Chapter 1.5: A Trip to Sharma Day Spa

As the days pass by, Fern gradually falls into a comfortable routine- for a homeless Sim, anyway. After a good night of sleep nestled in her warm sleeping bag, Fern takes a deep breath of salty sea air to clear her mind. Being outside really gets her blood circulation going, I’m glad she loves the outdoors now.


The first thing she does is take a refreshing dip in the water as an impromptu morning bath. She also catches some fish for breakfast; she’s getting quite good at fishing now!


The portable fire pit is proving to be very useful. Fern can roast anything on it; freshly caught anchovy, apples and even limes. The substantial amount of crispy hot fish and sweet fruit is enough to keep her going for the whole day.


After breakfast, Fern scours the beach for anything she can collect and sell for a little cash. Often these are butterflies or space rocks, but sometimes uncut rubies and amethysts are found lying around.


Then she heads to the gym for a well-needed hot shower.


A good portion of Fern’s morning is spent working out on the treadmills or performing star jumps to the stereo in the studio. She’s making steady progress, but sometimes she indulges in T.V; the couch potato side of her pops up every once in a while.


As a hour or so of fitness now does not send Fern into a complete sweatiness, at around two p.m she finishes to have a quick clean-up, including minty fresh breath.


Fern still has a part-time job at the bookshop as her skill level in writing isn’t high enough to start writing a successful book. But due to her hard work, Fern has been promoted to Book Club Moderator and has earned a permanent pay rise. Also, for some reason Fern is a 2-star celebrity now, yay!


Fern now earns an average of $250 per night!


Her shift ends at around seven, so Fern goes off to the park for dinner- freshly harvested, juicy apples. If the trees aren’t in fruit, she reverts to her old ways: picnic-stealing.


Almost every night she walks over to the Papyrus Memorial Library, where she takes the time to unwind and read a novel.


At around nine, Fern settles down at a computer and begins refining her writing. It’s hard work but I hope it will all count in the future!


When the clock strikes ten, it’s time for Fern to head home and enjoy one last marshmallow, all gooey and crispy from over the crackling fire.


For a couple of days, that is the normal routine. But as the flow of money begins to become steady, I decide that I can afford for Fern to attend a writing class at Doo Peas Corporate Towers.


She even insists on paying for an athletic class at the Stadium!


Fern also has time to play in the sand in the weekend evenings. I cannot get over how beautiful that setting moon is.


One sunny afternoon, she meets Xander at the beach. Then I realize he’s a mermaid! That is so weird. Fern still seems attracted to him, however. From her speech bubble I can see that is because of his buff tanned body!


Fern has also made a best friend during the last few weeks, Tamara Donner. They love gossiping and hanging out together; Tamara is a regular attendant at the gym, and they both are studious and serious Sims. One Saturday night, both attend to a concert at the theater together. Afterwards, they talk excitedly in the park.

“That concert was amazing!” Fern exclaims, as they gossip about the celebrities they had seen.


“I totally agree. By the way, it’s really fun hanging out with you! Thanks for coming along.” Tamara says warmly. “No problem. The ticket was a bit expensive, but it was totally worth it.” Fern says.

“Hmm… hey, Fern, do you want to go to the spa tomorrow?”

“Sorry, I don’t have enough money…” Fern says quickly.

“Oh, don’t worry!” Tamara laughs brightly. “It’s all on me. I haven’t pampered myself in a while, and I always see you working hard all day. You deserve a girl’s day off!”

Fern smiles, and agrees on the condition that they go to the beach first.


Early next morning, the girls spend an hour playing in the ocean and having a good time.


The two friends hop onto a taxi to travel into the town square. On the ride there, Tamara chatters about their spa session. “Ooh, we can get new hairstyles and clothes as well! Don’t even say a word. We are both going to get total makeovers!”


They stop in front of an elegant building, the flowery smell of shampoo and scented candles wafting out of the doors.


Fern walks into Sharma Day Spa, wondering what she would look after an hour under a stylist’s hands.


When Fern comes out of the spa a while later, I’m really surprised! She looks super pretty! After a massage and volcanic mud mask, the beauticians had carefully applied natural make up to make her beautiful green eyes pop. Her hair was tinted with blue to match her love of sea; twisted up into a casual plaited bun, one of my favorite hairstyles. Tamara had insisted on a shopping spree, so Fern had shed her well-worn singlet and jeans for an island-inspired lace top and floaty skirt, plus simple white high heels. Fern loves her new summery, beachy look, and so do I!


“Eek! You look gorgeous!” Tamara exclaims happily. As she has more of a serious but chic style, Tamara had chosen to dye her hair red and cut it in a modern bob. After a steam bath and salt scrub, she had chosen a top from a famous fashion designer in Bridgeport and jeans for her new look.


“Thank you so much, Tamara. I owe you.” Fern says quietly. “Oh, don’t worry about it. You already had the beauty- you just needed to make it noticeable!” The two friends hug tightly.

I’m really happy because during the spa makeover, Fern had finally dropped her Couch Potato and Snob traits for Athletic and Loves to Swim. I also think Fern looks beautiful… maybe she has a chance with Xander now!


Next evening, that chance becomes reality. Fern bumps into Xander outside the gym. “Oh… sorry!” Fern mumbles, blushing. Xander simply stares at her with a dumbfounded expression on his face. I think he’s wondering who this is.


Then… ah, jeez. Xander starts flirting with Fern, and she totally falls in love.


This goes on for a bit, then: Flash! The blinding snap of a camera jerks them apart. There’s a bad side of being a 3-star celebrity, you get followed around by nosy paparazzi!


Undeterred, Xander glares at the paparazzi before turning back to Fern. “So… would you like to have dinner at Le Corsican Bistro tomorrow evening?” Eek! This is the moment Fern has been hoping for, and I have been dreading. I do not trust this guy.


As Fern skips away happily to a party of Tamara’s that evening, my suspicions are worsened. Xander stares after her with only money in his mind.


A little while later, Fern reaches the house where her best friend lives. It’s a classy suburban loft near the town plaza. To her surprise, she sees Tamara flirting with Xander.


She quickly marches in, and Tamara greets her. “Oh, hi Fern! Have you meet Xander here?” She says, giggling. Uh oh. I think someone else may have a crush on Xander…

Fern blushes and mumbles a yes, while Xander nods. “Then I’ll leave you two to socialise! Gotta greet.” Then she dashes off, leaving the two alone in the corner.


“Hello, again.” Xander blinks his intriguing green eyes at her.


Fern spends an hour or so having a good time at the party. There’s a lot of people here, but the food is delicious and the loft nicely furnished. She makes small talk with the other guests, and sips juice until most of the others leave.

Just as she’s about to say goodbye to Tamara, Xander rushes in and grabs her hand. “I’ll see you at the bistro, seven, right?”


Fern bites her lip as she nods. Although this is a dream come true, nothing like this has happened to her before. Butterflies begin to wake in her stomach.


“Okay. See you then!” Xander gives her a winning smile and I groan. Why you…


Fern’s bubbling with excitement all night and morning long. One of her newer friends, Lisa Bunch, walks up to her and chatters on happily about how Xander and her are an item now.

“Well… not really…” Fern says, blushing furiously. “I can’t really believe this is happening…”

Lisa laughs at her. “Don’t worry, silly. You look amazing!”


And then things suddenly get a whole lot more complicated.

I see the guy from the library -from ages ago- whom I remember as the Awkward Armchair guy. (Yes, okay, this is Christopher Steel- with a better hairstyle and clothes.)


Okay, so I think Christopher might just have a little crush on Fern, too bad he already has a partner. Fern remembers him from the library and flushes. Wow, he’s so cute, she thinks. Then she remembers she has a date with Xander that evening.


The two still get on well, though. They both like similar things and have good-natured, quiet bookworm personalities.


It’s a Sunday, so Fern relaxes in one of the sun loungers. From the look of her face, I think she’s sad. Or maybe she’s doubting herself. Things are finally going well for her… but are they right?

(Me: Nooooo, of course not! Fern: Shut up.)

When the cool, starry evening settles upon Sunset Valley, Fern meets Xander at the town’s fanciest restaurant to have a romantic dinner by candlelight. The French music piping out of the bistro, the fresh sea air blowing in from the beach and her handsome date makes this one of the best meals she’s ever experienced.



Oh. My. God.

Christopher. Poor guy. It’s such bad luck that he chose to go have dinner at the same bistro Fern’s having her first date at.


Eep! Fern has her first kiss after an amazing date… with Christopher looking on.


Fern stays over at Xander’s house after she ‘Proposes Going Steady’. And he accepts!


Okay. The paparazzi guy really NEEDS TO GET A LIFE. He shows up a bit later in the night at Xander’s front door, and Xander yells at him to go away. He’s a 2-star celebrity, and Fern’s a 3-star as well, so it’s not much of a surprise that he had stalked them throughout the date.



So Fern finally has her dream guy. Her income is pretty steady as well, and she can stay over at Xander’s until she has enough money to build her own house. Fern’s makeover has made her the talk of the town, resulting in her becoming a B-List celebrity. She’s not too far from being able to write her first book, as well. Things are going pretty well.

I hope it stays that way.




19 thoughts on “Chapter 1.5: A Trip to Sharma Day Spa

    • Haha Fern looks amazing now, so does Tamara actually! In the Island Paradise Expansion Pack one of the life states is mermaid. So yes he is actually a real mermaid!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, thanks for the comment!
      Well, yes, I did buy a lot and then never went back for the purposes of my homeless theme, until Fern has enough money to actually build a house. But if you are doing a normal legacy, you are supposed to live and build on your lot.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I love Christopher Steel! When in SV I always love to have something to do with him. It’s funny too because each and everytime I play, he is something different. Sometimes he is a fairy, sometimes he is gay. You just never know. I love his new look though. Well done. Not really liking this other guy though.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww Christopher looking on while Xander and Fern kissed was sad, poor guy. Still feeling like Xander is dodgy, but since he’s helping Fern out by giving her a place to stay, I’ll let it slide :p She looks amazing by the way, love the blue in her hair – symbolic and cute! So does Tamara, she’s a nice friend. Things are finally going well – hope it stays that way 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. How did Xander become a mermaid?! That’s what sim mermaids look like? With creepy scaled legs? I can’t unsee that…

    Hmm… Xander… I like his name. But uhm… I trust him as far as I can throw him. At least he’s good looking enough. They’ll make cute sim babies together. But well… take care, Fern!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I wasn’t following your blog 😐 why wasn’t I following? Oh well, I am now. Such an oversight on my part!
    And now back to the story: I just love how in the Sims you can live on a freaking beach in a tent and you get famous enough to have paparazzi stalking you. Fantastic! Ha, ha 😀 I hope Fern continues on the good path, even if the Watcher isn’t too pleased with her prince charming!

    Liked by 1 person

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