Chapter 2.13: A Baby Shower, of All Things

Hey, awesome readers! Here I am today with another chapter -yet again- for you. It’s a real short chapter compared to all my other ones, and it kind of sucks too. Don’t worry, though, the next chapter will be very detailed and packed full of action! I am now going to attempt make this post longer with a bit of chatter from me. It mainly includes me talking about Rosanna, the Oliver-Green’s baby girl, and her family. 😊

Here’s Kelsey teaching her daughter how to walk. I have always found this action super adorable because of the mother laughing when the baby fails at walking πŸ˜„ It reminds me strongly of Fern and Isla and makes me wonder what Briar would feel like having to do this as well. I’ve said this a million times before but I simply cannot wait for her to have children!Β 


*still managing to look like a catwalk model when tucking her baby into bed*


Also I totally forgot to put out the fire in Will & Kelsey’s bedroom, so before I knew it, a blaze had caught. Luckily, Will came and saved the day in his red heart boxers πŸ˜‚ I’ve actually never had any Sims die before (I haven’t tried killing one on purpose either… yet) so I was pretty scared to find the fire had started right next to where they were sleeping. At least nothing but a shelf and basket got damaged!Β 


Okay, it’s time for me to get on with the story. Yep, it’s short, but enjoy!Β 


Three days before full moon, and here Briar is out of all things… a baby shower. Three days before what she suspects will be Ash’s -or, his bosses- next major move. At least there is pizza. She grabs a piping hot slice and makes her way to the dining table. There aren’t much guests here, but there is music and the atmosphere is cheerful.


Christopher and Fern dance happily to the beat behind her. They look contented, but Briar does see her mother glance at the elderly lady behind her once with wide eyes. The effect of the lunar light. Briar wonders if Fern can actually see the gleaming turquoise and emerald scales in full definition, or if she’s perhaps just seeing a blue hint to the mermaid lady’s legs.

Never mind. Her mother would be too polite to ever say anything. Briar sighs and takes a huge bite of her pepperoni pizza, satisfied with the copious amounts of mozzarella cheese on top. Pizza is good.


Kelsey walks in, her baby girl bouncing on her hip, and the guests crowd around to coo at Rosanna one by one. Briar stays behind with her slice of pizza. Babies are annoying, she had learnt that personally from Isla. Sure, they are cute if they stay quiet, but 99% of the time they demand attention and cry loudly and throw a tantrum if they don’t get any.


Well, at least Fern doesn’t mind all that. Briar can’t really imagine why her mother can stand young children, but Fern absolutely loves looking after them, and she’s sure she would have had more siblings if not for time and money issues. She watches her mother tickle Rosanna in the tummy, making the baby giggle wildly. Briar doesn’t really want children, but maybe it would be okay if her mother is around to help out. That would make Fern super happy.


Briar turns her attention away when she spots Isla sitting on the couch, looking sad. Her little sister hasn’t spoken much since Clayton broke up with her, but while Briar sucks at emotional stuff, she can tell her sister misses her ex-boyfriend a lot. Maybe she can try help cheer her up. “Hey, want to dance?” Isla looks up at her sister with a strained face. “Come on! It will be fun!” “…fine…” She trudges over to the stereo. Briar does her best moves to try make her little sister laugh. Fortunately, it works, and soon Isla is reluctantly dancing along with a begrudging smile on her face.



Night has fallen by the time Briar leaves the Oliver-Green loft and begins walking home. Their houses are quite close, with her villa being just up the hill. She walks along the woodland lining the nearby road, trusting the bright moonlight and sparse trees to keep her safe. Okay, so she should have hailed a taxi or something. Too bad she didn’t bring any money and she decided to leave early. Unfortunately… that is now proving to be a stupid desicion.


It’s not too much of a surprise. The vampire woman, the one who attacked Briar, with the werewolf and another blonde man tagging along behind. The man is too far away to recognise, but when they walk closer, she realises that it’s her father, Xander Clavell.


They surround her before Briar has time to get on the road. Xander crosses his arms triumphantly, with an annoying smirk on his face. She has the strong urge to slap it right off his ugly face. Age has not been kind to him. “What do you want, idiot?” Briar sighs, expecting another intimidation. The vampire and the werewolf also cross arms and exchange glances.


“You should hide your precious notes somewhere safer, child.” The vampire says silkily, her crimson eyes glowing eerily. “What notes?” Briar asks bravely, ignoring the chill running through her. Has someone been in her room? The werewolf bares his canines in a grimace. “The notebook a colleague of ours found under your bed, with all your notes about what you found about our plans.”


Xander’s face contorts into an evil expression. “He’s telling the truth. Our boss ordered our colleague to see how much you’ve been interfering. And unfortunately for you, he’s also ordered us to bring you to him. Unfortunately for you, you know too much.”

His smirk is the last thing Briar sees before blacking out.



31 thoughts on “Chapter 2.13: A Baby Shower, of All Things

  1. Her own FATHER knocked her out?! Geez man, have some respect for your own kid at least… So we didn’t find out who was snooping in her room, huh. I can’t wait for the next chapter! Lots of action sounds like fun πŸ™‚

    Also yes, pizza is good πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m pretty sure Xander has respect for no one but his boss 😝 Honestly, I want to punch the guy even though he is pixels. Maybe I’ll get Briar to do that instead!
      I had pizza for lunch haha πŸ˜‹ Next chapter should be up on… Saturday? I’m not sure but next week is the last for school and then it’s the holidays! Yippee πŸŽ‰

      Liked by 1 person

  2. LOL I’m pretty sure babies sleep like 70% of the time and when they do they are extremely cute. I know this because of my sister haha. Anyway, I am hella excited to read the next chapter and for Ash to make some more appearances ;). I also hope Xander will die a painful death where he is eaten alive and then disembowelled by one zombie and only one because it will take longer and be more painful (I think I have been binge watching the Walking Dead too much). And personally, I enjoy curry more than pizza. I will eat curry all day erryday. I also very like that Pad Thai we had that day it was yummy. However, I will eat any food you give me unless it is yucky food like rotten banana or avacado (unless it’s the apocalypse and there’s no food left then I will eat it). I wish I could make food appear in front of me without any effort but then I would be very fat. I don’t know why I went on a rant about food and other stuff but too bad. Ok bye. 😝

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lol Briar will make a very interesting mother! 😝
    Things are about to get exciting and I can’t wait! Also, Xander is a total butt.
    And pizza is amazing! I’ve been wanting some all day lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep, things are going to get quite intense in the next chapter! However I think the next time I can play Sims is on Friday, so I have to wait a long time to write it πŸ˜”
      Pizza is just… too awesome for words. Hawaiian is the best in my opinion! πŸ• How about you?
      Enough about me, do you have any idea for your next legacy? I’ve been missing reading your stories… I’ll go reread the Shores of Our Souls when I have time! 🐢

      Liked by 1 person

      • Lol Hawaiian is my favorite! That’s always what me and my fiance get.
        I miss writing my stories. 😦 I do have a few ideas, but I’m not sure what I want to go with. I havent been able to give it a lot of thought because I have two exams this week, a friends wedding to attend, and then my bachelorette party this weekend. Not to mention my own wedding is next Saturday lol. I have been very busy!

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  4. I can’t wait for Brair to have children as well. With Max, hopefully. What can I say? When I start shipping characters, I ship them hard.

    Pizza is good. – No truer words were ever spoken.

    Well, at least it wasn’t Fern. Just some random “colleague”. Xander. Bleh.

    Do age all your nooboos up to toddlers immediately?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I did think of having Fern snoop in Briar’s stuff (because of a threat or something idk) but she’s too pure of a character to wreck haha.
      Yes, I do age them all up right away~ Back then I just thought of how damn creepy Sims babies were and didn’t think of how unrealistic it is for them to be toddlers instantly lol. But for Generation 4 I will keep them as babies, but with tons of mods/cc on them so they look realistic but cute!

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  5. Ok so the knowing the snooper theory just flew out the window, haha. And well, well, well, if it isn’t everyone’s favorite sim, Xander… just when you think he can’t go any lower, he knocks out his own kid – I feel like I say it every time, but man this dude is just the worst. And Rosanna is adorable XD such an attractive toddler, another kid I suspect will be gorg when she grows up.

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  6. First of all I must say, I love how Kelsey is a mom in an evening type dress! So perfectly done….it’s like a dream of most moms.

    There you go knocking out Briar again……Whatcha doing to our funny yet off kilter girl?

    Lastly, I would love to see Briar as a mom!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Poor Briar! Gods another blackout (shakes fist at them)
    I really loved the moment Isla and Briar danced together – it feels like a very real sibling relationship there. They don’t get along perfectly 24/7 – they do fight and nitpick and don’t always think the sun shines out of their ass, but at the end of the day they still love each other and want what’s best.
    ALSO was really curious to see Briar’s view on motherhood… that’ll be interesting. She IS the legacy heir so I can only assume she’ll have to at least BEAR children at one point or another.
    Anyways, I almost hate Xander too much that I don’t even WANT to ride the hate train for him. It’s like yes yes, go be bad. I already hate you. You’ve established yourself and I’m saving my hate train for Ash. Ash the boy who COULDA DID BETTER. Gotta have hope or shame to ride the hate train, and Xander got NONE of those. πŸ˜‰ XD

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