Rambling — A Beauty Pamper or Two

Today in this post I want to highlight Fern’s changes from the first day she arrived in the idyllic town of Sunset Valley! I’m pretty much where I am in the game for the chapters so this is just a filler for when I cannot play Sims 3 during the week.


So I am feeling kinda guilty because I sort of cheated (a lot) and forced some Sims to go to Lila’s Beauty Salon. I’m pretty sure this is against the rules, but I love makeover-ing and let’s face it, I’m going by my own rules right now. There are basically no good-looking Sims in Sunset Valley (they all have moved to Isla Paradiso, apparently) and well, obviously I need a Sim for Fern so she can carry on the legacy. If anyone reading this isn’t familiar with the original Sims in Sunset Valley, here I’m clearing the air and just showing what I changed.

Fern Kingston


At the start of Fern’s story, she was an overweight girl with scruffy, unflattering clothes and uptight hairstyle. And honestly, her traits weren’t that great either. Snob, Couch Potato, Hates the Outdoors… nope, not good.



A year later, after many fitness sessions at the gym and a makeover at Sharma Day Spa, Fern looks so pretty. She’s acquired a tan from all the days at the beach, and the huge loss of weight has really brought out her natural beauty. I’m proud of what she’s achieved, just getting her a house and completing her Lifetime Wish to go.


Xander Clavell


When Fern visited the gym for the first time in Chapter 1.1, Xander was literally the first male Sim I saw in there. I immediately edited him in CAS because… oh gods. Xander… well, he just looked rather ugly. I confess I pretty much gave him the biggest makeover possible. That hairstyle… and clothes… just, no.



As you can see I magically made his hair light blonde and eyes green. I sorta gave him a plastic surgery too, which is cheating but no less worse than mods. He’s an actual ladies man now.


Christopher Steel


To be honest, Christopher didn’t look too bad originally. It’s just his hair and bad sense of fashion that annoyed me. I don’t know if this picture is edited or something because his eyes don’t sparkle that like, not really.



Especially after what happened in Chapter 1.11, I think Christopher is probably the best looking male Sim in Sunset Valley now! Psh, I will even say he looks way better than Xander. And all he needed was a new hairstyle and change of wardrobe. Yay.


Blair Wainwright 


This is probably my worst act of cheating because I changed her purely to have a villain in the story. Confession time- when I saw Christopher had a partner called Blair I went on a rage trying to find her (yes, I already thought Fern should go with Christopher at that point). As will as giving her a major grown-up update, I also changed her personality a lot. She used to be a genius, childish and good before I made her an evil snob, because I like to cheat.


I’m sorry Blair. You look like a Barbie Doll now, with too much makeup and snobby hairstyle. But you fill my story-telling purpose. You are perfect for Xander.



I edited Lisa and Tamara as well, but not by a lot. Also I have Custom Content from the Sims Store, so you might see outfits and hair that isn’t featured in the base game or any EPs. I especially have a great plan for Briar’s crazy YA outfit 😊 Oh, and I realise I haven’t really shown the twin’s growth into teens in depth so I will do that in Chapter 1.13.

So that’s my confessions done! I have now cleared my conscience. I would like to say I can now get on with the next chapters, but unfortunately I can only update in the weekends, and even then my time is really restricted. In the holidays I will go on an updating frenzy and will probably post a new chapter everyday, can’t wait for that! But first I have to get through the term. Ugh.

Lila ❤️


7 thoughts on “Rambling — A Beauty Pamper or Two

    • LOL I forgot about that filler (there’s quite a few more random ones coming up). I’m proud to say that my beauty salon has indeed prospered! My sim making skills were rather atrocious back then.


  1. Hahaha, oh man I related so much to this…
    Considering well… my Reapers legacy follows Agnes Crumplebottom.
    MY Agnes, that is. 😉
    And she’s a helluva lot prettier that way.
    Townies are great! You get a lot of life from them, but they seldom LOOK the part. XD You’ve done a great work, and I feel like everything you’ve done is so natural for a story that it hardly matters if it’s “legacy” worthy or not.
    Then again this is coming from the gal who broke every legacy rule for her stories so… take that with a grain of salt, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I had a peek at your Reapers Legacy — I assume you’re rewriting that one currently — and your Agnes is indeed sooooo much prettier than the base game Agnes!
      It’s hilarious looking back at this post, because now I think they all look so damn ugly, even after the ‘makeovers’ LOL. Especially Xander, bleh. I kinda want to recreate this post, actually, but with the sim-creating skills I have now — I am curious to see how Christopher will look like with cc!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haha, thank you! There was no way I could deal with her gaunt-face and hook nose. It’s incredibly embarrassing to admit I’m that vain… but I am, lol.
        Oh I completely know what you mean. I refused to get CC for a long while in my game, and thought I was really great at makeovers until I uncovered that rug and fell hard into the land of CC everything.
        For what it’s worth, I think you did an excellent job. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

        • LOL I refused to get CC as well! I think that was because the CC I was seeing around were all pretty low quality (cough TSR cough) and I hadn’t seen the wonderful high poly Tumblr stuff. Looking at the cc I initially used makes me gag, but I had to take that first step into the CC rabbit hole 👌

          Liked by 1 person

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