Chapter 1.6: The Butterscotch Villa

In the last chapter, we saw Fern finally get Xander to be her boyfriend. Fast-forward a few days, and Fern has finally shed her homelessness. She has moved into the pretty butterscotch villa nestled in the middle of Sunset Valley, where Xander and his parents used to live (Bessie and Buster Clavell died a while ago). Xander also has a car, so Fern takes this everyday to her shift at the bookshop.


Since Fern has ready access to modern day appliances now, she can begin working on her cooking skill. She’s discovered a love for the delicious aroma of spices and all sort of goodies, so she now makes dinner (like mac-and-cheese) after work.


Fern and Xander are very lovey-dovey. Bleh.


Soon after moving into Xander’s house, Fern has these random moments where she feels nauseous due to ‘Unknown Causes’. She doesn’t know what makes her feel sick, but please, do.


Another thing is that paprazzi keep on showing up on their doorstep in the middle of the night. It’s seriously annoying, and creepy. I can imagine them trying to peep through the windows, hoping to dish some good dirt on the famous couple.


Fern sometimes looks around the house. It was occupied by elderly Sims until a bit ago, so the decor is very old-fashioned and not-up-to-date. Maybe she can try a hand at interior designing.


Fern is only a Level 1 at cooking right now, so often she burns her attempts at cooking up some waffles for breakfast.


Well, that’s going in the bin.


So they have cold cereal and bread from the fridge instead. During breakfast, Xander asks her about her cooking skills.


She makes this angry expression and snaps back, which is strange. Usually I see them being all romantic, but for some reason the couple do snap at each other sometimes. Like once, I was looking around the house to see what I could Fern could do to makeover the home, when I heard Xander yelling at Fern. I don’t understand Simlish but his speech bubble had a bookshelf in it. Weird.


Then Fern makes this startled face, like she doesn’t understand why she had suddenly snapped. Xander looks annoyed and walks away. He has the hot-headed trait, but Fern…?


Fern looks so in love here.


Due to her makeover and rising celebrity level, Fern often gets calls from random Sims asking her out on dates. Sometimes these are elderly men, which is seriously disturbing.


One evening, Fern discovers an old apple in her inventory, from the apple tree at the beach. It brings back memories of swimming in the sea every morning, and roasted marshmallows over the fire. Since it hasn’t gone bad yet, she tenderly plants the seed in the front garden.


That night, Fern wakes up with a sickening nausea churning in her stomach. She jumps out of the bed and runs to the bathroom as fast as she can.


Yep. Fern is definitely pregnant.


Xander hears none of Fern’s violent retching as he’s downstairs, shooing away another annoying paparazzi guy.


Next morning, Fern goes up to Xander in her new, truly terrible maternity clothes.

“I’m expecting children!” Fern exclaims when he asks her about this change of style.

“What? That’s great, honey!” Xander says, though he doesn’t sound too enthusiastic.


Fern recieves the next four days maternity leave. She begins reading pregnancy books at the library, frantic to know as much as she can about expecting.


Can celebrities have no peace???


I do notice this strange glitch, where his hunger bubble follows after him, like a pet dog.


With her days of work off, Fern has time to renovate the house. After Xander ‘mysteriously’ recieves 50 000 Simoleons (I will say that deceased Mr. and Mrs. Clavell left a huge sum of money for their only son), Fern gets straight to work. To Xander’s insistence, they pick out a modern black-and-white theme for the house.


There’s enough money to buy fancy furniture and luxurious decor. Xander’s former bedroom is turned (loosely) into a baby room. Since they don’t know the gender so early in the pregnancy, it’s used as a work out area as well.


Fern’s childhood in Moonlight Falls was spent as an only child, so she prepares herself as much as she can by watching the kids channel on T.V.


Sometimes they attempt to dance to kids music on their flashy new stereo as well.


Fern’s finding herself craving lots of food before long. Pancakes, waffles, Mac-and-cheese. All the eating and her inability to work out is making Fern gain weight again! Noooo.


One of the best things about having three freshly-renovated bathrooms close at hand means that Fern can take a bubble bath whenever she wants. She’s also getting aches and pains more often, and this is a great way to soothe them.


The baby bump is really beginning to show now. Gah, I really need to make her have some intense fitness sessions after this is over.


It looks like Xander is noticing his girlfriend’s weight gain as well. I’m thinking that he is hoping she will go back to his previously slim and pretty girl after the baby is born. Hm… does he even like children?


Fern is stuck at home, so mostly she buries her time under books. All the reading reminds her of visiting the library, and returning to the refreshing salty wind blowing off the ocean.


In fact, one night, Fern wakes up with a strong desire to visit the beach. It’s been a while since she’s swum in the cool, clear waters of the sea.


Fern takes the car to her old haunt, Old Pier Beach. The stars are spread across the night sky in their sparkling billions; crickets chirp sweetly around the neighbourhood. Smelling the sea breeze instantly clears her body of the nagging aches.


For the rest of the morning, Fern swims the length of the bay, enjoying the sensation of cold water sliding past her, and the distant lap of waves against the sand.


While Fern enjoys her trip to the beach, I’m keeping an eye on Xander. He’s chatting with Tamara, an old friend of his, and I’m not entirely trusting of the relationship between them. One of the wishes that appeared after the chat is to ‘Skinny Dip with Tamara’ which I find a teensy bit dodgy.


While Xander flirts with several girls, Fern is happily oblivious.The apple seed she planted a day or two ago has grown into a healthy, nice-sized tree.


Being around the house all day means Fern has time to throughly clean their luxurious villa until it sparkles.


In the middle of the afternoon, when Fern is in the midst of cleaning the toilet, pain suddenly ripples through her. “Xander!!!” She calls out, panicking. But he’s away at work so Fern is alone as she goes into labour.


So Fern has to drive herself to the hospital, trying not to crash into anybody.


When she halts in front of the Sacred Spleen hospital and runs into the foyer, there’s a whole crowd of random Sims, no doubt excited.


Xander rushes to the hospital as soon as he can, a panicked look on his face.


And… what the heck. Christopher Steel shows up as well. Why does he keep on appearing at such coincidental moments?Screenshot-1121

I’m pleased to announce that Fern safely gave birth to a bouncing pair of twins! A girl and boy; two adorable babies named Ash and Briar Kingston!


Ash was born with the traits Heavy Sleeper and Easily Impressed. Briar also gained the trait Easily Impressed, and Excitable.


When they return home, Xander is a little confused, wondering how to handle the little bundle of blue blankets in his arms. Fern has had little experience with children as well, but the days of reading pregnancy books have helped.


After a moment’s hesitation, Xander gingerly cuddles his new son.


Soon after the babies are set down in their cribs, Xander organises a party to celebrate. He is a party animal after all. Hmm. Why is he thinking of Lisa Bunch?


Tamara comes with her date, Stiles McGraw.


Sue Scotch gets into the party mood by dancing with Xander. A message popped up after the party that she had passed away, so… maybe she danced a little too much?


The guests bring platters of Lobster Thermidor, a fancy dish to celebrate the renovation of the home as well as the babies, who are upstairs snoozing away.


All seems well. Fern and Xander have expanded their family with two healthy children, although bad rumours had spread about Fern having ‘Child out of Wedlock’. Finally, we see some heirs in the Kingston family. One of Xander’s wishes is to propose to his girlfriend, so maybe we will see in the next chapter!


20 thoughts on “Chapter 1.6: The Butterscotch Villa

    • Me too. It’s also cute how other Sims can listen to their tummy, etc! Now that I look back on this, I realise that I never saw Xander do any of this. In fact, he pretty much ignored that Fern was pregnant. How nice.


  1. I know you are now on Generation 2, but I just wanted to say; I love makeovers and the house looks great. I can’t remember if I have ever played in that house or not.

    I’ll probably break here, and catch up later on your legacy. I hope you don’t mind me stopping by and checking it out. I was up late tonight, looking around the forum when you posted on my renovation. Thank you for that. I hope you don’t mind that I check out your story.
    I hope you have a good day/night,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha thanks, I do love making-over houses as well.
      I don’t mind you reading my legacy at all! I am actually super happy that you decided to- the best part of posting my story online is meeting lots of other bloggers~ ❤️
      You’re welcome, I’m always checking the Sims 3 tagged feed, as I am forever looking for new stories and blogs (I read super fast so I finish legacies too quickly).
      It will probably be day when you see my reply so good day back to you! It’s currently early in the night while I am writing this 😊
      Thanks again for reading, and especially commenting, I appreciate it a lot! 🐶

      Liked by 1 person

      • I like meeting new people too. I’m sorry I’m just now getting back to you. Truth is I only have a few days out of the week that I can actually chat or read stories.
        I like this one, and I thought it was interesting that I too have a Sim named Fern, well she’s the teenage sister of one of my main Sims for a story I’ve been thinking about. I wrote some to it, but didn’t get very far. But the other fun moment is that I also have another sim with the last name of Kingston. He is in my vampire story.
        Anyway, I’m off to read a few chapters. So, if I don’t talk to you today, I hope you have a day. It’s actually night here. Luckily it’s Friday, and I’ll be on for another hour.
        Anyway, off to read. 🙂


        • Hi Jennifer,
          No thats totally fine, we all have things going on outside our Sims and blogging worlds!
          Haha thats so cool! Those names are actually pretty nice. Too bad that you didn’t get far in that story, I would have liked to read about your Fern as well :-).
          Thanks again for reading my blog. If you get up to and past 1.9, things are going to start really going downhill from there! Have fun reading, you have about 15 chapters before you even get to the end of this generation haha!
          Lila ❤


  2. I have to say I’ve never had a sim gain weight like that with a pregnancy, however I’ve never had a couch potato sim either. House looks great! during the bubble bath part you wrote whoever instead of whenever. Keep an eye on that guy I’m telling ya!

    Liked by 1 person

        • No worries! I gladly take criticism as long as it constructive; the main reason my legacy has improved is from suggestions made by friends or readers as well as my own motivation! I don’t really understand how people take offence unless they somehow don’t want to improve, which is honestly quite silly. Thanks for all your comments, by the way, I enjoy reading them! Feel free to point out any more spelling mistakes because I personally hate them too haha 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

  3. Does it make me a tad evil to have found the fact that Sue passed after party to be amusing – sad, but amusing, she must be a wild partier XD I want Fern to be happy, but the fact Xander seemed kinda indifferent towards the whole pregnancy has me worried… and yay, twins! I’ve always wanted twins, but I don’t usually let my sims have kids, maybe only once or twice and each time has been either a boy or girl, never both. And can the paparazzi please stop being creepy, lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL, I found that funny as well, I guess we’re both a bit evil 😆 And ugh paparazzi remain to be the most annoying part of the game to this day, I always end up cheating and deleting them whenever I see one haha!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Had to laugh at how one guest died after dancing too much. Sims. SMH. Yay to the new generation coming in! Love the names. Ash and Briar. I don’t know if it’s just legacies in general or my own way of thinking and storytelling, but I can’t help but feel that Xander is up to no good. Hope I’m wrong. We shall see…

    Paparazzi. I usually opt my household out of the celebrity system because of them. They’re annoying.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, it’s very entertaining to see what weird things happen to other Sims while you’re playing. And paparazzi are one of the most irritating things in game, I tolerated them for the first two generations then I just started deleting the hell out of them 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi there! I’m new!
    I always see your name on Light the Way to Heaven and thought I’d pop by read and ended up getting sucked in. Sorry for the lack of comments until now, but I’m just engrossed! Fern is so sweet and likable and Xander is so… not. I’m definitely super skeptical of this guy. He didn’t like Fern when she was plumper, and quite frankly I’m quietly rooting for Christopher Steel – boy seems laughably in love with Fern!
    The story so far has been super engaging. I can’t wait to read more of it! I promise I won’t be as quiet as I have been, too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello! Welcome to my legacy, I’m happy you have decided to check it out 💕
      Oh yes, you will find out why many readers give Xander the worst father ever award! It’s awesome to hear that you are enjoying the first generation, makes me feel a tad less embarrassed about it 😭
      Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the rollercoaster of generations to come!


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