Rambling — Home Sweet Home

Okay, so you may or may not have noticed that I haven’t posted in quite a bit. This is because I am in the midst of attempting to build the Kingston’s nice new villa. This is pretty much my first proper build since I’ve been busy doing the legacy for most of my time. Therefore, it was not much of a surprise that on my first try at building a house, I fumed at my infuriatingly laggy computer, rage-quitted, and stormed off (I don’t have much patience). An hour of Sims wasted.

On my second attempt, I began afresh and made Christopher pack a picnic basket with goodies, and sent him and Fern off to Summerhill Spring. They chattered and shared hot dogs on a super adorable and romantic picnic while I became increasingly frustrated at my failure building skills.

Look at them. So cute ❤


Anyway, after a couple of hours of completely emptying Fern and Christopher’s bank account, I managed to build them a house which looks pretty okay. It’s vaguely Victorian and is painted Fern’s favourite shade of sea-blue 🙂 Compared to the crappy cottage that was their home, the new Kingston house is quite spacious and has lots of fancy modern features. There is an open-plan living space, five bedrooms (one master, three for the kids and one guest) and two bathrooms. Plus an attic which will be filled later. Here’s some pictures!


Here’s a view of the back. Lots of glass, and not much interest, but when I build the pool and garden it should look a lot better.


First floor plan. As you can see they finally have a car! The master bedroom is a bit empty but Fern has her own study now 😀


The kids all have their own bedrooms, and share one bathroom. I have to decorate the hallway and loft area as well. Isla has a nature/fantasy bedroom (I installed Supernatural, woo!), Ash has a minimalistic modern room, and Briar has a weird sort of space somewhere between a pink children’s bedroom and a grungy Bridgeport-type room.


The house isn’t terribly professional but I have to say I’m proud of it as my first actual house. I’m planning to add a pool, pretty garden and a vegetable/orchard when Fern earns enough money, and in future generations it will probably be rebuilt again. Hopefully by the end of the legacy the Kingstons will have a beautiful mansion, like the Landgraabs and the Altos do.

As a further note, I’ve started a Sims 3 House Gallery on my other blog. It will provide detailed tours of every single house in Sunset Valley, plus other worlds, once it’s finished. Right now it only showcases a couple of houses but please check it out!


Thanks for reading all this 🙂 The next post should be Chapter 1.22! Have a wonderful holiday~

Lila ❤

P.S My little sister Emerald has started her very own Sims 3 blog, the Starling Rose Legacy. Pop over there and have a quick look!


10 thoughts on “Rambling — Home Sweet Home

  1. I like the new house! The attic sounds interesting, you could really do some fun stuff story wise with one.
    And that photo of Fern and Christopher having a picnic is so sweet. ❤ I can't wait for the new chapter! I miss seeing the Kingstons on my feed.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha thanks 🙂 Yep, I was thinking of putting something secretive in there for the next generation, although maybe for this one I will make it a home gym/second lounge. Hopefully on the day after tomorrow I can post a new chapter, but tomorrow I want to finish the garden! When will you be posting your one?

      Liked by 1 person

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