Rambling — Questions, Questions…

Okay, hey guys, I know this is not Chapter 2.19 (did I just deflate your hopes? Probably not…) but I have a question. My friend Xinxin Moon and I were musing over this super interesting question today: are American high schools like the ones we read in teen novels? ๐Ÿถ

I know, such an intriguing question. But the thing is, high school in New Zealand is soooo different from the ones we read in American novels. Xinxin and I were walking home from school and we were wondering: is everything that is said in these popular novels true? Is there all these jock/popular/nerd/rebel cliques? Is there that one queen bee who dates the football captain (or whatever you call him) and has lots of airhead followers, prancing around the school and acting like she is, yes, queen? We were really curious because if so, it is extremely different from how Kiwi high schools run. Well, our school anyways. Anyways, we were chewing over this question and I realised that I do know some people that could help answer this: my awesome readers! As I understand, some of you live in the States and I assume you have been/are going to high school there as well.


I know I may be coming off as ignorant but remember, I live halfway across the world from the U.S and have never been there. I am seriously curious about school life there, and I think it seems pretty cool, albiet strange, according to what I have read about it. In fact, Generation Three’s theme will be based on the classic ‘movie’ idea of high school- cliques, parties, prom, and of course, boy drama. ๐Ÿ˜›

If you could answer these following questions, it would be epic. You don’t have to since I do have a lot of them. It won’t change my plan for the next generation, but I just really want to know what American high schools are like!

  1. Do cliques exist? Are there seriously all these goth, computer geeks, nerds, jocks and the mean girls? In my school, there are no distinct groups except for the smart people and the airhead stupid people, and even then you cannot tell if someone is a nerd or not. We certainly do not have jocks. ๐Ÿ˜
  2. Is there that mean, queen-of-the school girl that I talked about earlier?ย All the books I read seem to always have this one beautiful girl who is surrounded by shallow-minded girls and popular boys alike, who evilly bullies, shames and laughs at a poor nerd in public. I hope this isn’t true. Here, there is no one like that at all. The popularity of someone depends on how funny, charming and nice they are to everyone (of course, looks help). There are several popular people in my class, which is the top of my year, so they would count as nerds. Also, each year -or grade- kinda sticks to themselves and there is no school King/queen, nope.
  3. Is there lockers? I know this is weird but in New Zealand, we carry everything around in a backpack to each class. The concept of a locker sounds so cool. Decorating it would be real fun in my thoughts.
  4. WHAT THE HELL IS A HOMECOMING DANCE. WHY DO THE BOOKS ALWAYS SEEM TO HAVE LIKE FOUR DANCES A YEAR. We only have one. It’s the school ball which only Year 12’s and 13’s can attend. I think that’s 11th and 12th grade? I don’t really know haha. Also, I always read freshmen/sophomore in books and I was rather confused till Google came to my rescue. I’m fairly sure I’m a sophomore? These weird names… ๐Ÿ˜•
  5. Do you have cafeterias? Like the ones were you all get served by lunch ladies in a big hall and have all these tables to sit with your friends. We have a tuck shop and that’s a seperate little building, which operates like a stationary food truck. We buy snacks and go off to different parts of the school. Our school is a collection of individual one/two storey buildings, scattered around big garden-spotted grounds, instead of a single building by the way… ๐Ÿฉ
  6. Is there uniform? We have it. Sometimes our school has ‘Mufti Days’ where people can come in their normal clothes, with a donation, as a fundraiser. Lol. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

I think I have more questions but I have forgotten since I am sleepy. Thanks for reading through and hopefully killing or confirming my images of American schools. As I said, the third generation will be focused on this and I am really excited because it will be good, teenagery fun. It’s going to be a refreshing change from the dark, mysterious tone of Briar’s generation. Lastly, in the summer holidays, I will be starting The Faraway City Lights, the dystopian story I was talking about a while ago. I am super hyped for this ๐Ÿ˜Š

The next post will definitely be 2.19, don’t worry. Ooh, just realised this is my 50th post on this blog. Anyways, here is an adorable picture of a Pusheen Cafe to brighten your day!

Lilaย ๐Ÿฐ


26 thoughts on “Rambling — Questions, Questions…

  1. 1. I guess it really depends on what school youโ€™re going to, and the city. I lived in the ghetto, poor parts. Our school wasnโ€™t like this, you had your group of friends, that who you hung out with. They might be all different, race, Goth to cheerleader.

    2.Yes, I called her Miss Piggy. She was a big girl, who likes to bully others. She was mean girl.

    3.Yes, but we had share with two other people.

    4.Homecoming is dance for sophomore students. Itโ€™s like prom. I think cheaper.

    5.Yes, the food was nasty.

    6.Yes, most school in Kansas City, KS are uniform. It helps with kids bully other cause they donโ€™t have name brand clothes.

    I hope this helps.

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    • Thank you so much for replying, Kater Creation! Your answers were really helpful. So I guess my questions were correct at the foundation but it varies from school to school… Miss Piggy sounds horrible ๐Ÿ˜” I’m glad we have no one like that at my school. Thanks again for answering!

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      • I’m out of school, i finish 10 years ago. Things might change since i left. I don’t think as much change. My nieces are in high school. They tell me a lot of stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. 1. My school definitely has cliques, but people are pretty open about mixing them up. Like we aren’t restrcited to one group

    2. Nope, my school doesn’t have one

    3. We have lockers but never use them, we just carry our stuff like uou guys

    4. Homecoming for us is like a mini prom with short dresses rather than long ones. Mostly underclassmen go but seniors and juniors can go too

    5. We have cafeterias and buy snacks from vending machines

    6. No uniform for us ๐Ÿ˜€

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    • Thanks for the answers! It’s really interesting to read about the variations between both my school and between different schools in America. I guess the books and movies are exaggerating a bit. Still… its cool how you have vending machines, and also no queen bee. Yay ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  3. I went to high school in Texas, and like Kater Creation said, every one of them is different. In my case, I went to a small, country school. My graduating class was only about 34 people, and that’s the biggest class to ever come through that school. So when I say it is small, I mean it is small! Lol I have a lot to say! So… *cracks knuckles* …let’s begin.

    1. Yes, cliques do exist. But not all schools are as bad as the movies! Since I went to such a small school, we didn’t have as many as the bigger schools and most people belonged to more than one. You could be a jock, and a theater geek. You could be a nerd, and still be popular. People used to tell me I was a “cool nerd” lol. And at our school, everyone still talked to each other and would hang out in class. It wasn’t weird for nerds and jocks to be nice to each other. Though I know there are schools where you don’t really talk to anyone outside of your group of friends, but I talked to just about anyone in my school.

    2. We didn’t exactly have a “Queen Bee”, but our head cheerleader was super gorgeous and had tons of friends. She was in my grade and hated me for the longest time. She didn’t like me because I was smarter than her, and I think that intimidated her a little bit. But I’m not the kind of person who cares what others think, so she didn’t bother me. And by the time we were seniors we actually put the past behind us and became friends. We realized we didn’t have a reason to not like each other, we just didn’t lol. But she was always the kind of person who was mean behind people’s backs. She never made fun of people publicly. Not much better, but eh. *shrugs*

    3. We do have lockers! I have had a locker since I was in 5th grade, and I have never had to share one. When we were younger, we all had locks with our own combination on them. Then in high school I think most people stopped caring and we never locked them lol. I only ever kept books in mine though, I didn’t ever decorate it or anything like that. After the first year of having one, it just seemed like too much work.

    4. Haha! In America, there is Kindergarten (which you start when you turn 5 years old), and then 1st grade through 5th grade is elementary (or primary school I think it is called?). Then 6th, 7th, and 8th grade is considered Junior High School, or middle school. Then 9th grade you are a Freshman in high school, 10th grade you are a Sophomore, 11th grade you are a Junior, and 12th grade you are a Senior. We have never had a Homecoming dance, but in the States most high schools have a football team. American football, not the football that we call soccer lol. ๐Ÿ˜€ Homecoming is the week during football season (which is huge here btw) that the school goes all out on spirit stuff. You are gonna play this other team that you are almost guaranteed to beat, everyone buys team shirts, makes signs, and you usually have dress up days. What I mean is you might have a “Nerd Day” at school where everyone dresses up like what you think a typical nerd would look like. Or “Twin Day” where you and a friend might dress the same way. It’s just a week out of the school year where school spirit is at its best lol. Some schools have a dance, we never have. But we do have Prom which only 11th and 12th graders can attend. Younger students can if their date is a Junior or Senior. And we have had a Halloween dance and New Year dance where all high school students could attend. And Junior High dances that only 6th through 8th graders were allowed. We pretty much have a dance for anything and everything lol.

    5. Ugh! I wish we could do stuff like that. I guess they don’t trust us American kids that much lol. Yes, we do have cafeterias where we are served by lunch ladies. The food is usually really gross unless you go to a private school. Our school was too poor, so the food was pretty nasty and inedible. We all sit at the same table every day with our friends for lunch, literally everyone knows where everyone else sits. It gets pretty cliquey in the lunch room. And our school made us stay in the cafeteria for 15 minutes before we could go to the commons area which sounds kind of like what you have at your school. It’s an outdoor area where people can hang out, and eat if they want, before lunch is over. The lunch room was pretty interesting especially because most fights happened there. We actually had two football players fighting across the tables, and people’s lunches went everywhere. It took three other players, and two coaches to break them up lol. Our school was several one story buildings scattered around, too. But I know a lot of high schools are just one big building.

    6. We didn’t have school uniforms. You can wear just about anything you want, but it has to go along with the Dress Code which is the list of rules of what your clothes must be like. No tank tops, no hats, no pajamas, no chains, nothing drug/alcohol/gang related. Shorts can’t be more than three inches above the knee, no holes in jeans, guys can’t have earrings, no facial piercings. Stuff like that. But our school was small so you could sometimes get away with some stuff. Most boys always wore baseball caps or cowboy hats. I don’t think I would have liked uniforms. ๐Ÿ˜› But a lot of the bigger schools do have uniforms!

    If you have anymore questions, just ask! It really interests me how different things are here compared to other places. We don’t really realize how some things that seem normal in America could be considered weird or different to the rest of the world. Hope this helps! ๐Ÿ˜€

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    • Wow, this is an amazing answer. It’s so so interesting to compare all this to our school! Aaaaand I’ll reply later (probably after school…) because I’m typing this in form class (home room?) and first period is about to start. Also we have an earthquake drill in a few minutes lol. It’s a nationwide high school thing I think.

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      • Okaaaaay, I can finally reply!
        So you had a cheerleading team? Were they all popular? We don’t have one, we don’t even have a sports team that everyone knows about. The head cheerleader doesn’t sound very nice. Well, it’s cool that you two go over the rivalry ๐Ÿ˜Š
        Do you go to a preschool before kindergarten? In New Zealand, kids start kindy at 3 and then primary school when they turn 5. At that stage it goes from Year 1-6 which is primary, Year 7-8 which is intermediate and Year 9-13 which is high school. It seems we have more school years than you guys ๐Ÿ˜
        As I said before, we don’t have any major sports team (it’s more extracurricular; only people who are in the teams care about it lol) so the fact that American football is such a big part of high school in your country is actually pretty cool. Homecoming week sounds amazing, and really fun! I love the idea of dress up days. We don’t really have anything like this but there is an Athletics Day where the whole school gathers on the sports field to have a sports day for all (sprints, high jump, etc, even tug-a-war!) Everyone has to participate except for Year 11s, 12s, and 13s, but most do anyway. Its because we have Houses- the school is divided into six and there is fierce rivalry between each one. We compete against each other for the house cup, in events such as netball tournaments and quizzes, but Athletics Day is the big event. The older students dress up in their house colours and we also have a chant/banner competition to gain points. It takes the whole day and it is actually pretty fun when I think about it.
        So much different dances… what do you even do at them?
        Wow, do any food fights happen in the cafeteria as well? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Are you also not allowed to go out of the commons area and into the rest of the school? Our school is quite big (1000-2000 students I think) and most of the grounds are free for us to go to, my class is allowed to spend lunch in our form class/home room too.
        Lastly, because I need to go soon, is do students fall asleep in class?
        Thanks for that detailed answer, very helpful!

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          • Try ModTheSims or The Sims Resource. I don’t remember exactly where I got mine from. Also try searching in Google for them. I think that’s what I did. So excited to read The Faraway City Lights! ๐Ÿ˜€

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        • Yes, our cheerleading team cheered at all football and basketball games. At my school, most of them were popular but a few of them weren’t really. They were just regular girls kinda. They didn’t hang out with the rest of them unless they were cheering. I had a friend or two that were on the team, and they were nothing like the rest of them lol.
          We do have preschool before kindergarten, but it isn’t mandatory. My youngest brother went to preschool, but me and my other brother didn’t. We started school in kindergarten, but we did have after school day care.
          Even if you aren’t really a sports person, something about cheering on your school’s team is a lot of fun lol. Our rivalries are with other schools and their teams. And that sounds like fun, and makes me think of Harry Potter for some reason… Lol we have something kind of like that called “Field Day”, but it is mostly for little kids. They have different sporting events like that, and we always had giant blow up waterslides and stuff. I was the yearbook editor, so I always got to go and take pictures and when the kids were eating lunch, us high school kids got to play on the waterslides lol.
          At the dances, we mostly just dance lol. There is food at prom, but not at the other dances because they are usually smaller and meant to be cheaper. Some people always show up drunk, and that makes things interesting. There is lots of “dirty dancing” to rap music and the teacher chaperones are constantly trying to make people split up and dance more appropriately lol. I had my first kiss at a blacklight dance my 9th grade (Freshman) year of high school. ๐Ÿ™‚
          We never had a food fight. I think that is one thing that is definitely exaggerated in movies. But my senior year as our “senior prank” we filled up coolers with water balloons and had a giant water fight in the student parking lot. ๐Ÿ˜€ We aren’t allowed in the school during lunch. The teaching staff tries to keep us all in one area to keep from any mischief going on lol. But if you had an excuse, like I worked on yearbook sometimes, you could be in the building during lunch under teacher supervision. Our school is elementary or primary all the way through high school in one school, so our entire school had maybe 400 students total from kingergarten to high school seniors. So yeah, pretty tiny lol.
          We sleep in class a lot actually! Some of the teachers are okay with it if you aren’t feeling well, and others will wake you up and embarrass you in front of the class for it. I’ve even slept in a few of my college classes for lecture. If you sit in the back, the teachers usually don’t notice or don’t say anything.
          You’re welcome! It’s so cool listening to how school is in New Zealand! We had a kid in my 5th grade class move here from there, and he didn’t say much. But he seemed nice lol.

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          • Oh, that’s nice how the cheerleaders aren’t all show off as portrayed in television!
            Haha the waterslide sounds fun ๐Ÿ™‚ Wish we had something like that!
            Okay… those dances sound a bit… yeah. I wouldn’t like to go to those. Since we only have one dance, the prom/ball, it’s formal and it happens in some fancy place in the city, and everyone dresses up in expensive clothes. The tickets are real expensive too. I’m pretty sure nothing like that happens at ours. Certainly drunks wouldn’t be allowed in! I can’t wait till I can go!
            I don’t know what a black light dance is but aww, cute!
            Haha that water balloon fight sounds amazing! Not cool how the teachers don’t trust you to go around school at lunch. Although it’s probably different here because we have so much more people. I can’t really imagine being in a school that small.
            The fact that you can sleep in class is really interesting. I don’t think anyone does in our school, our teachers wouldn’t allow it anyways. Don’t you worry you would miss any important things?
            Lastly, what setting is your game on? Mine is at default and I would like to get Nightcrawler’s hairstyles, but I’m not sure if my game is at the right level of detail.


            • After a few of the dances, I didn’t really go unless it was prom, and prom is much nicer! They have it somewhere nice, everyone buys formal dresses or rents nice tuxedos, and you have to buy tickets. The rest are usually just meant for small fundraisers, and our school doesn’t hire security for them so the drunks tend to make it through. And black lights just make stuff glow in the dark kinda, and it looks cool lol. It was like a glow in the dark dance.
              It was tons of fun! They did it the year after we graduated too, but I think the teachers put a stop to it after that lol. The school I went to wasn’t the best academically, and we had a few classes where we literally did nothing the entire year. Every year of science I took we mostly listened to music, ate snacks, and hung out with our friends. There weren’t assignments or anything. But I graduated Salutatorian of my class, and I suffer from this condition where I don’t listen in class because it all seems to easy to me. So I’ve never really worried about missing stuff. If I do, I can just look it up in the book.
              Americans (mostly the younger generation) are very lazy and don’t care much. We kind of are our stereotype of being lazy and fat, except not all of us are fat just a large percentage lol. It’s almost scary the lack of motivation our country has sometimes. I can’t even watch the news anymore, I just can’t. Sometimes I think about how cool it would be to move to another country, but I don’t think I’d ever have the guts to actually do it lol. There are so many differences!
              And I have my sim detail set to the highest setting. Some of the hairs won’t look right unless you do, so that’s what I started doing cause I hated the way they looked otherwise. I was afraid my computer wouldn’t be able to handle such high settings, but it actually worked fine without any issues.


  4. I love this post! Your questions are exactly what I’ve been wondering. I find it super interesting how things can be so different between different countries. And it’s awesome that people took the time to reply, quite a lot of these questions have been cleared up ๐Ÿ˜€

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  5. Depends. My school, in Los Angeles, was pretty huge (4500+ people), so I guess it wouldn’t have made much sense for cliques like the ones depicted in the novels/movies. Although, I hardly knew every person in my school, so it’s possible there were awful people I wasn’t acquainted with (thank goodness!)

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  6. I’m not from the US, and I’ve only been there once, so I can’t really answer any of these, but I just want to mention the series, Freaks & Geeks. Just one season. It’s young James Franco and a bunch of other actors. I think it has a more realistic feel than say, Mean Girls. My cousin grew up in the US, and he told me he can relate to that show in terms of what high school is like a lot more than most representations.

    My high school was weird. We actually had a group of six girls who called themselves The Hot Six. But then another girl got added, so they changed it to The Hot Chix. I met up with one of them recently (obviously, we’re not in high school anymore), and she asked me if I thought they were Mean Girls personified, and I was like, “Of course you were. It’s like you were trying to live out an American high school movie stereotype.” She blushed and said, “I can’t believe it. I was a mean girl. I’m so embarrassed.” We just laughed it off.

    Sorry for the overshare… Moving on…

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    • Ooh, I’ll have a look at that show! Learning about the US school scene was very interesting even though I didn’t go with that particular ‘classic high school’ theme for Generation 3 (I’ve planned it for Gen 5 though).
      And LOL what the heck. ‘The Hot Chix’ – boy, that’s pure gold. Hilarious that they actually called themselves that, it does sound just like an American movie.

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  7. This is old but… I’m here now, lol.
    1. Yes, but not by titles. They exist like they would in any highschool environment with kids. Kids naturally gravitate towards kids like themselves, even if you don’t realize it.
    2. Yes and no. Yes in that there’s generally ALWAYS someone for everyone that feels like the “mean, queen-of-the-school” but it’s different for each person and it’s not always true. Bullying is never outright and yes kids will get picked on. It really depends on the size of your school and the “toxicity” levels. America is a huge place.
    3. Yes, but not in every school. My schools did, though. They were usually a nuisance that couldn’t hold winter coats and backpacks and books all at the same time. I remember very not-fondly the days of me having to play the game of “which do I want to carry all day” and teachers would bitch at me if I had my backpack on or my coat, so that just meant lugging every heavy book I had around in my arms.
    4. Homecoming is a football event. There’s a big game to signify the “wrapping up” of our (American) Football (you know, handegg… uhmm… calmer version of rugby? XD Not your version of soccer). 30 years ago it was just a big rally after the game that involved music, today it’s become a semi-prom (and way, way, WAY overrated). We had 2 dances a year, but only the Juniors and Seniors (last years of high school) were allowed to go to Prom. You could only go as a Freshman or Sophmore if you were asked by someone from the upperclasses. Also right: Freshmen (year 9; ages 14-16), Sophmore (year 10; ages 15-17), Junior (year 11; ages 16-18), Senior (year 12; ages 17-19). After senior we head to Uni/College or into a trade school or the workforce.
    5. Lol yes absolutely; that’s so interesting. It actually varies by school (once again America is a huge place – I know some schools were lucky enough to even have fucking food courts), but most schools use a cafeteria model. There’s like 2-8 “lines” where you go in and they lay out a selection of food and you can decide what you want and pay for it on a prepaid card that you keep on you. Don’t have your card? You’re not eating lunch unless you pawn something off your friends. We had assigned lunch “periods” at my school (eons ago, lmao but I vaguely remember it) they’d assign you a letter like “Lunch A” “Lunch B” “Lunch C” (the utter pits was C because it was the last one and the food pickings got slim… but the positive side was your day was practically over when it finished). You’d get a half an hour to eat and you HAD to be in the cafeteria, you couldn’t wander or do anything like in the books, lol. Sit at your table, eat, chill for the rest of it or work on work and go to class.
    6. Varies from school to school. Mine didn’t but it had a “dress code” which meant we had to adhere to some basic rules of no spaghetti straps or flip flops or anything slutty. Guys had to keep their pants up above their ass. Mostly it was aimed at girls though because GOD FORBID WE DISTRACT THOSE POOR BOYS who can’t think straight if any lumps that look like boobs are somewhat near their vision.

    Heheh, you’ve long had this answered but I really wanted to do it for fun. XD

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    • Thank you very much for your answers! I went a COMPLETELY different direction for Gen 3, but Gen 4 has some school elements and Gen 3 is actually set in high school, so this will be super helpful in the future!
      High school in America sort of sounds like a nightmare — I guess a real one, considering the shootings going on ๐Ÿ˜ฆ My high school experience in New Zealand was pretty bad too, though, I think the high school experience all over the world is just toxic in general. The huge concentration of teens in one place is not nice at all. Now I’m in university, which is 10000x better, since I’m not surrounded by idiots anymore (literally trying to erase high school from my memory right now). And ugh, the dress code makes me mad as well. Especially when a reason is ‘will distract male teachers’. Well MAYBE the problem is with the idea that teachers perve on underage girls? Just maybe???

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      • Lol I should-a disclaimered saying I absolutely HATED my high school years. XD So you know, take what I say with a grain of salt, but it honestly isn’t as bad as the books make it out to be.
        I’m in Uni (though I’m a late starter myself, lol, I went to a trade school and took a few years off before getting serious with it) as well, and it’s crazy how big of a difference there is between high school and uni… (and how little of a difference there is sometimes too)

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        • Lmaooo people look at me weird when I say I hated my high school. My mom actually asked me if I was bullied because I bitch on about it so much — nope, it was just a disgusting place. Iโ€™ve actually unfriended anyone on my Facebook friend list who reminds me of high school (who I wasnโ€™t friends with, obviously), which was like half, and it felt sooooo good. Yeah, university does have a few similarities โ€” I think the drinking/party culture has just intensified โ€” but I stay completely out of that stuff, so uni is a very good change for me โ˜บ๏ธ I do architecture so itโ€™s generally quiet. What do you study?

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