Update — Sparklers and A Damn Hiatus

If you read my previous post, you’ll know that I have been considering a hiatus due to my game problems and school exams as well. I have decided that The Kingston Legacy will go on a hiatus from after I post Chapter 2.19 until about December, which is when I finish school, all exams are done and dusted, and I am free to play Sims and write chapters every day! 😋


That will be probably me when the hiatus is over 😝

Although I love blogging, I feel like it is distracting me too much from school work and that might be a problem with exams so close. I will still play Sims, but I’ll just collect all the screenshots so I can fire out loads of chapters in the summer holidays. Hopefully Generation Two will be finished by Christmas 😊 As of my crashing problem, I have improved it a lot since I moved the family and their friends into a whole new game, but I got weird glitches such Briar unable to move anywhere using ‘Go Here’ (I had to teleport her a lot lol). The game starting freezing up after an hour and finally it crashed because I stupidly did not save before. Hey… at least an hour is better than thirty minutes!

I don’t really like this hiatus -although 2.19 will still be published- but I do feel it is needed. I will miss posting a lot and talking to you guys, but I will stick around to read your chapters and such ☺️

I’m now going to stop here since I have a crapload of homework to do which I should have done earlier (I am a terrible procrastinator) and school is starting in a day. I really need to break out of this habit… anyways, keep on Simming, and have a great day ❤️

Lila 🐶


8 thoughts on “Update — Sparklers and A Damn Hiatus

  1. Aww I’ll miss your story! Thank goodness there’s only a few more months until December 😉 I totally understand about school being too busy and blogging being really distracting though, in fact right now I’m procrastinating writing my essays… Yikes. Haha well, I can’t wait for 2.19!

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  2. Aw, wish you didn’t have to take a hiatus, but I totally understand why you have to. I’ll miss seeing the Kingston’s on my reader! If I can get a graphics card (or a laptop, whichever comes first) I’ll be able to post soon. 😀
    Can’t wait for your next chapter!

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    • Yes I can’t wait as well to read your first chapter as well! I would post mine but I’m still haven’t taken Isla’s birthday party yet (damn crashes…). I skipped ahead and took pictures of an adorable Max & Briar scene first 😉

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  3. Is it weird that I’m reading all these extra updates even if they’re like from two years ago or something? I guess it makes me feel so much better that I’m not alone in my sims 3 hardware woes. LOL… Anyway, moving on…

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