Chapter 2.7: A Winter Wedding

So. guys. I’m back 😊. You may be asking, shouldn’t this be Chapter 2.8: A Bridal Obsession (Part Two)? Well, today I downloaded my very first hairstyles and dresses from The Sims Resource AND OMG THEY WERE SO GORGEOUS I COULD NOT RESIST USING THEM FOR KELSEY’S WEDDING ❀️. Which means my previous 2.7 chapter was completely useless LOL. Sorry about that, forget I even posted at all! Oh, and with this romantic wedding venue I spent hours on, this chapter won’t be much of a story. Nevertheless, enjoy! 😘

The worst thing about weddings, Briar decides, is the vows. They are just so. freaking. boring. She doesn’t know how bloody long she has been standing here, her toes aching and a winter morning breeze tickling her arms. The rustle of the trees mingle with the happy sighs of the other guests, and the sweet scent of roses swirl through the quiet meadow. It’s hard not to tune in and out of the ceremony in such a pretty park.


The rest of the beautifully groomed guests seem interested, for some reason: Wisteria Oliver is wiping joyful tears from her cheeks, smiling as she watches her eldest son exchange rings. The other invitees clasp their hands delightedly, the shadows of delicate aspen leaves dappling them.


The lovey-dovey vows blur into an indistinguishable buzz and Briar hides a huge yawn. She gazes off and pretends to be listening, but in reality, she’s thinking about her and Max. If they would marry, the vows would be simple ‘I do’s and would be over as quick as a wink. The wedding would be nothing fancy, of course. No candle-lined aisle and wrought iron seats, just a plain arch, and everyone could eat park-grilled hot dogs and pizza for all Briar cares. Oh, and no thousand dollar dress. Although, if Fern and Wisteria got involved (most likely), then they would probably ignore all her wishes and go on an all-out wedding frenzy.


A starburst of applause jolts Briar out of her thoughts, leaving her startled for a moment. Why the hell had she been thinking about a wedding for herself?Β Disconcerted, she quickly joins in the clapping and cheering as Will kisses Kelsey passionately. “Break it up, lovebirds. There’s your honeymoon for that!” Max calls out as they continue for a smidgen too long. They part, blushing, to an outbreak of giggling and wolf-whistles.


The guests shower the newlyweds with congratulations and move away from the arch to give Will and Kelsey (Mr. and Mrs. Oliver-Green now!) their wedding presents. Briar lingers behind for a moment, still a little confused. A wedding for her, Briar Kingston? Seriously? What an absurd thought.


Shaking her head in annoyance, Briar walks under the graceful snowfall-like green canopy of the aspens, skirting round a huge and elaborately iced wedding cake, topped with purple blossoms. Succulent dishes lie waiting on the buffet tables, and Briar moves forward to pile her plate with delicious treats.


The afternoon passes quickly into a breathtaking violet sunset, Briar keeping quiet among the revelry. Usually she would be right in the middle of the champagne and chatting, but the candles are lit and the evening is peaceful, so she’s content to stare out to the bay by herself. “So, what were you daydreaming about while the ceremony?” Max drops into the seat opposite with a mischievous grin. He looks handsome in a smart grey blazer. “Erm…” Briar says guiltily. “Busted.” She pulls a face at Max, who returns it laughingly. “Dude, come on. What were you daydreaming about?”


Briar flushes. “Just how I wished this bridesmaid dress wasn’t so cold.” She lies. Max raises an eyebrow at her, but doesn’t question it. “Aw, can’t be that bad, it’s Sunset Valley. I think you look really beautiful in it, anyways.” He smiles. Briar suddenly finds the candle extremely interesting. When Max says things like this she is always startled by it, because 1. No one but Fern tells her she is beautiful, and 2. Briar often forgets she and Max are dating. “Thanks.” She manages to get over her shock. And swallowing her awkwardness, “You look good too.”


Max winks at her. “Come on, do you want to dance? Everyone else is.” “Um…” Briar bites her lip and looks around. It’s true. Nearby, Allie O’Dell is dancing happily to the classical music with her husband, Noah. She doesn’t seem to be all bothered with her dress, which is matching but in melty hues of cream and pink.


Finding an excuse not to answer Max, Briar continues looking at the crowd. In the thick of it is basketball star Valentino Milan, one of Will’s best mates. Briar has met him before while shooting hoops at the stadium and thinks he’s pretty cool. He’s certainly smooth- expertly flirting with his dance partner. She can kinda get why he has such a huge fan club (full of girls, obviously.)


His partner smiles coyly back at him, swishing her perfectly styled and pink-streaked curls. It’s Kelsey’s first best friend, Courtney Smith; a familiar face on both the catwalks and Bridgeport’s cheerleading team. Such popularity and her wealth must have been what had caught her boyfriend Valentino’s attention- Briar finds her a little snobby.


Past that, a young man is pulling silly faces at his petite Snow White-ish fiancΓ©e, Jenna Dale. It is Raphael Valdez, who is probably Briar’s favourite Sim out of Kelsey’s and Will’s Bridgeport-hailing friends. Laid back and funny, for the two days she has known him, Briar has had fun talking with him despite Raphael being a ballet dancer.


And lastly, Briar sees Kelsey and Will slow dancing on the spot. It’s so sweet and tender that Briar has to turn back to Max in order to not gag.


“Briar?” Max blinks at her expectantly, still looking for an answer. Briar goes bright red. “I can’t dance though.” She mumbles. Her boyfriend laughs. “Well, I can’t either. But I’m figuring we should give it a go. Wedding necessity, right?”


He pushes back his chair and waits for Briar to do the same, but she is stuck in her seat. “Don’t worry, no ones going to see you if you step on my feet.” Max spots the look of anxiety on her face. “There’s a clearing over there with another gramophone.” He nods at the evening forest of aspens beside them.


“Okay.” Briar follows him among the trees and into a small hidden clearing, soft with a blanket of tiny violet and yellow flowers. She looks up through the shifting leaves as Max coaxes classical notes out of the antique gramophone. The lanterns flickering like fireflies around her don’t stop her from seeing the stars. Max takes her hand gently. “Don’t be nervous, slow dancing is literally only turning around in a circle.” He explains, misreading Briar’s nervous expression. Truthfully, she’s nervous for a whole another reason.


Max carefully holds Briar by the waist, his other hand grasping her hand. She has never been more aware of her surroundings before. The wind blowing softly through the leaves, the song of the crickets with the rich music of a violin. The grass under her heels as she turns slowly. And of Max.


It feels like eternity before the song begins to end and they draw apart.


“Max, I love you.” “I love you too, Briar.” And the last notes of the song fade away into the night.

It’s only then that Briar realises that Ash has been missing for the entire wedding.


Me Rambling On Again About How Much I Love My New Stuff And Doing Weddings

Yes. Hello. This wedding took so goddamn long to organise. I literally started the wedding at 8 AM it only began at three. The annoying thing is that the guests kept on wandering off as this wasn’t actually a proper wedding party, since I wanted the arch and for that I needed a resort. Damn. But then I used Disable Autonomy in the moviemakercheatsenabled true cheat (this cheat is so cool. It allows you to ‘pose’ Sims as well as other things!) so finally. Anyways, what do you think of the venue I built? I think it looks okay but I didn’t get to hang these romantic glass jar fairy lights because THEY WOULDNT FREAKING LOAD.


As I said before, I used The Sims Resource site for the first time today and argh the hairstyles and clothes are so amazing. I did think the hair would be too shiny but it has the EA textures so yay ☺️ So much stunning choices, and all for free too! I will definitely be using it in the future!

I got this gorgeous dress from BEO and I think Briar is absolutely KILLING it in that dress! It fits her really well and I love the purple ombrΓ© colouring at the bottom. Doesn’t she look beautiful?


I also managed to find Allie’s original hairstyle so here she is! Yippee! She looks so much more like the real Allie O’Dell now. Thanks Simsered for letting me feature her in this wedding, she will be going back to her hometown soon, sadly. I hope you don’t mind me using this hairstyle in my legacy, I’ll just use different colours if that’s alright! Allie looks very pretty in this dress too 😊


I chose a wedding dress by the same artist and a hairstyle by Skysims and it looks so elegant on Kelsey! I absolutely love how the line of the dress is so simple and elegant, she looks very sophisticated and very beautiful πŸ’•


Here she is with her retired Prima ballerina mother, Isabella. They look very similar whilst Kelsey’s father, Bryan, has red hair and a tan. OMG I STILL CANT GET OVER HOW NICE KELSEY LOOKS.


And to finish off, here’s Raphael looking simultaneously creepy, hilarious and kinda hot at the same time! Have a great week guys, I know I won’t. Stupid mock exams.




29 thoughts on “Chapter 2.7: A Winter Wedding

  1. Welcome back! I have seriously missed the Kingstons. πŸ˜€
    The wedding was so sweet and beautiful. Love the venue! I do wonder where Ash is though…
    Allie and Noah, EEEEK! πŸ™‚ I miss their faces, and I’m so ready to post to my legacy again. Dang computer problems. πŸ˜›
    Briar was absolutely stunning in that dress, TSR is awesome! Its where I get most of my cc also. I am fangirling right now over her and Max! This was such a cute chapter, and hopefully there will be a wedding for those two in the future! Their babies would be adorable. πŸ™‚ JUST ASK HER TO MARRY YOU ALREADY, MAX! Ugh lol.
    Great chapter! Can’t wait for the next one.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks! I’m glad I can finally play Sims again, and I loved building the venue even though I had to do fiddly stuff to get the arch into place and convert the resort into a park so everyone could get there!
      I have been checking Reader everyday for a post of yours- sad to hear that the computer problem is still ongoing!
      I also really want to just marry those two since they are such cuties, and I want Fern to have grandchildren and see Briar struggling with motherhood, and also because I have another great wedding venue idea in mind LOL. But I have the story planned out and with Ash still having problems, many many MANY things will happen before that πŸ˜”.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Eek, I know right? I almost died when I saw those dresses, that was the reason I actually decided to use TSR LOL.
      It’s always fun writing Briar’s thoughts since she’s always so snarky and her thoughts run around everywhere. It’s great building so much different characters in my story, also thinking up of specific phrases each of them says!
      Thanks as always for reading and your thoughts! 😊

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  2. I am impressed by your writing. It is so seamless that I often forget that you are the one who wrote it and feel as though I’m reading something written by a professional author haha. Good job! And that’s sad that you didn’t get to put up the fairy lights. You could’ve made one fall on someone’s head like I suggested! Hehe

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay you found time to read ❀️ Lol thanks! Dunno if pro authors would blog about Sims though haha 😝
      Omg yes I was so so sad when I couldn’t download it, I was looking forward to hanging them up and imagining them falling on someone’s head! πŸ˜‚

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Well, I got a wedding even if it wasn’t Briar and Max who got married in it. Still, that dance and the conversation… so sweet. I really do ship these two. And I liked how Briar didn’t even realize that she was daydreaming of marrying Max. Love how subtly you put that in. She’s stricken, this one. Maybe this insane sim has some hopeless romantic in her as well.

    Great job on the wedding venue and how beautiful everything is! I remember the first time I loaded CC hair and clothes into my game, and darn it… what a good day that was! Can be quite an addiction though! Gah!

    moviemakercheatsenabled true – I had no clue this existed until now. Frick. The stuff I can do… Can’t wait.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Yep. *nods* Poses show up in my legacy around chapter 19 of gen 2. I make my own poses though, because… I’m weird. Haha! Mostly, it’s because my brain tends to spawn story ideas when I see other people’s poses. And I don’t want that because my story is kind of already complicated as it is, so yeah…

        As for the cheat, I figured it was useful for situations when I just want to trigger an in-game animation. I think that’s what it’s for right? It’ll be useful at some point methinks.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Oh yes, I remember you said something about making all your own poses? I do make a lot of poses for my story but I definitely don’t have the patience to make them all (since I use poses for every shot and there are too many of those), so hats off to you! It is pretty annoying because sometimes you just cannot find the pose you need for a specific scene, which is restricting, so making your own poses isn’t weird, don’t worry lmao.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Haha thanks! Whoa poses on every shot! It’s definitely time consuming! But it’s nice to be able to take shots where your characters are posed exactly as you imagined them in your head. That’s hard to do when using other’s poses. Ah well… Still so much fun!


  4. If this comment gets posted twice, blame my glitchy internet that for some reason failed to publish my comment the first time, lol. First off, the wedding venue was gorgeous~ and yay for cute Briar and Max moments ! I love them. Ahh yes, the joy that is CC, I remember my world changed after my first few downloads, hard to imagine playing now without them XD

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh how I did laugh! First at the faces Briar was making during the part where Max was trying to get her to dance. Secondly, when you talked about the frustrations of getting everything to work. Now not to be mean, but in sympathy of course. I’ve had weddings take 2 days to pull off. What I have learned with group events, is to turn off free will in options. Once you tell them to plunk down their butts to sit, there they will stay till you tell them to move again! Everything looked lovely and despite all your frustrations, the pictures were well worth the wait!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my gosh, haha. It took me a loooong time to learn that I could just put off free will. And the lag is still painful 😣 But nowadays I just always have free will completely down, my Sims have zero freedom lol. And thanks 😘

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m with Briar on the vows, but mostly because they’re so sappy – and this coming from a great old sap who’s otherwise sappy as can be. Wedding vows I just find to be so cringey >_<
    I remember the joy of discovering BEO's dresses as well. They're soooooo pretty πŸ˜€ And of course I think Kelsey's wedding dress is particularly lovely, since I put Vittoria in the same one πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Kelsey looks so elegant – you’ve paired the hairstyle and dress perfectly! Isn’t it great to go on a CC shopping spree? When I discovered BEO, I promptly downloaded all her stuff, so now I have wedding dresses for the next 20 generations or so! πŸ˜€
    I’ve given up on weddings – the sims won’t sit down when and where they should and it drove me crazy! Now I’m steering it with a hand of steel, and I don’t care if the sims seem to have fun or not as long as I get my pictures!
    When I got married ( in RL), I convinced my husband to have the traditional vows aka the priest going about his business and us repeating. I must say it didn’t take much effort to persuade hubby…

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Ah CC, the beauty… the wonder… of BEO and new hairs… πŸ˜€
    What a beautiful discovery, and a beautiful wedding!
    Of course Ash would miss it.
    (sorry had to take one more dig at him, this boy has me SO angry on Briar’s behalf, lol)

    Liked by 1 person

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