Update — Awesome (ish) News!

Good news, everybody: I successfully transferred most of my game data to my Windows computer, and despite my worries, it seems to be running Sims 3 pretty well! In fact, my big Kingston save game loaded a lot faster than expected, which was amazing. This means that my blogging is not coming to an end. Yay. I will be posting a chapter in the next couple of days, I’ve finished writing but I have only taken a few screenshots.

I do have a big problem, though. For some extremely annoying reason, my favourite and most important expansion pack (Seasons, of course!) isn’t turning up as ‘bought’ in Origin. I’ve tried redeeming the product code multiple times but it’s already been used, by me, obviously. It doesn’t really make sense because Seasons was showing up perfectly fine on the Mac, and I’m using the same account. So, that is a bit bothersome. I don’t need it for Chapter 2.21 but I really want it for the next ones!

Also, I’ve decided that I am going to hold off doing The Faraway City Lights until I finish this legacy, which is going to be five generations (not ten; way too long!). This way, I’ll have less strain on both my time and the computer. I will prefer to spend my time focused on just one story.

Okay, that’s it for now. I’m extremely delighted that my Windows computer is handling Sims this well! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay~

Oh yes I nearly forgot- I guess I’ll just show you the rest of the wedding pics. A tiny consolation for the delay in posting Chapter 2.21…







A very happy, happy Lila


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