Chapter 1.23: Impatience is a Virtue (Sometimes)

And… hello, what little readers I have (not that I don’t appreciate you guys; thanks so much for following πŸ˜›)! Today I am glad to announce that this chapter will be the epilogue to Generation One! Fern’s story has been a long haul -enjoyable to play, yes, but long- and the last five chapters have been a lot more about Ash. So I have decided, due to my impatient nature, that I am going to be a big fat cheater and simply age Briar and Ash up into young adults. They aren’t due for their birthdays for quite a while, but since Isla was supposed to age up a day ago, and it wouldn’t make sense for the twins to celebrate their 18th birthdays after Isla celebrates her 13th, I’ve finished Fern’s generation a little early. That means that the next chapter will be 2.1 and will bring Briar into the spotlight πŸ™‚ Now lets get on with the story!

“ASH ASH ASH ASH WAKE UP YOU LAZY LUMP WAKE UP!” A loud voice breaks violently into Ash’s fitful sleep. Ash groans and turns over, faintly surprised to find himself on top of the sheets. Oh, thats right; he had been up till midnight yesterday to complete his homework, as most of the afternoon had been spent at the Landgraab Industries Science Laboratory.


Ash gives an enormous yawn and half-opens his eyes, glaring blearily at Briar.

“Can’t you see I’m trying to sleep here?” He mumbles, and covers his face in an attempt to block out Briar’s excited chatter.


“But today’s a very important day!” Briar explains, hopping around. “Guess what it is, guess!”

Ash, who is very sleepy, has no patience to deal with his twin sister (who is, for some reason, wearing her togs). “I don’t care, okay, just let me go back to sleep.”

Briar continues jumping up and down, plainly not listening to a word Ash is saying. “IT’S OUR 18TH BIRTHDAYS TODAY!” She squeals. “WE’RE OFFICIALLY GOING TO BE ADULTS!”

She waits for a response and gets a snore instead. “Alright, alright.” Briar says irritably, annoyed at her brother’s lack of interest at her news. “I came up here to tell you that the school bus is about to leave. I won’t bother holding it for you, shall I?” And with that, Briar marches out of the room.

That wakes Ash up.


Ash dresses in record time and rushes down the stairs, not bothering to grab any breakfast. To his surprise, he finds Isla wandering around the kitchen. “Quick, we’re going to be late!” He shouts over his shoulder. “I have Teacher’s Only day!” Isla calls happily after her flustered brother. Luckily, Ash gets on the bus in the nick of time.


Fern and Christopher wave the twins off to school, then turn to each other. “Today’s Briar and Ash’s very last day of school.” Fern sighs. Christopher smiles a little sadly at his wife. “We’ll still have Isla, though.” He says fondly.

Look. They have grey hair. GREY HAIR. And lots of wrinkles. Our founder and her husband are getting old. 😦


Christopher takes Fern’s hands gently and swing them from side to side. “Come on; cheer up, I have a surprise for you.”


Fern follows Christopher out into the backyard (we can see the start of a veggie garden and outdoor living area here).


They halt in front of the little blue shed, which Fern had seen her husband building over the past week. She had assumed it was some sort of gardening shed, so had not looked at it much yet. Fern notices that several pretty cherry and ornamental pear trees have been planted around it, as well as the addition of ponds and flowers.

“Here we are. Your very own writing studio.” Christopher says happily.


Fern walks up the stone path, amazed. A writing studio? As she draws nearer to the shed, she begins to appreciate the little details. The beautiful colour of the walls, the lanterns and the white-painted door. All of it seems quite familiar.


Fern opens the door cautiously and finds a sweet tiny room with all her favourite things- a bookshelf, a lovely antique writing desk and her trusty old laptop. And blue. Everything reminds her of the sea. She’s speechless for a moment, taking in everything, including the incredible view.


Christopher comes in after her, smiling nervously. “Do you like it?”

Fern beams at him. “I absolutely love it.”




After Fern steps back, Christopher draws his eyebrows up in the cute way she loves. “You know, it kind of reminds me of our honeymoon rental at Isla Paradiso.” Fern says curiously. “I’m glad I achieved my goal, then.” Christopher blushes.


After another kiss, Fern settles down in the wicker chair as Christopher goes off to begin setting up for the afternoon’s party. She opens up her laptop, leaning contentedly back into the soft cushion. No doubt she will spend many a day in this studio; the peace and quiet here is non-existent back at her house. In fact, Fern feels as if this little cabin is one isolated on another island at Isla Paradiso.


Fern pauses for a moment, drinking in the amazing view in front of her -the huge glass window makes it feel like she’s actually outside- then begins to type away.


Meanwhile, Isla and Christopher are playing in the pool. “Aha!” Isla splashes her dad in the face, who yelps and laughs. They love spending time in the refreshing waters of their big pool; summer has not quite drawn to a close yet, and the midday sun beats down hot on their heads.


The two dive down to the bottom and hold breath contests, waving their hands to keep themselves from floating up. Isla always giggles at the sight of her dad flapping his hand frantically, and as a result, usually fails at the contests.


Such a gorgeous sight.


“Woohoo!” Isla speeds down the waterslide as Christopher relaxes on one of the loungers. It’s wonderful, days like these; when Isla has time off school and she gets to spend a whole day with her dad. Today, however, a party is happening and the two must get busy with last-minute preparations.


The birthday party is a loud, joyful affair, with it being held outside. The warm, honeyed sunlight pours onto the deck, in which a table heaped with Christopher’s delicious cooking has been placed. Many of the guests either have a quick dip in the pool or dance together. Fern and Tamara catch up and have a good gossip as they bob their heads to the beat.


Most of the afternoon is spent having dance contests. Here are Briar and Ash crumping like pros; and Christopher caught in a rather awkward pose.


Max dances with Allie, who looks pretty with her hair down and glasses off.

“So… how’s your day been?” Max asks her, a little awkwardly. “Good, thank you.” Allie smiles at him, and his heart flutters unexpectedly.Β Wow, how about Briar? Max thinks. He turns his eyes away, feeling nervous.


The sky turns a pleasant peachy gold, and the guests continue chatting and laughing breezily. Will takes out his guitar again and a cheerful song drifts out from his expertly strumming fingers. The food is amazing -some people seem to have heard, for there are a few party-crashers- and the lively tempo of the music is infectious. Max sits down for a break with a plate of cookies, letting Ash take over with Allie.


The sun begins to sink further, spreading a light pink glow across the sky, and soon it’s time for the twins to blow out their candles. Fern calls the guests over, and they all group around the table with the birthday cakes. Briar goes first, per tradition.


Briar is thinking up a wish. I wonder what it is?


After a round of clapping and cheering, a haze of colourful sparkles swirl round Briar. The moment she has been waiting so long for. Feeling the lights spinning faster and faster, she twirls excitedly on her toes. When she ages, she gains the trait Daredevil.


And here I am supposed to put in a picture of her as a young adult, but I totally forgot to take a screenshot, so you’ll have to see later. Sorry about that. πŸ˜€


Ash blows out his candles next, which look like fireflies in the dying sunlight. A cool breeze sweeps across his back as he repeats his wish as much as he can is his head.


Ash grows up to look a lot better. He looks less chubby now, yay! He gains the trait Proper.


And I cheated and aged up Max. I think he looks pretty good. Better than Ash. πŸ™‚

The party guests grab slices of Fern’s classic three-layered birthday cake, and move inside as the stars begin to appear. Another epic party at the Kingston home.


Soon the night air is quiet, the noise and music muffled by the house. The only sounds is the gentle rustling of the pear trees in the garden, and the last strains of one bird’s dusk chorus. The twilight grows steadily deeper, into a rich, soft purple studded by millions of stars, and the rays of the lighthouse begin sweeping the cool dark waters of the bay. The end of another day.

And, finally, the end of the Kingston Legacy’s first generation.



Phew. YES. Generation One is over!


So, Briar is the heir. Thank you to all the nine voters πŸ™‚ However I will also be including Ash a lot in the next generation; although he won’t be the main character, their stories will be closely woven. They are twins, after all.

Thanks for sticking it out with me, faithful readers. Have a great day πŸ™‚


15 thoughts on “Chapter 1.23: Impatience is a Virtue (Sometimes)

  1. Oooh Ash and Max are real hotties!! Even if I’m late, I’m really looking forward to seeing what Briar’s story will bring! πŸ™‚ I was also convinced that Max was going to end up with Briar, but now Allie’s in the picture… I also loved Christophers dance moves lol! And the writing studio, ugh he’s such a cutie!! ❀

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  2. Wow~ The first gen is at an end. if I could’ve voted – I would’ve picked Briar as well, she’s more unpredictable πŸ˜‰ Since Ash is so family oriented and proper, of course he’ll always be looking out for what’s best for his family and doing the right thing (hence his lab work, ew) But Briar is a bitttt more fun than her twin so I’m really looking forward to her adventures~ Also I mentioned this ages ago (and I may have called him by his last name accidentally in the old chapter, my bad) but I knew Max would be one good looking sim when he grew up B) Called it! I’m hoping he is apart of Briar’s future… Allie you can go to Ash πŸ™‚ on to the next gen I go!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Agreed, I was hoping for the voters to choose Briar as she’s definitely more interesting as a character! Yep, you called it- I was so proud of Max when I aged him up lol. Back then I don’t think I changed my sim’s facial structures (can’t say the same now haha) so it was nice for Max to grow up well. I hope you enjoy Briar’s generation!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Fern and Christopher. Smiles. So sweet.

    It’s nice to see the twins (and Max) age up. I can’t wait to follow their story. I’m kind of sad, because I would’ve swung my vote and ended up voting for Ash even though I agree with some other comments that Briar is a lot more unpredictable, but there’s just something about the conflict that comes with Ash being so good and family-oriented and ending up mixed up with criminals that draws me. But anyway…

    Insane Briar wants to be a super spy. And genius Ash is involved in the criminal underground against his will. What an awesome dynamic and intriguing setup for Gen 2!

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  4. Yay, that was the first generation read πŸ˜€ I’m really looking forward to moving on to the next one. I enjoyed this a lot, especially your prose – it’s so lovely and evocative and I’m a little jealous πŸ™‚ I can only look forward to what’s to come!

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  5. I made it! Boy did this pick up towards the end! Those boys are lucky skunks that Briar forgave them so easily! I’m also very glad Briar won the heirpoll.
    I hated that I had to rush through a bit at the end there, but I did achieve my goal! I get to start on generation 2 tomorrow!
    Please time fairies, make it go slower next time…

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