Chapter 1.12: Homeless on Old Pier Beach

To Fern, being homeless back on Old Pier Beach is almost easy for her. She falls into her old routine, which had lain unforgotten at the bottom of her memories. But now she has to look after two children as well as herself. She has to pick three times as more apples; scouring the leaves for the juicy red fruit. Often she worries if the beach will yield enough food for her little family.

Screenshot-2 copy

Briar and Ash don’t mind being homeless. For them it’s like a vacation they never had. Ash enjoys completing his homework in a quiet and calm environment, and Briar likes striking up conversations with random Sims.

“So how was your day today, Mr. Sekemoto?” Briar plops herself down at a picnic.

“Not good.” The man says gloomily, seemingly not at all surprised at a stranger sitting down at his picnic, and the fact she knows his name.

“Really? What happened?” Briar asks, munching on a hot dog.

“I asked a girl out and she rejected me. I mean, I had a bouquet of flowers, and dressed up in my best suit, and I’m sure I showered and brushed my teeth! I don’t know why she didn’t like me.” He says miserably.

Briar thinks over her sausage. “Well, maybe it’s because you look so… I don’t know, kind of sad? Maybe you should get a makeover at the spa. Get some fresh new clothes, put a big smile on your face, and act cool and calm. Don’t over do it, you know. It worked for my mommy…”

The man doesn’t notice Briar faltering, as a big grin appears on his face. “I’ll do that right now! Thanks, kid. Good advice. You know what, why don’t you have the rest of this picnic.”


The man leaves in a rush. Wow, I’m good at getting free food, Briar thinks happily.


She calls over her mommy and brother, who look surprised and grateful.

“How did you get this, Briar?” Ash asks as he slurps on a box of orange juice.

“I gave life counselling advice.” Briar says solemnly.

Fern looks at her children, amused. They are quite mature for their ages; perhaps because of their immature father. She’s suddenly anxious about how the kids are coping with being homeless at such a young age.

“I’m sorry, Briar, Ash. You should be in a nice house like all the other kids, not living rough on the beach.” Fern says quietly.

The twins look at her. “Don’t worry, mommy. We love living by the sea. It’s like we’re on a super fun camping trip!” Ash nods while Briar bobs her head furiously in agreement.


The twins especially enjoy the time in the evenings when the stars come out and Fern lights the fire. The crackling flames spread a warm glow over their camp, in which Briar warms her bottom over. Ash giggles, choking on his roasted marshmallow.


With only $8000 in her pocket, Fern had only managed to purchase two tents. Briar and Ash share one, while Fern occupies the other. The dying embers of the fire keeps the camp warm until the early hours in the morning.


The next morning, Ash jumps out of bed and runs towards Fern, who is busy writing her novel. “Mommy, mommy! Tomorrow’s me and Briar’s birthdays!” He yells, waving in excitement.


He waits for a reply as Fern sends the last few pages of The Faraway City Lights off to the publisher.

“That’s right, sweetie. Just one more day and you’ll finally grow up into a teen! I’ll throw a small party here in a few hours, does that sound good?” Fern asks, smiling.

Ash nods happily and races off to the sea, skipping in excitement.


“Briar! What are you doing?” Ash yelps, staring at his sister.

“What?” Briar shrugs as she wades into the water with her formal dress on.


Fern smiles as she listens to the happy sounds of her children playing in the ocean. She’s glad that they don’t mind being homeless, for now. Soon Fern would have to find a proper house for Briar and Ash- turning into teens would probably change their views on the matter.


Down in the sea, Briar scoops up a handful of water and throws it at her brother, who ducks and laughs. The droplets flash diamanté in the morning sunlight, glittering against his skin. “I can’t wait for the party tomorrow!” Briar giggles as she splashes Ash again.


The carefree attitudes of her children is infectious. Fern almost believes that they really are on holiday, that they are just on day trip to the beach.


Almost. As Fern lies down on her towel, she buries her face in the soft evening-coloured fabric, letting the tears seep into the sand below. An online search for houses on sale had proved fruitless. She simply does not have enough money.

“Die, die!” Briar yells as she demolishes her sandcastle.


Fern snorts with laughter, jarring her from her depressing thoughts. Pull yourself together, Kingston, she tells herself. Rolling up her towel, she calls the kids over and they walk through the town to 28 Hour Wellness Gym. “What are we doing here, mommy?” Ash questions. “Getting you two into a shower.”


With the kids washing up in the gym showers, Fern takes a box of juice from the cafeteria. The familiar smell of chlorine and sweat reminds of her of when she had first meet Xander. Why didn’t I see how much of a douchebag he was at that first moment? 


Briar halts at the door of the shower cubicle, wrinkling her nose. “Public showers are gross.” She decides. But she still gets in, because she wants to be squeaky clean for tomorrow.


When the family arrive at the beach, Ash and Briar decide to hit the loungers. Fern lingers for a bit, working out the things for the party. She wouldn’t be able to throw such lavish ones as before, but she decides she can afford two birthday cakes from the greengrocer.

Dialing up her friends, Fern invites them over for the party tomorrow. “Sorry, I can’t come tomorrow.” Christopher says apologetically when she calls him. “But is it alright if I come over this evening? I’ll give them my best wishes today.”


“Hey Fern!” Christopher says when he arrives at the beach an hour later. Fern greets him, butterflies awaking in her stomach. Although his voice is cheerful, Christopher’s blue eyes are sad. It’s clear both of them are still recovering from their broken hearts.

(I’m sorry, I’m being so dramatic)


This said, I want these two to get together already. Fern and Christopher are such cuties together. But I’m guessing that they can’t rush into a relationship so fast with what happened with Blair and Xander.


Ash walks up to say hello to the visitor. “Are you Christopher Steel?”

“Yes. Pleased to meet you, Ash.” He says politely.

“You’ll meet my sister soon. Briar’s a bit… strange, but please don’t act any different around her.” Ash says anxiously.

Christopher nods. “I understand. I’m sure we’ll be friends, with Fern for her mother and all.”


From the gentle way he said Fern’s name, Ash sees danger. Although he thinks Christopher seems like a really good guy, Ash is protective of his family, with his Family-Oriented trait.

“Right. Look Christopher, I don’t want my mommy getting hurt like how my father did to her. Never ever again.”

Christopher looks at the young boy, so similar in looks to his father, but with a serious tone in his brown eyes that Xander would never have. “Don’t worry, Ash, I would never do anything to hurt Fern. She’s my friend.” Christopher says seriously.

(Me: Did Fern just get friendzoned)


“Hey, Christopher!” Briar bounds in. “Shaka Bra!” She yells, and Christopher returns the surfer greeting with a grin. Ash looks between them, satisfied. If anyone like Xander had been approached like that by Briar, they would have stepped away.


With all serious matters over, Ash engages in a game of tag with Briar and Christopher. “You can’t catch me!” Briar giggles over her shoulder as they dart among the bushes.


Ash chases after the two, their laughter ringing through the calm night air. Honestly, it makes me so happy to see the three of them having such fun.


“You’re it!” Christopher laughs as he tags a tired Fern. High heels are hard to run in sand!


When Christopher leaves after giving the twins his birthday wishes, Briar and Ash gather around Fern as she eats dinner. “Christopher’s so fun!” Briar jumps up and down. “Can we please have him over again, mommy?”

“Sure, sweetie.” Fern smiles softly.


The day after, Ash and Briar’s birthdays arrive! Although Fern couldn’t afford anything else than two cakes, she grills some freshly-caught fish and potatoes from Tamara for a delicious platter of fish & chips.


As Christopher couldn’t come, there are only a few guests. Briar blows out her candles first, because she is too impatient to wait for the other guests.


Briar grows up into a pretty teen, gaining the trait Childish. For some reason, she’s in her athletic gear. Her best friend Max Oliver looks like he has an eye on her!


The party guests gather around the table for a slice of cake.


Then they celebrate Ash’s birthday, with the two other guests having arrived. Their old babysitter, Ellen Denson, is also here to give her best wishes.


Just before Ash blows out his candles, I spot a pregnant woman on the other side of the beach. It’s Blair! Well, Xander has been busy, that bastard.


Ash ages up into a handsome athletic boy, looking pretty much like his father, except with a better hairstyle. He gains the trait Genius, no surprise there. Smart, sporty and good-looking- this guy has a lot going for him. My thought is that Ash also kind of looks like Jason from the Heroes of Olympus books!


Okay, this picture is kind of creepy because all three roommates -Tamara, Stiles and Blair- are staring in the same direction. Looks like an action movie.

Briar and Ash enjoy the rest of the party, chatting with their friends and playing in the ocean. Tomorrow is Monday. I wonder what will happen to these celebrity Kingston twins at their first day of high school. We will see at the end of the week!



9 thoughts on “Chapter 1.12: Homeless on Old Pier Beach

  1. Wow life kinda went full circle for Fern – except not in a good way… at least she has her adorable kids, who are indeed very mature for their age, by her side.
    Side note, not to sound like a creep, but Oliver is probably gonna be an attractive sim when he grows up. Just saying 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the twins so much. They have such great attitudes toward life. Briar especially is so fun to follow. Way to go getting that free food from Mr. Sakemoto who really does need a makeover. Maybe Briar should start giving life counselling advice for pay or something. Lol.

    I felt kind of sad when Fern mentioned that they were going to become teens.

    As for Fern and Christopher, c’mon now… Get married already! (I know it’s too soon. You both just got divorced, but Fern needs a place to stay darn it!) I guess Ash won’t be very happy with me saying that. Cute that he’s protective.

    But Fern can’t get friendzoned. Christopher is the one who’s always friendzoned. I’m glad he has the approval of Briar. Let’s have this four become a family already!

    The photo where Tamara, Stiles and Blair are staring in the same direction – Hilarious! And Blair pregnant… boo!

    Ash and Briar all grown up… Awww… I’ll miss them as kids, but I’m looking forward to what you have in store for them as teens!

    I don’t know if I said this before, but even in this generation, your pictures are really great, especially the scenic ones. You really have an eye for this. I appreciate it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww yes! Briar and Ash remain two of my favourite characters to this day, they were real great to write about.
      Chris is always getting friend zoned, yeah! I noticed that in quite a few stories, I’m not actually sure why. He’s a sweetie, poor guy 😔
      And thank you very much! I think it was around these chapters that I started to focus more on the picture quality, you’ll see it steadily improve as you read on!


  3. Ugh, of course Blair would show up to show off that pig’s child to his other children. What a PEACH!
    Yes, yes my prayers have been heard SUMMON CHRIS OVER. Let’s hook him and Fern up! I’m trying to wrap up generation 1 today, but I’m a slow reader, so we’ll see how far I make it, lol!

    Liked by 1 person

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