Chapter 2.20: Dance till the Stars Fade

Hello, my lovely readers! I have finished my last exam and I am happy to say that the hiatus is over! I’ve missed blogging. Over the last month, I haven’t actually been playing Sims that much because of the many problems my game has (since I am on a Mac). Instead I’ve been waging war against all those problems as well as improving game quality. The worst problem was Disc Authorisation/No Game Disc Found which meant I would have to wait up to two hours for my computer to finally decide my disc was a valid copy. Dodgy cc meant my Launcher crashed frequently and did not allow me to uninstall the unwanted cc in question. However I managed to remove all my cc and slowly reinstall the cc I felt was safe and which I wanted, so that error was fixed. Yesterday I redeemed the digital copy of the game and now the No Disc Found is nowhere to be seen and the game loads a treat! No more fuming at the computer for me 😊

In terms of improving my game quality, I pulled up the Sim Detail, Texture and Tree Detail to the highest, as well as installing the pose player and more custom content without it dying so yippee. I also read through my legacy and gosh… I was cringing so much, the writing and screenshots were honestly just TERRIBLE. Please expect an improvement of the pictures and writing! 

Without further ado, enjoy this latest chapter in Briar’s story! ❤️

“Briar, are you listening?”

A voice breaks into Briar’s storm of thoughts and she blinks, focusing on the face in front of her. “Sorry, what did you say?”

Kelsey Oliver-Green lets out a slow breath which flutters her blonde hair. “I was asking if you feel alright. You look rather pale.” Considering the faint worry on her friend’s face, Briar smiles and works up a reply. “I’m fine. Just… nervous.” Kelsey steps forward and pins another stray strand of Briar’s hair up- it seems to insist on escaping. “You look gorgeous. Don’t be nervous.”

It’s exactly three hours before Briar is due at Recurve Strand for her wedding. It’s the perfect day; the sky sweet and blue and veiled by thin white clouds. The sunlight streaming into her parent’s bedroom is warm, but she can taste a chilly hint of fall in the air. Summer is almost over.


“What is there to be nervous about?” Fern adds, her green eyes sparkling with excitement. “You and Max have been best friends for as long as I remember. I’ve learned from my mistakes, and I can see nothing but love between you two, sweetie.” Her mother forms a heart with her fingers, smiling at Briar. The light of happiness and a cute fresh haircut seems to have erased years from Fern’s face.

“Thanks, Mom.” Briar says. Secretly, it’s not the wedding itself that has awoken butterflies in her belly, although she still finds the fact that she is getting freaking married strange. It’s more the honeymoon which is making her nervous. But she would never EVER admit that to her mother.


She swallows her anxiety and stares at herself at the mirror. In a few hours, she will officially be a Mrs. The thought is just so weird. Ten years ago, never did she imagine that she would even be in a relationship. Sighing, Briar smooths down her wedding dress. A treasure found from hours of searching and trying on countless bridal gowns in boutiques. That had been rather painful. So much frills, lace, pearls- gah.

To any other Sim, Briar’s fussiness and repulsion to all things girly might have been annoying. But her mother was in heaven; happily browsing for the perfect wedding gown for her tomboy daughter. Finally, when both their feet were sore, she found a dress that Briar wasn’t willing to throw up all over. Slim fitting and all simple lines. Embellished with an exquisite wreath of dark purple flowers and tiny leaves, spilling out from a narrow violet ribbon. It may be nothing fancy, but to Briar it is the most lovely thing she has ever worn.



“You look breathtaking.” Max’s gentle voice tugs her gaze up from the sand. Briar flushes as she meets those unique eyes, the colour of the sky on a hot summer evening. “Thanks. You, um, look nice too.” She mentally slaps herself for her awkward answer. Max looks so much more than nice, his always easy smile on his lips, his black-and-purple hair ruffled in the salty breeze. Why is she acting so gawky? As Fern pointed out, she and Max have been best friends since they were five. Yet she can’t stop her hands from trembling like a leaf.


Calm the bloody hell down, Briar scolds herself, taking a deep breath as the guests gather around. She quickly wipes her hands on her dress as her soon-to-be husband begins speaking their homemade vows. Happy sighs emit from the small gathering of friends and family, but Briar’s heart does a slow twist.


Ash should be here. She can almost imagine the ghost of her twin brother smiling at her from the crowd, and unexpectedly a fresh wave of sadness chokes her throat. “I, Max Oliver, promise to…” He should be here, supporting his twin sister and best friend! I wish you were here, Ash. The silent thought chokes her up and she pinches the gold ring nestled in her palm, determined not to let anything ruin this moment.


She’s jolted out of her thoughts as Max warmly takes Briar’s hand in his and slides a diamond ring onto her finger. His touch settles her nerves and all of a sudden, her sadness melts away. “I do.” Max finishes, beaming. “I do.” Briar echoes, carefully exchanging her ring. The fragrance of the lavenders and lilies arranged around the arch makes her feel a little dizzy, and she finds herself smiling uncontrollably.


Her sister-in-law, Anastasia, speaks up as arranged from the crowd. “As part of the Sunset Valley Council, I officially pronounce you husband and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Kingston! You may now kiss the bride.”


Max scoops her into his arms and kisses her. An explosion of happiness suddenly starbursts in Briar’s chest and she realises how much lingering grief and nerves had suppressed her unspoken excitement for her marriage. She smiles against her husband’s lips and deepens the kiss, much to the laughter of her friends. But Briar doesn’t care what they think.


She finally lets Max go and is instantly overwhelmed by the guests. “Aww… you two are so cute!” Kelsey clasps her hands. “Are we going to see any babies soon? Looked like it with that display right there, sis.” Isla winks. Briar goes crimson and slaps her little sister’s arm. “You shut up.”


After the congratulations, everyone moves over to the big tables set up under floaty white canopies, providing shade from the sinking sun. Strings of paper cranes spin gently in the slight wind. Laughter and chatter mix with the quiet lap of waves as the guests heap their plates and settle down. The tiny candles in the violet lanterns flicker and glow, like miniature stars, caught in glass.


The real stars have begun to rise when the guests trickle out under the silk floss tree, the blossoms sending a delicate perfume swirling over the beach. Briar sits down in one of the bohemian egg chairs hanging from a branch, and soaks in the atmosphere. It’s very peaceful, the cool sea breeze stirring her hair, couples stepping and turning gracefully across the sand. She can’t remember a time where she ever felt this contented with her life.


“May I have this dance, Mrs. Kingston?” Max appears in front of her and dips into a ridiculous bow. As always, he knows exactly how to make her laugh. “Yes, of course, Mr. Fancy Pants.” Briar smiles at him and stands up. Her husband -her adorable, amazing husband– kisses her hand and then winks at her. “Come on.” Max laughs at her expression, and pulls her out onto the moonlight dance floor.


To her surprise, Max effortlessly guides her into a dance. “Since when did you get this good at dancing?” Briar raises her eyebrows. Her husband leans in and his breath tickles her ear. “I’ll tell you a secret.” He whispers. “I took dancing lessons with Kelsey just for you.” That makes Briar laugh again. “That would of taken a lot of dedication. Thanks.” Max smiles at her and she feels her heart swell with pure,  simple, happiness.


They dance until the stars begin to fade.



“Are you okay up here, sweetie?” The bathroom door opens and Fern’s worried face appears. Briar coughs and heaves again, emptying the meagre contents of her stomach into the toilet.


Her mother pats her back sympathetically. “Gross.” Briar says weakly after throughly washing her sour-tasting mouth out.


She sighs and presses a hand to her forehead. What’s wrong with her? Yesterday she had been feeling just fine. Great, really. But today’s morning began with stumbling out of bed, rushing to the bathroom, and throwing up. “I don’t know what’s wrong.” Briar exhales. Her mother tilts her head, thoughts flickering across her green eyes. “Sweetie…” Fern says slowly. “On the honeymoon… did you use protection?”


Oh. Shoot. “Um… no…” Briar whispers, knowing exactly how red her face must be right now. Her mother is completely unembarrassed. “Alright.” She announces briskly. “Then it might be worth paying a trip to the doctors.”



The wind rustling through the maple leaves, and the sunlight warming her skin, calms Briar down as she waits for Max’s car to draw up. She’s still in shock. How could have she been so careless, so bloody stupid? Wedding excitement, perhaps. Maybe that one or two glasses of champagne. Oh, crap…


“Good morning.” Max kisses her, a big smile on his lips, as per usual. “Hi.” She replies bluntly. “I have some news.” “Good or bad?” “I’m… not sure. Good, I guess?” Briar takes a deep breath, looking down from her husband’s questioning eyes. “I’m pregnant.” She blurts out.


Max stares at her for a moment, amazement dawning on his face. “I’m going to be a father?!” “Yes.” “Wow… this is awesome!” He spins Briar around and then freezes. “Oh. Should I not do that?” “No, silly. I just found out today.” She can’t help but laugh at his stricken face. “We’re going to have a child. We’re going to be a family!” Max sings, swinging Briar’s hands. His joy is infectious.


I’m going to have a baby. The thought sends a ripple of apprehension through her, but not terror, like it might have been a few years ago. I’m going to be a mother. And to Briar’s surprise, when she really thinks about it… the thought makes her smile.



Wedding Album: Briar and Max

Eek! These two are so cute! After much toil, and frustration at losing my progress due to crashing, I finally finished their wedding! It was really fun to decorate and I used a bunch of cc from one of my favourite house artist’s beautiful homes (Ruby Red Sims). I tried to keep it ‘Briar’ style but I do admit going a little overboard trying to make it look pretty! I enjoy doing weddings a lot but I can never fit all my pictures in one chapter, so for now and future weddings, I am going to put all the pics at the bottom of the post or perhaps in a seperate one (an ‘album’). Cue spam~ 










I am just in love with the table setting and those lovely paper crane lights 😍

And I’m done! Thank you, as always, for reading. See you guys next week (my sister is still at school so I cannot play Sims every day… sigh) for the next chapter in Briar’s story- time for us to finally see the Generation Three heirs!

Lila ❤️


25 thoughts on “Chapter 2.20: Dance till the Stars Fade

  1. All I want to do is scream I am so happy that you are writing again! Hiatuses are the worst. 😛
    So I just have to say that your picture taking and writing are seriously so great! They have really improved, and all those wedding pictures… just absolutely beautiful. I actually felt like I could be there it looked so real…
    The wedding was super pretty, and Briar was even prettier. Fern! She looks so nice with her new hairdo. 🙂 Max is a super cutie (of course), and I can’t wait to see what their babies will look like! Even cuter, duh. Though I wish Ash had the chance to be an uncle, I miss him too Briar! 😦
    Your CC all looks amazing. The wedding just blows me away. I’m a little jealous that Noah and Allie’s wedding wasn’t this beautiful! Lol *shrugs*
    By the way, I am picking up my new laptop tomorrow (or I should be) from Best Buy, so my absence will soon be coming to a close, I hope lol. My new legacy will be kicking off as soon as I can get everything moved over. Fingers crossed everything goes well! I’ve missed blogging too much.
    I’m so happy you are back! Looking forward to seeing more posts from you. ❤ 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Also, I don’t know if you have ever come across the blog by SimComix called The Insane Dubois Legacy, but if you haven’t you should seriously read it. And if you have, you should go check out the BFC she has going on right now! I entered a sim into the contest for a chance for my sim to be featured in her legacy. I am Challenger 4, and my sim’s name is Ian Stone. If you are interested in following in, here is the link! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

        • Okay here goes.
          You won’t believe how much I smiled when I read this comment. As always, I was excited when I saw you had commented, but I didn’t expect this! I am very happy you liked the wedding.
          Lately I’ve been more conscious of my writing and the screenshots, which means it would take longer, but meh. I figured that weddings are the perfect opportunity to improve the quality of both. I’ve actually been planning a wedding which is coming up in Chapter 2.23, and I am really excited because *spoiler* it’s going to be a vintage fall wedding in the woods. The image in my head looks amazing and I hope it will look nearly as good in the game- I’ve started downloading specific cc for it, and I will start it this weekend. Hopefully the album for this wedding will be chock full of even more beautiful photos if I can do it! 😍
          The custom content I’m using is all from Ruby Red Sims ( and I SERIOUSLY recommend you look through her houses, with her chosen music playing as well. They are absolutely swoon-worthy. I’ve downloaded three of them and they came with TONS of gorgeous cc. This means I don’t actually know what decor is in my catalogue/buy mode thingy because there’s so much so I feel like I’m browsing through a shop, I always come across lovely decor I didn’t know about previously! It doesn’t seem like a reliable method when building things but Ruby Red has a beautiful eye for design so it’s great that basically she’s picked out all the best cc on the Internet for me and put them all in a couple of big downloads haha 😝 Much less work for me and the element of surprise is so fun, even though I have way too much cc now!
          In your story, Allie and Noah’s wedding was organised in one day and actually I think it was the perfect wedding for the short time! It took me a couple of days (literal real world days lol) to organise Briar’s one because the game kept on crashing on me, since I was trying to make everyone’s outfits look perfect. With enough time and the same cc that I have, I bet you would be able to create just of a lovely wedding!
          Oh wow I’m writing a lot. Eh… whatever. 😁
          I am SO excited that I’ll be able to read your new legacy soon! I have actually been checking Reader every morning in hope that I would see something from you. Alas, no luck… but it’s amazing news that you can get back to blogging! Your writing is my fave in the Simming blogger community~ 😘
          Yep, I have read a bit of the Insane Dubois Legacy. Unfortunately, I think I found it a little too mature for my tastes. I’ll check it out again, though! The challenge sounds quite fun. I’ll look at it right after I post this extremely long comment!
          Thank you again sooooo much for reading and commenting like always. Your thoughts are the one of most valuable parts of doing this legacy! ❤️


  2. The wedding was so gorgeous!!! ❤ You set up everything perfectly and the pictures were amazing! 😍 And they're about to have a baby, who would have thought it with Briar!! (well I guess many people since it's a legacy lol!!) 😁 Great chapter 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You really are so hard on yourself when it comes to the writing. I think your earlier work is a lot better than you give yourself credit for. But meh… what do I know? Lol. We’re all just trying to improve our writing through our simlit. 🙂

    Ooooohhh wedding already! Yas! The wedding dress is perfect for Briar! ❤ I love it.

    The wedding venue is gorgeous! Again, beautiful setup. Beautiful shots!

    Whoa! This happened fast. Nooboos already!

    I love Max's reaction to the news. Love those paper cranes and just how artsy that wedding was. I wish I had your eye (and patience) for these things!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Agreed. To be honest, I think I have a problem with perfectionism. I’m never really satisfied with what I do, not just in writing. I am exploring the idea of perfectionism and the consequences of it in the next generation, so maybe writing about it will be helpful for myself.
      Thank you very much, for the other reply as well, I’m glad you liked the wedding! Babies happened very fast for Briax, it surprised me as well lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I used to be that way with perfectionism, but I kind of grew out of it, because it constantly just made me disappointed with myself. “Progress, not perfection,” I keep telling myself. I doubt I’ll ever get to perfect. 🙂 I’m really looking forward to reading what you have to write about it!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Ok, so I thought the last chapter was beautiful screenshot-wise but this chapter is even more so~ I’m glad I’m catching up to your story so I don’t have to suffer through waiting through your hiatus ;D hehe. To say the wedding was freaking gorgeous would be an understatement – it was STUNNING TO THE MAX. Haha, Max, lol. Briar’s dress is unconventional but cute, which I’d say is kind of like how her personality is as well. I can’t get over the venue, the effort and time you must’ve put into placing everything, man, it really looks great! Glad they are having kids of their own, I guess this means Briar’s gen is coming to an end </3 Excited to see what's next!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. That was a super beautiful wedding 🙂 I love all the decorations and I totally agree on taking way more pictures than is needed in my stories when it comes to weddings 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Look at those poses!
    (sorry I just love seeing the transition of writing styles here)
    The wedding was GORGEOUS! Annnnd I’m getting right close to generation 3! I’m super excited! I can already see where your style started to shift!

    Liked by 1 person

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