Update — Huge Problem

Guys, I have a massive, horrible, terrible problem.

I’m not sure I can play Sims anymore. Today, the game froze on my little sister, as it has many times before. However, it absolutely refused to crash back onto the desktop, and my dad was forced to shut the computer down. Sims 3 has been annoying him for a while now because it has been slowing down the computer a lot, but I think this time it was the last straw. I have a Mac and since EA sucks, the game doesn’t run well at all on it! Sometimes I hate EA for not bothering to make a native version of the game for the wide community of Mac Simmers, and instead deciding to rush it and use the super sucky Cider.

I have solved a big number of problems but the game is just damaging the computer way too much. It’s only a game but it does mean a lot to me, which is kinda sad but true. I am just so extremely pissed off right now.

As you have probably guessed by now, not being able to play Sims will mean the end of this legacy as well. This is such a crappy thing to happen to me, because I just love playing and blogging so much. 😦

However: I do also have a Windows computer. Right now, I’m trying to download Sims onto it. I’m just very scared that it won’t be powerful enough to handle the game. If this somehow works, though… you will see the next chapter up by tomorrow or the day after that, because I’ve backed up all my files on a USB. If it doesn’t, then you will see me crying my eyes out at the end of my Sims blogging days for many years to come (until I get my own computer, which is until I get a job, which means until I finish high school, really).

I really really really hope the Windows computer will be able to run Sims 3… if it doesn’t… I don’t want to think about it.

A very sad/angry Lila

PS: Just want to show you guys this because I would like to give you something happy and nice. It’s five wedding inspiration shoot pictures, out of many more, which I took (while I was preparing for the next Kingston wedding). The models are Thalia Blue by me and Ryan Torres {aka Edmundo Marcel- thanks for putting him up, thornheartssims!}, and I think they are such sweethearts. I guess you’ll see the rest of the pictures if Sims doesn’t work, and see the actual wedding if it does work.

Please enjoy while I wait for Origin to complete the other 85% of downloading Sims. Sigh.






9 thoughts on “Update — Huge Problem

  1. I feel your pain. I would be very sad indeed in your situation. I would also be very sad if this legacy ended, we haven’t even seen Briar’s babies yet!! I really do hope it works on the Windows computer and I cross my fingers for you. ❤

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    • More memory, as in RAM (sorry, don’t know too much about computers)? I think my Windows computer has 4 GB, while the program which allows Sims to run on Mac could only access 2GB. That gives me hope. Thanks for the heads up!

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      • My bf computer isnt the best, I think his is on the lower end. I know everyone can’t afford one, when I started playing Sims on my gaming pc. I notice, I didn’t have the same issues with the game.

        I was told by another Simmer to install razer game booster. It helps a lot when I play on his pc. Also bad CC can be causing the issues or too much is installed.

        I hope this helps.

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