Chapter 1.8: A Frenzy of Birthday Parties

It seems only yesterday when the butterscotch villa was decorated with black-and-white balloons, when Fern was doling out slices of birthday cake to a crowd of chattering guests, and when toddler’s fingers were sticky with icing. Xander loves to throw parties, so it was a perfect excuse to indulge his Party Animal trait when the twin’s birthdays came around. Now, little Briar and Ash Kingston-Clavell have learnt how to walk and spend most of their day toddling around the villa, playing with their toys.


When Fern isn’t feeding the kids or changing their diapers, she’s frying up fluffy pancakes topped with fresh-sliced apples from the apple tree outside. Xander has taken up the job of tickling and snuggling Ash as well as the odd house chore. To my surprise, Fern and Xander had received the ‘Faithful’ moodlets during their honeymoon.

Huh. Maybe I was wrong about Xander.


With a few days off work to settle in, the newlywed parents are busy with tending to every need of their small children. Potty training is a rather stinky part of it.


They also sit down to teach Briar and Ash how to talk.


It’s a relief when Fern’s family -a famous one, in that- receive an invitation for a party, from Cornelia Goth. They are impressed when they pull up to the mansion. It’s a gloomy, sprawling dark manor with a gothic taste, but it’s a strikingly beautiful home set amongst willows and quiet silver ponds.


The house’s interior is equally impressive, with expensive antique furniture and little light cast from the chandeliers. Fern ducks into one of many bathrooms to change into her new bikini. She’s a little dismayed to see that she hasn’t quite lost all the baby weight yet.


While the family enjoy the hot dogs grilling on the barbecue outside, I explore the mansion a little. It’s a bit too dark and Victorian for my tastes. In one of the bedrooms, a stereo is pumping out some music. I spot Christopher Steel (gosh, this guy has spectacular timing) dancing.


Xander looks around the grounds. He’s a little bored; there aren’t much young adults around, more like elderly Sims. His wife is looking after the kids as they play in the grass under a clear starry sky. Although the mansion is set in an era he thought should be forgotten, the views over the valley are breathtaking. The graveyard at the back of the house is a nice touch.


When Fern convinces Cornelia to look after the kids for a bit, the couple take a refreshing dip in the pool. As Fern Loves the Water, she is happily splashing around before long.

Christopher seems to be walking on water here…


When Xander climbs out of the pool to grab a yummy hot dog, Christopher paddles over to say hello to Fern. While she replies, her voice is a little cold and stiff, making him confused. Fern’s good friends with Christopher, so he’s not quite sure why she sounds so distant.


Fern leaves the party soon after that. When she pushes the button on her car keys, I realize that she’s reached a high enough celebrity level -4 star- to have her very own limousine! While I’m excited, I’m also a little perplexed. Fern isn’t in the music or acting or anything career, so I don’t see why she’s so famous.


Xander and Fern enjoy the luxurious ride so much, they forget all about Briar!


How do you even forget your own child at a party!? Briar gurgles happily, and Xander races to pick up his daughter before she and Fern realises anything wrong.


When dawn breaks over Sunset Valley the next day, Fern and Xander complete teaching the toddlers how to talk. It seems they are learning about their parent’s favorite subjects. Ha.


Today is also the twin’s birthdays! Has it really been years since Fern came to Sunset Valley?

It’s a small party, but Fern bakes two vanilla jam sponge cakes, icing them carefully with pastel sugar. While Xander organises the set up, she busily cooks in the kitchen: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the kids, autumn salad for the adults.


Briar ages up first, complete with a derpy face. She gains the trait Insane to add to Excitable.

Ooookay. Wow. This trait is going to prove to be very interesting in the future.


I think she’s a bit of a tomboy as well. She pulls a silly face at one of the kids, and becomes friends with him: a sporty kid named Max Oliver.


Ash becomes a child next. With his mop of blonde hair and athletic clothes, my feeling that he is going to look just like his dad is further increased. He gains the trait Family Oriented, which is probably why he isn’t crossing his eyes like his crazy twin sister.


Their birthday present from their parents are a set of swings and a playground. The two kids whoop and instantly climb up to play, but Fern is a little worried.

“Was there enough money to buy such lavish gifts?” She whispers to her husband.

Xander grins as the children shout in delight as they slide down the fireman’s pole. “Don’t worry, honey, I’ve got the money all sorted.”

I don’t really know where he did get the money from, as both aren’t working big jobs.


Briar soon realizes that her family is famous- she’s a one star celebrity already. It explains why some random men, who haven’t even been invited to her party, swoon and giggle very stupidly at the sight of her mommy. She really wants to kick one especially idiotic man in the shin, but she had learned that her mommy didn’t tolerate that kind of behavior.


So she settles for spilling water over the silly man instead. “Sorry, it was an accident, mommy!” She grins crazily when Fern chides her gently. But it had indeed sent the man out of the house.


Before bedtime, Briar wants to play tag. Ash is too busy buried in a sports biography, and Xander is watching T.V. So she and her mom race around outside, laughing. They had grown quite close, with Xander always preferring her twin over her.

Suddenly, Fern skids to a stop. “Who’s that weird lady, mommy?” Briar whispers loudly. The woman glares at her, but Fern steps in quickly. “Hello, Blair. What are you doing here?”

“Nothing.” She snaps crossly.

“Okay. Well, good night. We better get you in a bath, Briar.” Fern says quietly. She takes the hand of her child and takes her inside the villa for some soap-and-water and a bedtime story.


Blair doesn’t move. She simply stares after the mother and daughter as they laugh easily, heading back inside the lovely villa. From the window, she sees Xander tenderly kiss Fern goodnight, and Blair narrows her eyes.



16 thoughts on “Chapter 1.8: A Frenzy of Birthday Parties

  1. Okay, I just had to say, I laughed out loud at Christopher. I felt like that game where is Waldo? We should ask where is Christopher?
    Anyway, nice chapter. And oh Blair what are you up to?

    I probably won’t post on every chapter, but I did find spotting Christopher quite entertaining. 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Alright Blair, could you be more creepy? I’m quite curious to see what she has on her mind…
    Also, the kids aged nicely 🙂 Fern has certainly come a long way from sleeping on benches to be riding in limos now

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Xander eventually runs off with Blair, taking all their money or something. Or Blair’s giving him money. Pfft. I dunno. How is Christopher and Blair always around? And from the looks of it, it seems Briar is much more interesting to follow around than Ash. Ah what lies in store…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. These early chapters are both funny and intriguing. I really like what you’re doing with weaving storytelling into the gameplay overview 🙂 I think you’re way too hard on your work 🙂 (but I also know that’s how writers work – like, ask me how I feel about 75 % of A Monte Vista Story…) Anyway, that was my long way of saying: I like this!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yes, I do find these old chapters painfully hilarious because of my silly commentary. I have no idea what I was thinking but it gives me a good chuckle when I reread, at least 😂 Glad you like it! I’m gonna start commenting on Monte Vista soon~

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Hiya! I’m just re reading your story from the beginning and laughing my head off as I do. I LOVE Christopher Steel and in the beginning I always wanted my sims to end up with him. I don’t know why but I bet I’m not the only player. The kids grew up quite cute! On to the next chapter……

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Yes! I’m so loving Briar! Her eyes and hair make a stunning combo!
    Fern giving Chris the cold shoulder? Ouch! I’m HURT Fern! I feel it DEEP in my soul!
    I’m also waiting on Xander to slip at this point. I’m pretty sure he will. (shifty eyes) He just doesn’t seem like a good guy! Blair though is scheming! What a nasty little thing!

    Liked by 1 person

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