • Yes! Briar babies! I can’t believe your story is already almost to Generation Three. Makes me miss TSOOS. Now I have to start over. :/ But I am excited for my new story, and for you to read it!

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