Chapter 1.14: Simplicity and Beauty

Sometimes weird things happen in Sunset Valley, and Fern knows it. Heck, her own teenage daughter is insane and often strikes up conversations with herself. But nothing much prepares Fern and I for a strange moment that occurs one morning.

The bright orange flames flicker among the wood, wafting smoke over the campsite as Fern twists her marshmallow over the fire. Briar and Ash are off at high school, and this little moment in the morning where not much Sims are at the beach is peaceful. That is until the zipper of Ash’s tent opens and a strange man climbs out, yawning.


I didn’t even notice him getting in! I mean, who sleeps in a random person’s tent?

And whats even weirder is that he comes over to Fern and they are ATTRACTED TO EACH OTHER. Eww, Fern, no. Christopher looks so much better than this balding old man!


Speaking of Christopher, he soon arrives at the beach, like he has been doing for the past few mornings. Fern is really happy to see him. His fun, bubbly and sweet personality is just what she needs to make her day.


Christopher gets along well with the kids as well. He’s usually there when Briar and Ash return from school, so he spends time with them before Ash and Fern go off to work. As Briar usually helps out with the cash by doing jobs at school, she and Christopher spend a lot of the evening playing games together.


Briar really loves having Christopher around after school as he always plays tag with her, or builds sandcastles. Since Ash is in a different class at school and has a job, he can’t play with his twin sister so much anymore. Christopher is also a good listener; Briar often tells him about her troubles/detentions at school. “The teachers just don’t understand me!” She complains after she had let all the frogs out in biology class.


She’s almost annoyed when Ash comes back from the grocery store because Christopher gets all serious and talks about boring genius stuff with him. It’s only fair that he spends time with Ash after all the hours playing with Briar, but she doesn’t see it that way.


When they go off to have a good game of catch, Briar crosses her eyes and waves her hands around. “Ash is such a wannabe.” She mutters. Then she starts arguing loudly with her imaginary friend/self. Bless her.


Here’s the Kingston family with Christopher. Briar’s doing her homework in the background, doodling moustaches on the Sims in her textbooks. Fern’s back from her shift at the bookstore, picking crunchy apples for dinner. Here Christopher and Ash are playing with the rugby ball. It almost looks like a happy family… except Christopher isn’t part of the family and they are homeless.

Fern, please fix this problem already.


One night, to my excitement, Christopher spreads a blanket on the grass and sets down a picnic for him and Fern. It looks like a romantic, under-the-stars dinner by the beach, except Briar and Ash are hiding behind a bush and giggling to each other.


“I think I hear two lovebirds chirping!” Briar squeals loudly. “Shut up, Briar!” Ash hisses to his sister, but there’s a big smile on his face. Being family-oriented, he had not missed the relationship between his mom and Christopher.

“Quick, the lovebirds are coming!” Briar yelps, and the twins run away laughing under their breath. Such kids.


I’m super happy when Christopher finally takes Fern’s hand. This is so cute.


Fern does her adorable gazing into eyes thing, and I hope this goes well. Christopher, do not, DO NOT, reject her, or I will be so mad.


Then, the creepy old man comes along. He watches the embracing two through narrowed eyes, smirking as his pen scribbles over his notepad. Wait. Isn’t this guy Dave Ramsey? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him before… aha. He’s one of Xander’s criminal buddies who flirted with all the ladies at that bastard’s parties.

Which makes me very suspicious.

Screenshot-49 copy

“Christopher… I have to tell you something.” Fern whispers. “Don’t say anything.” And so happens their first kiss, finally. YAY! Go Christopher!

From their hiding place behind the bush, Briar and Ash watch open-mouthed.


“MOM!” Briar shrieks, running out from the bush. Ash follows, face-palming as Christopher leaves for home. “YOU AND CHRISTOPHER- OMG!” Briar squeals, jumping up and down and grinning crazily at Fern.


“You two were watching?” Fern blushes furiously, mortified. Although she wants to be annoyed at her two nosy kids, she can’t suppress the happiness swirling wildly inside her. “Okay… okay, I can’t believe it! Christopher’s so perfect-” Then she realises she’s talking to her children. “Sorry.” She says quickly.


“Don’t apologise, Mom.” Ash hugs Fern tightly. “We’re really happy for you. Christopher’s a great guy, and you two totally deserve each other.”

Briar nods wildly. “Not like that idiot Xander. I want to make my panda hat eat him for breakfast.” She says brightly. Fern snorts with laughter, smiling like she’s never done before.

Screenshot-59 copy

A couple of nights later, the two stare over the shimmering silver sea. The sky is a dusky violet-grey, glittering with billions of stars. It’s a perfect night. Apparently Christopher thinks so too. He gets down on one knee, and presents a little velvet box to Fern.

“Fern, I have so much things I want to say.” He takes a deep breath. “I… I love you more than I once thought possible to love someone. You’re unbelievably sweet, beautiful, kind and so selfless, and  every single day I spend with you is perfect. So what I really want to say is… will you marry me?”

Screenshot-62 copy

Fern stares at the ring, which sparkles with the most brilliant light she’s ever seen. There’s no hesitation when she says yes. Everything’s so perfect; here at her favourite place, the quiet moonlit beach, and Christopher’s sweet hopeful smile. Of course she wouldn’t say no. I would never let her.


I could cry, I’ve wanted this for ages and finally it’s happened.


With Christopher having proposed late last night, Ash and Briar don’t know about the engagement yet. In fact, as Ash quickly finishes a history assignment, he doesn’t notice the steamy exchange between Fern and Christopher going on behind him. Luckily.


Briar is the first to know. Fern goes up to her, smiling nervously. “Sweetie, I’m getting married.” Fern blurts out. “Really? About time!” Briar hops around, grinning. “Would you like to help me chose a dress?” Fern asks.


When Fern and Briar rush off to meet up with Tamara for bridal preparations, Christopher sits down with Ash for a good game of chess. As he slides a bishop across the board, he tells Ash about the news. “Dude, that’s so cool! This is really great. You’re going to make Fern so happy, you know.” Ash says happily.

“I’ll do my best.” Christopher smiles. “Then Mom’s in good hands.” Ash says in satisfaction as he checkmates his opponent.


Christopher organises the wedding when the twins leave for school. It’s a small, relaxed affair with only a handful of guests. With Fern off to chose her dress, he works out the details. A couple of pretty balloons would do the trick, with a beautiful beach setting. A nice picnic would be good for the food. Casual attire.

He only spends a bit of money because Christopher wants to splash out on a surprise honeymoon at Isla Paradiso. He knows Fern will absolutely love it, so a low-key wedding is in order. And I know she won’t mind that either.


Soon it’s time to exchange vows and rings. The guests cheer and shower rose petals off to the side as Fern and Christopher stand underneath the leafy boughs of two apple trees. It perfectly frames them with the sea from this view.

Its so beautiful. *sniff sniff*


Staring into Christopher’s smiling blue eyes, Fern wonders how she had ever fallen for Xander. How could she had been so blind? The joy she feels at this moment is nothing compared to at her first wedding. This one is so much more full of love.

And Fern knows that this one is not a mistake.



19 thoughts on “Chapter 1.14: Simplicity and Beauty

    • Yep, Fern and Christopher are so cute together. But I have realised not much else is said about them… so in the next chapter (which is set in Isla Paradiso) I’m planning to explore Fern’s character in more depth, as well as her relationships with Xander and Christopher ❤️ No Briar and Ash on their honeymoon, it will be all about Fern.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Big Sigh! At last and nice choice for the dress. But wait, Christopher obviously doesn’t have a job. He better not be leaching off her like that “other guy”! Did you move Christopher in and have him ask, or did he seriously ask on his own?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So amusing how this chapter starts. Some random guy sleeping in her tent. But I totally agree. I ship Fern and Christopher all the way.

    At this point, however, I’m wondering why Christopher doesn’t just invite them to stay at his place. Even as a friend, but well… it’s the sims. You can’t quite control Christopher. And I’m not sure Fern would accept.

    Briar… You’re… uhm… Crazy.

    Absolutely loved the photo where Christopher and Fern are having a picnic and Briar and Ash are giggling in the background. I dunno… Ever since Xander was thrown out of the picture, the story became so much more… fun and lovable. I guess what they say about avoiding toxic people applies to sims too. But then Dave Ramsey shows up acting all suspicious, and I start o fear that we may not have seen the last of Xander.

    But forget Xander. They kissed! And we all love Christopher. And he proposed. And they got married in a really sweet beach wedding. And we’re all happy. I is happy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol, I don’t quite remember why I didn’t simply move them to Christopher’s house, but I think that maybe I moved him into the family and lost the house? Or back then I just didn’t think of such logistics, smh.
      Yes, I’m so glad to have had Xander out of the picture so they could be a cute happy family, despite them still being homeless. Fern and Chris are just so adorable!
      By the way, I really appreciate your comments, I didn’t expect ones of such length on each chapter and they make me smile! I fret so frequently over the current generation that I forget how much fun I had with the previous gens. It’s a good dose of nostalgia being reminded of the old shenanigans, I might go reread from the start. So thank you ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      • I usually want to leave long comments, but I end up reading to the very last part and then I completely blank out, not knowing what to say, so I recently decided that while reading, I’ll put up Notepad on another window and write my comments while reading. That’s why the comments have been lengthy, and will most likely continue to be.

        I totally get you about all the fretting… Especially once you decide to go for story-based and plot-driven instead of gameplay-driven, it can be quite a lot of work. And lots of thinking about the story when not actually working on it. Still fun in a different way, but there’s something to be said about just playing the game, taking screenshots and writing about it.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Ooh that’s a great idea, I might do that as well! And yeah, thinking about the story is fun but it can be quite frustrating and take a lot of time, compared to just snapping pictures freely. I enjoy it very much though.


  3. Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinallly! Hahaha I was so happy to see them finally getting together! The picture where they got married was really cute! How fitting for them… and how exciting it is that they can finally have a happily ever after!
    Xander better keep his butt AWAY from it too!

    Liked by 1 person

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