Update — Good News, Bad News and The Lucky Thing

Hey, awesome readers! Today I have both good news and bad news for you…

The Good News: My long-awaited Seasons Expansion Pack has arrived! I am super happy since this will add lots of cute details to my story. I’ve been playing with it for a bit and even though I’m still in summer, I am loving it. 😍


The Bad News: My game has recently started crashing around thirty minutes after I start playing and it is pissing me off really, really badly. This is because I lose all progress, and although I have tried saving, it comes up with Error Code 12. This has never happened to me before I installed Seasons (I always saved-and-quit before with no problem whatsoever). This means that I haven’t been able to get past the summer festival and onto the more events I need to capture for Chapter 2.19. 😤 I also have a ‘Disc Authorization Failure’ problem which means that I have to load the game many times for it to work, and this means that it takes around half an hour for me to actually start playing. This is a major reason why this crashing is such a big problem for me.


Ash… 😔

The Lucky Thing: I think I know how to solve this problem. I’ve been playing on the legacy game for quite a bit and I reckon that there’s just too much information in it for it to run smoothly- adding Seasons, a graphic-intensive EP, even though I uninstalled Supernatural, must have been the last straw. My little sister is playing in a game she recently created and is having no troubles with it crashing (as a result, she has been playing double the time on Sims than me… 😑). As a result, I am going to save the Kingstons -as well as their house- and the other important families such as the Olivers, etc. and place them in a new copy of Sunset Valley. It will be a pain since many weeks have passed in my game so the Sims who have died will be back in the new game 😣

However, if this does work then it will be worth it. The game freezing and crashing on me is just so annoying and I really want to get on with the damn story. It will take a bit of time to move the family and fix the issue- I will have to do a crapload of cheating to get all their jobs, money, and relationships up to the current point. And with school & end-of-year exams coming up real quick, this means that the next chapter may not be posted in a while. Hopefully I can fix this tomorrow so I can post 2.19 soon, but who knows? Just apologising in advance if this does not work. 😁

Also, I might take a break from posting on this blog until the summer holidays come around and I can play Sims every day for ages until school starts in February. I am longing for this so there is not the worry of exams hovering over me as I play. I’ll still continue playing but I may not post since writing the chapters take too much time out of studying and resting, etc. This is a ‘maybe’, but I’m just letting you guys that there might be a hiatus. I will post again if so.

These issues are too bad because I love both playing Sims and writing, and talking with my epic readers 😘 Fingers crossed everything will be fixed soon, and that exams fly by (with me excelling at them… hopefully!). 😖

Here are some pictures I did manage to take… a mini ‘chapter’ for you guys (pretty much me chattering about what happened in the first time I played with Seasons, before it crashed on me)!


I’ve been trying out the recipe for triplets and it worked, so Kelsey found herself with not one but four children in her new home! Meet Hunter, Benjamin and Willow Oliver-Green, everyone.


A burglar decided to casually stop by the home at 4 AM. He didn’t even go into the house, but Briar kicked his behind anyway. Bad luck that this poor guy picked a cop’s family to rob.


One of the best aspects of Seasons is the festivals, and I made the whole family check it out after work and school! It was actually Isla’s 18th birthday party but since it crashed, I’m going to have try hold it all over again (again…) tomorrow. Anyways, I think the new rollerblading/ice skating hidden skill is adorable and I can’t wait till one of them gets pro and starts performing awesome spins!


I got Briar on the rink as well, and she and Max started spinning together. They are SO cute. Look at them. Look at this adorable couple.


Perhaps not so adorable when Max stumbled and fell over, dragging his girlfriend down with him. I managed to pause the game at the exact right moment and… LOL. Wow. Briar looks like she’s sky diving or belly flopping!


Jeez… that must have hurt really, really badly. It’s alright for Max, but Briar… ouch. After that disaster, I made them go buy food, but before they could order, the game froze and crashed. The end.



I hope that I can solve the problem and be able to post Chapter 2.19 next week. We might be able to see Isla’s summer festival birthday party, a little talk with Clayton and perhaps a bit of cute romantic stuff with Max and Briar ❤️ I will definitely post that one if possible but if I decide to go on hiatus then it will be the last for a while.

Thank you guys for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful day 💕

Lila 🍰



5 thoughts on “Update — Good News, Bad News and The Lucky Thing

  1. This made me want to reinstall seasons and play it :’/ (I currently only have the base game and world adventures *sigh*) I never had a character in any of my stories (with the exception of one I hadn’t reposted) have kids, but the idea of triplets sounds pretty awesome. And all the cuteness of your toddlers in recent chapters is making me want to experiment, hehe. Do you happen to remember the particular technique you used to have them?

    Liked by 1 person

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