Rambling — Generation Two Heir Poll

~This poll is CLOSED~


We’re almost to the end of Generation One, and to the end of Fern’s story (just 2 more chapters!). She’s been such an adorable, super nice Sim to write about, but she’s turning into an elder soon and won’t be able to carry on the legacy. I need help with choosing the best heir, and I will be really happy if anyone could take a minute to vote 🙂

Here are the heir choices:

Briar Kingston has always been the odd one out. Her insane, childish tendencies make things difficult for her, especially her love life. Will she follow her dream of being Sunset Valley’s top secret agent, or will her best friend Max make her see another?


Ash Kingston was the more sensible and level-headed twin, even as a child. Growing up has proved very sweet for him; attractive, sporty, popular and a genius, Ash has everything he wants. But when his wish to become a forensic investigator leads him on a dangerous path, will he risk losing all he has?


Isla Kingston is the baby of the family, perhaps because she’s unlucky. Nothing really goes right for her- so she’s glad that she has a big brother and sister to look after her. But when both of them are drawn into the secretive world of law enforcement, Isla is alone. With nothing but her love of guitar, Isla sets out to pave her own way in music…


My thoughts: 

I will not vote in this poll, although I will let my annoying little sister have her say. I do have thoughts on how each story of the possible heirs will be told. I think Briar would be the most interesting to write about, with her insane trait and super spy dream.

Ash would be the child Fern would logically choose. I do like his sensible personality and I can trust him to raise a good big family well. His forensic investigator dream would also be a very cool story, however there is a problem: I don’t like crime/thriller novels so it would be difficult for me to write about his mysteries and cases at work.

Isla… as she hasn’t been looked into deeply I’m not too sure about her. I wouldn’t choose her because her siblings are more exciting, but it would be fun to write about her bad luck! The poll will be open until Chapter 1.25 so I’ll write more about her.

Okay, so one more question. Should I try out writing in first person in Generation Two or keep on doing third person? Thanks for reading all this and voting!

Lila ❤



3 thoughts on “Rambling — Generation Two Heir Poll

  1. I’m normally not a fan of third person writing, but I actually like the way you do it! I think write the way that makes the story better for you.

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    • Cool. It’s just when I write in third person I end up writing about other Sims, not Fern. But maybe I’ll try write in first for another story and just stick with third for now. Thanks for the feedback!

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  2. Uhh… so… who won? I think I probably would’ve voted for Briar just because it would be crazy following her around trying to be a super spy… Ah but well… moving on…

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