Chapter 1.7: Bittersweet Wedding Bells

Previously, we saw the Kingston family expand with two sweet baby twins, Ash and Briar. With maternity leave over, Fern must get back into shape. The birth of her twins had been announced in the morning edition of Sunset Valley Herald, and she doesn’t want paparazzi commenting on her weight gain as well as her having children out of wedlock. The life of a B-list celebrity is harder than she thought.


With the babies happily tucked in their cribs, Fern starts the music and begins working out. By the end of a couple hour’s cardio exercise, green fumes of stink curl off her fatigued body. However, she has already shed a good amount of kilograms already.


Although Xander does nothing but kiss her goodnight at bedtime, she does notice he is pleased with her progress. While Xander treats her well, she doesn’t want their relationship to foul like they had years ago.


The next morning, the cries of Briar and Ash awaken her. A sore back does nothing to help her mood, so she quickly becomes annoyed. Fern’s thinking of maybe having a quick nap to sleep the pain and irritation away when Tamara calls her. “Hey, Fern! How is motherhood going?”

“Okay, but my back is sore and the babies need attention all the time.” She says tiredly.

“Hmm. Why don’t you have your morning off and treat yourself to a massage at the spa? I won’t be able to come, but it should help a lot.”

Fern thinks about it for a bit. “That’s a good idea. I’ll call the babysitter. Thanks Tamara!”


In about 10 minutes, the babysitter pops over. “Oh go on, Miss. Kingston. These sweeties are in experienced hands!” She reassures her, gently picking up Briar and snuggling her.


So Fern drives to the Sharma Day Spa in the town square. Just breathing in the scent of jasmine and wildflower cleanser sends a feeling of contentment washing through her. A deep tissue massage eases the ache out of her back, making Fern the most relaxed in days.


Meanwhile, I realise that the twin’s birthdays are very soon. So I make Xander quickly throw a party, inviting the same people who came to the baby shower. Soon the house is filled with cheerful music and dance, while the babies gurgle away upstairs.


Briar grows up into an adorable toddler with soft black waves and violet eyes. I have no idea where those aspects came from, as both of her parents have green eyes and blonde/brown hair. Little Briar is quite excitable, so she bonds easily with the cooing guests.


However, Ash inherits blonde hair from his father, with big brown eyes. He’s a bit more shy than his twin sister, but I sense that he will grow up to look just like Xander. Bless his genetics.


The babysitter gets attached to the twins quickly, as they are such easygoing toddlers. I hope it stays that way when they grow up.


One evening, on what I think must their three year anniversary, Xander approaches his girlfriend. “Hey, sweetie, I was thinking that today we could have a night out at Le Corsican Bistro.”

“Like our first date?” Fern smiles gently at the memory.

“Exactly. We can call the babysitter in and leave in an hour. What do you think?”

“Sounds perfect!” Fern says, melting as always by Xander’s emerald eyes.


Guess who is at the French bistro? Christopher, of course. That guy has nothing but bad timing.


Christopher waves hesitantly at Fern, and she flashes him a small smile. Her heart suddenly beats faster than usual. Must be because of Xander, Fern thinks quickly.


Oh, gods. Xander has spotted the almost invisible exchange between the two. He marches over to Christopher, a deep scowl etched on his face and perfect teeth gritted. (Look at the hearts circling around Fern and Xander’s heads!)


Christopher had done nothing but wave, but I guess Xander thinks he’s moving on his girlfriend. Anger fuels his paranoia which had been increasing over the days, driven by the growing attention on Fern. He shouts furiously at him, yelling something about ‘golddigger’ and ‘annoying fan’. Wow.


The two men stare daggers at each other, while Fern’s heart sinks. The appearance of paparazzi at the confrontation does not help matters. I hope it will not be splattered all over the front page of the newspaper tomorrow.


Fern sits down to eat her gourmet cookies, unease swirling through her belly. She had always been fond of the bistro; the relaxed cafe setting, the laughter of restaurant-goers blending in with the rustic French music. It had been the place of her first date with Xander, so it was as a treasure to Fern as the beach. Now it had been ruined; now it was the place where she had also seen the darker side of Xander for the first time.


But Xander’s face relaxes before long, his usual lopsided smile falling back into place. “Sorry, Fern.” He says, taking hold of her hands. “It’s okay.” Fern says quietly, though secretly worry still churns in her belly.


Xander takes a deep breath. “I… actually have something to cheer you up.” He fishes something from his pocket and bends down on one knee.


“Will you, my beautiful Fern Kingston, marry me?”


This may be what I would call a short and sweet proposal. Expect that he says it in a possessive way.


Fern’s unease is forgotten instantly. Happiness and wonder spins inside her as she gazes at the brilliant diamond ring sparkling on her finger.


The couple are so swept up in the romantic moment that they do not notice Christopher give them one glance before running away.


Ah, poor Christopher. Looks like he’s nursing a major secret crush.


I’m quite surprised at Xander, because he’s turning out to be quite a good father. Ash is a complete daddy’s boy. It’s nice to see such a good-natured smile on Xander’s face.


Today Xander is teaching his little son how to walk. It’s actually pretty sweet to hear him gently encouraging Ash and cheering when he manages to take his first steps. Aww.


Meanwhile, Fern is downstairs teaching Briar the same thing. It’s a real mother-daughter bonding time and Fern’s voice is full of love for her little girl.


Briar manages to learn faster than her twin brother, and soon she scampers off to find her favourite rocket toy. I have a feeling that when she grows up, Briar is going to be one smart little troublemaker.


The next morning, it is wedding day! They are having the ceremony in the backyard, and Xander has a couple of decorators over. Meanwhile up in the bedroom, Fern is attempting to get her wedding dress out of the drawer.


I honestly laughed at Fern when this happened.


Xander isn’t allowed to see his fiancee in her wedding dress before the ceremony, so he’s in the back garden checking everything is alright. The decorations are simple but pretty; white folding chairs and tables from a friend, daffodils picked fresh from the park. I couldn’t manage to get a wedding arch for them, but I did get some nice buffet tables.


The night before, Fern and Tamara had gone out to the spa for a bridal pamper, and to choose a wedding dress. Fern knows her fiancee has a modern taste, so they had picked out a stylish cream gown from Bridgeport, sparkling with diamond embellishments. Secretly, Fern had preferred a less flashy dress, but she did keep her hair in her usual island bun.

I still think Fern looks really pretty though. She’s changed so much from her first days in Sunset Valley, and Briar looks adorable in her flower girl dress.


The party starts at 11 in the morning. I see Christopher dancing a little uncomfortably with his wife Blair. It seemed like he really didn’t want to be there (Okay, okay. I admit I changed her style COMPLETELY.)


I think Fern invited Christopher, and Xander doesn’t look to happy about that. And then I realise Blair is staring at the groom… uh oh.


The guests enjoy the delicious food and the mixologist waiting nearby with custom drinks. However, soon it’s time for the wedding ceremony.


Upstairs nervous butterflies burst into full flight inside Fern’s belly, making her feel a little sick. She can’t believe she’s getting married in a few minutes to her dream guy. The guests make her anxious too; a lot of them are Xander’s friends, and the vampire Nick Alto freaks her out.


However, when it comes to exchanging rings and vows, the butterflies turn into ones of happiness.


The babysitter, Ellen Denson, showers a gentle rain of rose petal confetti as Fern becomes Mrs. Kingston-Clavell (Okay. That name sounds terrible). This is Fern’s happiest moment in her entire life.


This picture is self-explanatory. Christopher. Blair. Fern.



As the guests leave -most of them happy, but Nick Alto not- Briar totters on back to the house as Fern follows her. A warm pink evening begins to fall, Xander and Ash left behind to chat with his friends. She watches her excitable daughter skip across the lush grass, the wedding leaving her light-headed with joy. But there’s something heavier underneath, too….



9 thoughts on “Chapter 1.7: Bittersweet Wedding Bells

  1. Briar is a lovely name – odd she doesn’t resemble her parents though. The toddlers are adorable 🙂 The wedding was pretty, congrats Fern you are a married woman! I’ve finally let go of my prejudice against Xander now, seeing as how has stepped into the father and husband role well

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooooh… Why can last lines in simlit get so ominous sometimes? I’m kind of team Christopher here, but yeah… She fricking just got married. I don’t know… Xander still bothers me. I really can’t wait to see the toddlers all grown up!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. (wheezing) That’s just torture for me! Christopher WHY? Confess your love! Live happily ever after with Fern! Please and thank you?
    I wish I had more time to read this story. Why is life so busy!
    At least I can enjoy the slow buildup.
    Also, you responded to one of my comments with such, so I feel the need to say that so far your story is very, very good! I think we all have very humble beginnings for our stories (I have since started my rewrites, so thankfully my humble beginnings — which by the way were TERRIBLE compared to this beautiful story telling — are far from my own eyesight, lol), but this is quite incredible and if this is merely your beginning I’m at the edge of my seat waiting to see how it will ramp up from here.

    Briar is gorgeous and I was about to mention what the other commenter had – don't you just hate those mutated genes? Or love them? Lol I go back and forth. Sometimes I LOVE them, sometimes I'm like BUT I WANTED SPECIFIC GENETICS WHY! I also love the names you picked out. Dumb question but are you going alphabetically or was it just a coincidence?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Christopher >>>> Xander!
      You’re making me blush, that’s so sweet of you to say ❤ My legacy has improved a lot, in my opinion, so I still leave the first two generations alone to see the road of evolution. I do like the simplicity of Fern's story because it balances out the heaviness of Gen 3. I would love to see when you post the rewrite!
      I was quite confused when Briar aged up, haha. These days I don't even care what the game rolls for the babies, I completely control what they look like 😂 For this generation I went by nature-inspired names because of Fern, so it was a coincidence 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • That’s the best feeling when you see your own writing improve over time. I will admit I’ve poked about and seen the later chapters so I’m excited to see the progression myself, too!
        I’m the same way with my Sims, lol, though SOMETIMES the game brings about a very pretty child… most of the time I’m rolling for best genetics in my Bin and tweaking as I see fit. XD
        I do have my rewrite up, actually. My original story was extremely simple “can I even make it past generation 2 of a legacy” and by generation 6 I had long outgrown the forum I posted on and the world I had built for my stories was too big to just have one story, so now I have four. If you’re ever curious, I keep a list of them here on my home-base: Any feedback is appreciated, especially from other writers. I like seeing what I can improve upon.
        Anyways, back into reading more about Fern and her (hopefully) silent love for Christopher…

        Liked by 1 person

          • Thank you! I really hope you enjoy what and when you do read! Blams is one of my biggest inspirations. It’s been hard for me finding stories that are similar to ours (as I run into a log of challenges rather than story-writers) so I’m really glad to have found you!

            Liked by 1 person

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